Essay Excerpt Applicant School
I have tried many test preparation strategies over the years. High school does not d…CourtneyWebster University
If I don't prepare myself for a test, I know that I will struggle to get a passi…LaceyRocky
My test preparation will usually consist of flash cards. One of my favorite ways to …MadisonSantiago HIgh School
As an aspiring marine biology major, I started to doubt myself after failing two bio…EmilyMonroe Community College
Test preparation was not an option for most of my life. It sounds unusual, I underst…ThomasPortland Community College
When it comes to studying for a test, I tend to get anxious and try to avoid studyin…CollinGrand Valley State University
When preparing for a test, I use many studying tools. I first make sure I have all o…JadeParsons Christian Academy
Test preparation begins long before test day. I start by making myself interested in…MalikUniversity of Massachusetts
I think that I have good test preparation practices because I know how to study prop…JaelahTascosa
When I was in elementary school, I was deemed a "gifted" student. This …ElianaElkhorn South High Schol
My absolute favorite test preparation technique is quizzing myself with creative and…RebeccaHeritage Academy (homeschool)
We are Generation Z. No we are not Zombies, although some might think differently.…JadePlainwell High School
In my first semester in college I took an aquatic biology class that required me to …YesseniaBeloit college
Studying is something I choose to do very often. I do it because it helps me l…ValeriaRiver Springs Charter
The best way to study for a test is to teach the material. By teaching it to someone…LindseyMurray High School
One of my favorite test preparations is dividing up chapters notes by color schemes …SarahUniversity of Tennessee
I like to prepare for exams using various methods. I first like to review example pr…Ricardo San Francisco State University
As a college student in Georgia Tech, I have to take multiple hard classes involving…JuanGeorgia Institute of Technology
Before coming to high school I was a less than average test taker and when large exa…ChandreaEau Claire High School
Before I can even think of studying I make a plan. This plan usually consists over 3…GracePapillion La Vista High School
Test preparation is a marathon, not a race. When you study for a test, going at a st…SkylarClear Horizons Early College High School
In regards to studying, I am generally interested in a topic that is beneficial to o…AtongManchester Manchester High
My test practice skills have proven to be very effective to me and I consider them t…SkylerOwasso High School
Normally I know when I have a test and I will plan ahead to make sure I have some da…JohnBremen High school
Test, you said Test - oh no there goes my brain!

This use to be me for any te…
JoLynnNorth Dakota State College of Science
When I study, I like to see the material and write it out by hand because doing so h…HelenUniversity of Georgia
The best test preparation I do is flash cards as well as diagrams or pictures (a vis…BayleeEdmond North High School
As a dyslexic student, test preparation was difficult. Though one-on-one coaching h…Emily Notre Dame Preparatory
Personally, as a musician, I employ a practice technique I have developed in that fi…TabUniversity of Arizona
I was never a good test taker. Although I may have studied diligently and thorou…AvaNotre Dame School
My name is Arianna De Anda and I am a senior in high school, throughout my High scho…AriannaJohn W North
One study method that I use and that work for me is to use index cards and write wha…Bryana north Salem high school
I believe the best way to review and prepare for a test is to sum up what you have l…LukeHamilton Heights High School
I have been a successful test taker throughout high school and now in college. In hi…MichaelBoston University
I believe I have a great test preparation method and my grades can attest to it. In …EmilyUniversity of North Georgia
Since high school I've tried to find the perfect way of studying that was tailor…EsmeraldaMoreno Valley College
Test preparation is an art that I have mastered over the last few years. My test pr…CynthiaMadison Academic High School
Throughout high school, I considered myself to be a "bad test taker", typica…NicholasUniversity of Pittsburgh
When preparing for an exam I need to break it down into smaller parts. This helps k…AbigailSaratoga Springs High School
My best test prep starts before the announcement of the test. It is my focus I am de…JennaMiddletown
For me, test preparation begins from the moment I step into the classroom on the fir…JoshuaMartin Luther College
Preparing for test can be strenuous and exhausting if you do it wrong. I personally …MitchUniversity of Georgia
Test preparation is the key factor when passing a class. You could do all the homewo…KaylaPInole Valley High School
When preparing for a test, how well I do always depends on the quality of notes I ta…EmmaLivingston Christian Schools
Procrastination? No. Way. I am the kind of person that studies for a whole week lead…CatieTimber Creek High School
The way I prepare myself for tests is very simple. First things first, I have to get…JacobTascosa High School
My favorite way to study for any class is by using flash cards. Since I have a photo…McKennaLos Osos High
When I entered high school, I entered with a collection of simple, almost thoughtles…ErinSouth Kingstown HIgh School
To begin for preparing for a test I will have well written notes. My notes will cons…HannahCarroll University
Studying, it’s a lot easier than you think, my trick is to use a lot of calendars. I…DanicaNorthampton Community College
