Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I was younger, I took the study habit quiz. There were three major categories that correspond to primary senses: sound, touch, or sight. I found out that I am the type of student who finds that visuals are the most helpful. With visual study habits, I always can geographically picture where the information is on the page in my head. Another thing I like to do is read and review notes . Sometimes when I read new information for the first time, the information does not always stick in my head. With bright colors, I always underline or highlight important key words or phrases. The colors attract my eyes and cues the phrases that is highlighted or underlined. One well-known fact is that if someone physically write information out, they are more likely to memorize it. So, I like to write out notes and flash cards (on paper or electronically). Speaking of flash cards, Quizlet is my best friend in studying vocabulary or spanish. Quizlet has many helpful features such as test option, multiple choice, and learn (type out the word or definitions). With learning new vocabulary, I sometimes makeup cues that starts or has to do with the word. For example, “detrás” is Spanish for “behind.” To remember and memorize, I think “someone is behind and is deserted (detrás).”I know making up silly words can be embarrassing, but as long as I know it for important test or quizzes. It works for me and maybe it will work for others.

Belle Nicole from Illinois
High School Senior
Benet Academy