Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

It's time to learn how to manage your time! But how exactly, when you are missing at least a couple of hours in a day? My favorite technique for time-management and studying is the method with the original name "Pomodoro" or "Tomato." This method will help you to avoid the feeling described in this joke -"Friday-blinked-Monday!"
Scientists have proved that the human brain can efficiently absorb information in only 25 minutes, then rest is necessary. Otherwise, further work will not produce any result. "Pomodoro" technique is based on this principle: a phase of rest replaces a meticulous study of the material with full dedication to the educational process for a specific time. Thus, it is possible to learn any necessary content several times better and faster because the brain activity runs evenly, without overload. The entire studying cycle is divided into 25-minute sections called "tomatoes." At this time, the work should be active, without any distractions. Then follows a 5-minute rest. Then everything repeats. After four "tomatoes," it is allowed to rest 1/4 hours.
It is proved that training with the help of such a technique improves the learning of the material several times, and also disciplines and helps to distribute time correctly. By being engaged in 2-3 hours studying a day in 25-minute segments, you can perform many more tasks than in 5-6 hours of continuous work.
Thus, I saw five notable changes in my academic performance and, especially, test preparation when I had to put all of my attention into an in-depth studying of the subject. Firstly, I started to work on a specific task, rather than an abstract, chaotic studying of the material. Secondly, I managed to do more in less time - it seems like magic! Next, I can quickly analyze how efficiently the task was completed. I see a direct connection between the goal and the responsibilities for achieving it, as well. Lastly, the "Pomodoro" technique helped me to organize and structure my day correctly.

Daria from Oklahoma
College Freshman
University of Oklahoma