Standardized tests nowadays are not only a test of knowledge but also of test taking…TorinKelly Walsh
When applying to colleges, I had to improve my test preparation practices to new hei…Darby University of Georgia
Some of my best taking practices simply involve a thorough look at the material I am…JamesUniversity of Georgia
When studying for an exam it can be crucial to give myself plenty of time. With my p…JessicaUniversity of MN- Twin Cities
It’s been proven through science that information has a higher probability for reten…EliseOld Mill High School
When I am preparing to take a test, my go-to test strategy is to use the Quizlet app…GiannaNew London High School
Make Flashcards: I use these for a more defining words purpose because it allows me …AntonyaWest Charlotte High School
I begin to prepare for tests at least a month in advance because it gives me enough …AdamuCypress Lakes Highschool
"You guys need to study. I just finished grading your tests and the people who I…AdvikaPine Bush Senior High School
During high school, I would stress about any upcoming major tests that I had. Up unt…JadynBrady High School
To prepare for tests, I typically go the flash card route. I learn information by wr…CalebUniversity of Georgia
I consider myself to have great test preparation. I read through every chapter that&…ColeUniversity of Georgia
Growing up in school I dreaded test times as I knew I was not the best test taker. I…KaitlinAppalachian State University
Taking a test can be a stressful time for a high school student or more a college st…KaleMarlow High School
Great studying starts in the classroom, that's why I have a notebook dedicate…AmberStephen F Austin
A really good trick I use to help me study for any upcoming tests or quizzes is maki…KieraTexas Tech University
I personally like to stand up, say the terms out loud, kinda like a monologue, over …GuilianaCollierville High School
Something that always helps me to study for a test is to draw illustrations with the…MeganCollierville High School
When I know I have a test coming up, I take extra measurements to make sure I am pre…Halle Collierville High School
I am a firm believer in preparing mentally for any challenge in life. In this journe…MariaSan Antonio College
Typically, my study sessions don’t take a lot of time or effort; mostly, I just skim…MiguelLopez High School
We had been waiting for this moment. Finally, a performance that could make us proud…CameronEast Kentwood High School
In order to become a successful test taker, it requires tremendous amounts of prepar…CierraCollierville High School
I have been a musician since elementary school. I love music and have always tried t…ElizaWeber State university
My favorite and the best method for preparation practices would definitely be prayi…DelilahPalo Duro High School
Preparing for tests can be a hard and stressful process. Throughout high school,…JoshGeorgia-Cumberland Academy
As I stared down at the paper that had fallen onto my desk, I was in shock. My acade…JadeHayfork High School
Being told you are a gifted student in my elementary school years might have been on…NoelleCollierville High School
Elizabeth Simmons
5 March 2020
Test Preparation Practices
When I was in…
ElizabethGrace Christian University
My favorite test practices that I use before any major tests, are to study ahead and…MakenzieMarlow High School
Test practices I like to use are making flash cards for each Chapter on the subject …RandieaMIssoula College / University of Montana
For me, test preparation is all about making the best use of the resources you have …NoahWhite Mountains Regional High School
Before tests I like to gather all of my notes and organize them into groups. From th…maci White Mountains Regional High School
My test preparation practices depend on the size of the test. If it is something big…KellyMarysville High Schoool
When I study for a test, I like to start by taking a short nap before I begin. I mak…ChyenneUniversity of Mount Union
Cramming concepts can only get you so far, especially in college, where professors w…ClaraGeorge Washington University
I think I have pretty basic test preparation practices. I usually go over any notes …NicoleOsgoode Township High School
Test preparation is crucial to success in any course requiring recall of facts. Pers…MeganGeorge Washington University
For me, preparing for tests and exams, provides not only an excellent opportunity to…SarahMillard West High School
There are study techniques that are particularly useful for specific types of classe…LannaAtholton High School
My favorite way to study for a test is to create a list of topics/names to memorize,…JosieClarksville High School
I study for tests and quizzes on an almost daily basis and I have various study tech…AminaCollierville High School
Taking college exams, tests, and quizzes are not easy by far and can be quite stress…AnnyaUniversity Mary-Hardin Baylor
I have developed a system of test practices that enhance understanding and help comm…SheaDexter High School
Throughout my education experience, I have developed many different study habits and…AbigailNHTI-Concord's Community College
Growing up, I never really had to prepare for tests all too much as I would be able …MilaSamueli Academy
Before attending college, I did not study as school came easy to me. However, once I…AustinUniversity of Maryland Baltimore County
In college, I am planning to study nursing at the University of Tennessee at …AshlynCollierville High School
When i returned to school in Fall of 2019 as a working adult with a family, I knew t…BrianNortheastern State University
