Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation was not an option for most of my life. It sounds unusual, I understand, and as an adolescent I had significant difficulty reading and maintaining attention long enough to study. Due to this, I was at best a mediocre student. Quite soon into my adult life, I grasped the importance of higher education. Even Though that realization happened in 2004, I finally returned to college in the fall of 2019. Upon confirmation of acceptance to college, I made a commitment that I would do everything I could to ensure I earned the highest marks. This commitment to excellence represents just one way that I have prepared myself for college exams.

Since rejoining college I have found a number of test preparations to be beneficial and lead to my success. First, specifically for math and science, I thoroughly recommend taking advantage of practice exams provided by class administrators or those present online. I have completed no less than three practice exams for every exam I have completed. I have found this act of repetition provides me with adequate practice and therefore leads to optimistic results. This technique requires each practice exam to be graded once completed and, in response, adjustments be made as necessary.

On the day of an exam, I exercise the utmost care in how I prepare myself for that day. To start my day, I make certain I am alert at least six hours before my test. This requires me to plan in advance, the day before, to ensure I receive an adequate amount of sleep. My breakfast consists of a traditional bowl of chicken pho and usually a cup of coffee. Next, I will conduct at least one practice examination to assess any final adjustments. Upon arrival at the testing site, if time permits, I will continue reviewing my practice exams to ensure I eliminate any errors.

I am pleased to say that this current style of test preparation, I am using, has been a success. In the fall term of 2019, I achieved a 4.0 and straight As for the first time in my life.

Thomas from Oregon
College Freshman
Portland Community College