Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The first thing I will do in preparation for an exam is meditate. Studying while stressed is not efficient. By meditating, I am able to calm my mind enough to concentrate better.
Then I will make sure to have water to stay hydrated and buy my favorite snack to motivate me. I tell myself if I read 10 pages or do 20 questions or whatever the case may be, I get to have a snack.
Then to study I will use a combination of class notes, textbooks, articles, flash cards and videos. What I like to do is test my understanding of the most basic concepts then I build up from that. If I don’t have a strong foundation, I’ll have a difficult time learning the more difficult concepts.
First, I make sure I have some sort of outline that has all the topics I need to know for the exam.
Then I will organize and review all of my class notes.
Then I watch videos about each topic to reinforce my understanding. I find it helps not just to know what something is but why it is that way. I like to search up the significance of each topic I learn because it helps me get a better view of what I’m learning.
After that, I will review key chapters in the textbook I’ve been given. Then I will identify key vocabulary or formulas and make flash cards so I don’t forget them for the exam.
I will search up articles for any additional information I need or for any news that may help to provide essential context.
When studying, I like to read the information out loud sometimes. This ensures that I am not skimming and have read every word in a sentence.
Lastly, and this may sound weird, I try to see if there are any educational songs about this information. I actually find it incredible how easy it is for me to remember song lyrics than it is for me to remember information given in any other form. In fact, I have memorized the entire periodic table of elements due to educational music.
For anyone who is reading this, I genuinely hope that you pass your next exam using the tips I have provided for you.

Samara from New York
High School Senior
Gramercy Arts High School