I have different test preparation practices that I use based on how prepared I feel …KylieEast Brunswick High School
From my freshman through senior year of high school, I have used flashcards, note ta…Madelyn Bucksport Christian School
As a student test taker, I have never been exemplary. Something about the atmosphere…Anna Durango High School
Tests are a pretty big deal no matter what grade or what school you attend, so it’s …MarcoChannel Islands High School
At 19 after 3 years of freelance photography and theater jobs, I decided I wanted to…JacksonCouston Community College
This is how test preparation should work. It starts in the classroom. I strongly bel…RobertTexas Tech
Everyone always ask me how do you prepare for tests? I always tell them use your str…ZacharyUnion Catholic Regional High School
I use Quizlet and flashcards. They help me memorize terms and important dates. I use…NicoleTaylor University
Studying for the SAT was definitely one of the most stressful times of my high schoo…MariyaLake Park High School
As an art education student, I have taken many tests for art history as well as test…Indiaadmitted to Colorado State University- Pueblo
To adequately prepare for a test, paying attention in class is the first step. …SaraJohnston Community College
My favorite test preparation practice is flashcards. By writing down the information…AudreanaIowa Wesleyan University
As a senior in high school, my first instinct before a big test is panic. Panic and …Kay Penn Foster High School
Surprisingly, my test preparation practices are not that extensive or rigorous. I’ve…BriannaClear Lake High School
To me the biggest part of preparing for a test is two things. Taking practice tests…FaithMoore HIgh School
Over the years I have learned that test preparation is critical to succeed on a test…StevenUniversity of Texas at San Antonio
Quizlet does wonders for me when studying. Two classes that Quizlet helps me in or …BrooklynnHartley-Melvin-Sanborn High School
Test preparation is one of the key aspects of being successful as a student. As a st…BiancaLoyola University
My favorite way to study is through repetition. Rewriting terms or definitions, usin…JennaWoodcrest Christian High School
The SAT, AP testing and important tests at school cause a lot of stress, but to f…ZoeCentral Academy of Technology and Arts

I have different techniques depending on big or small the assignment is and whe…
Hopenorth greenville university
When preparing for a test, I take it seriously and approach it with the best mi…DeLonWoodstock High School
I do a lot to try and become successful in my academics. A big part of that is test …Savannah Lawson High School
For me, studying is all about creating the most comfortable and stress-free space po…JoshuaPhillips Exeter Academy
Something that has really helped me with studying for tests is Khan Academy. There i…LiliNorthShore Networks
Preparing for tests has always been an open ended question for me that never provide…TaylorSpokane Valley Tech
When I begin to prepare for a test I do three simple tasks. One, I read the material…JulieColumbia Southern University
Beginning high school, I was thrown into a much higher education level than I was …AliceSaint Ursula Academy
I use different practice to prepare for tests. The one I use the most, especially fo…MackenseeGeorge Mason University
If you have a whole sections worth of information that you learn the best time to st…NuriUniversity at Buffalo
My favorite part of taking my AP Psychology class my junior year of high school was …Katrina Isabelle Tahquitz High School
in preparing for a test, I normally duo not start many days before. I found that thi…ChloeBonita High School
As a biochemistry major, a large proportion of my coursework involves rote memorizat…AshleyUniversity of Southern California
To study for tests, I use Quizlet, khan academy, and I write my study guide. Quizlet…KailynWhite Mountains Regional High School
When I know I have to prepare for a test, I use various methods of studying. I usual…LydiaChrist Our Rock Lutheran High School
Tests have always been a struggle for most children. Personally I struggled findin…VelmaSandra Day O'Connor High School
To prepare for tests, I begin by creating a document of all of the content that coul…NathanielPatrick Henry High School
My test preparation techniques largely depend on the subject material and the nature…ColleenMorris Knolls High School
When preparing for a test, I always make sure I have the means to take the test and …ThomasFull sail university
My test preparations vary as to what kind of test I am preparing for. For math class…AliceHanover High School
Coming into my senior year of high school I have never really had to study hard for …Ellie Marble Falls High School
I believe the best test preparation practices are those that involve writing an…BrianDulles High School
I write my study material down two times, read them two times and have someone read …Rayshonda Drew Central High School
One thing I have learned over the years is, if you can get ahead then get ahead. …TysonOklahoma City Community College
For me it's going somewhere very quiet and relaxing, making sure I got good slee…LAURAMuskegon Community College
When you compare High school versus College prepping, there is vast amount of differ…DanielaUniversity of Nevada Las Vegas
I just recently took my TEAS test and I scored and overall score of 81.3%. The way I…RobynHoward Junior College
Repetition is key. Throughout the years, my main goal has been to maintain a 4.0 gra…DianiEvangel Christian School
In the beginning of my tenure at the University of Texas at Arlington I was a very p…ChristopherThe University Of Texas At Arlington
When I am preparing for a test, I typically have this issue of not studying long eno…RebekahUniversity of North Florida
My favorite way to prepare for a test requires many steps. The first step of course,…MeganMcLoud High School
Tests are a very hard thing for me to do, as I am an extreme over thinker. Unfortuna…Anastasia Fife High School
I believe my test preparation habits have improved these last 4 years. The beginning…AlyamiraCarver Center for Arts and Technology
One of the things I like to do in preparation for tests and exams is to read over no…ConnorHoward Community College
All throughout my life I have been subject to all sorts of test preparation in order…JesusValle Verde Early College High School
When it comes to school, my test-taking abilities aren't my greatest qualities. …EricaLake Gibson High School
When it comes to preparing for tests everyone has their own favorite study tips that…AshlynLitchfield High School
As a high school senior who has taken AP classes along with the SAT, I feel as if I …JosieOcean Lakes High School
It can sometimes be hard for me to start studying although I know that it is very im…GraceHaverford High School
When I find out what test I have to study for, I make sure I study in advance.The si…HyunNorthern Valley Regional Old Tappan
Scrolling through Tiktok or Instagram is never going to magically transfer the infor…TianyuanCollierville High
Because I am a kinesthetic learner, when I am studying for a test I take lots of not…MadelynnRed River High School
When preparing for a test, I always review my notes and highlight the key words, ter…AlexandraLinganore High School
When faced with learning something new, I fully immerse myself in it. Since I’m a ki…GabrielFreedom High School
My most used test preparation techniques are not complicated, but they are effective…MicahSouthern New Hampshire University
I have horrible test anxiety. I defiantly need to feel 100% prepared for a test or I…AmandaUniversity of North Dakota
I tend to study better when I am in a quiet room, alone with no distractions. Workin…Marissa Concord High School
The practices that I do in order to prepare for any test varies based on subjects. I…NicholasWhite Mountain Regional High School
Throughout high-school, I maintained a 4.43 GPA. Likewise, when I took the ACT my ju…DinaVista del Lago High School
I have learned that, when seeking to learn something, repetition and memory are neve…MeredithThe University of Texas at Austin
I feel as though the greatest test preparation practices would have to be the most h…HarmonyWest coast university
My test preparation tactics are unique and successful for me. Although everyone lear…AllisonPhoenixville Area High School
I record a video of myself studying, and rewatch the video until I know the material…TamiAdelphi University
Through years of taking tests and studying, I have had my fair share of failed tests…SarahNovi High School
Before a test, I look over my notes and go on quizlet and review the study sets that…KimberlyCalifornia State University, Northridge
Tests are so scary for me. I hate testing more than anything in the world. Unfortuna…ShayneLake City High School
While preparing to study it is always key to remember to be in a relaxed setting pos…RayCape Fear Community College
Test preparation serves are the fundamental aspect of nurturing the skill of memory …TylerCarlsbad High School
To prepare for a test I start in the classroom. I take good notes and pay special at…AlexandriaMaryville University of St. Louis
For most classes, I start by reading the textbook (yes, actually reading) and taking…SavannahUniversity of Georgia
For me, I prepare for tests in the same ways each time, usually. If there are study …TaylorHighland Community College
The way I practice for tests are simple easy to do and time effective. The way I stu…SamuelOnteora Highschool
When I prepare for a test, I begin my preparation the day I am informed of said …CalebTuscarora High School
All throughout high school I was taught that one of the best ways to stay organized …RaenaWest Coast University Orange County
My name is Bailee Bradshaw. I am a freshman at East Texas Baptist University. I want…BaileeEast Texas Baptist University
I have always struggled with staying focused while studying and I have tried many di…AnnaGrimsley High School
My great test preparation practices are when my teacher, for any class, gives me a s…KellyHighland High School
There are a plethora of ways to prepare for an exam. As an Early College student ai …AbigailMacomb Community College
There are people one knows in high school and college who never have to study. These…EmilyDrake University
My favorite test preparation practices are not the usual, and they may even not be s…ElizaRobert E Lee High School
There are many methods a student can prepare themselves for a test from simply readi…ArianaHigh school: Tucker high school, College I plan on attending: Georgia State University
My favorite way to study for a test is to practice a little each day. For example, w…EmmaFife High School
When it comes to test preparation practices, a person needs a highly perfected and p…AvaryUniversity High School
The best test preparation that works for me is writing and repetitiveness. Writing …JonathanMassachusetts Maritime Academy
When studying for a midterm or final or any test for that matter, there are several …Sierra University Of California, Santa Cruz
As a student in the top 2% of my class grade, I value academics greatly and consider…CaitlinHazleton Area High School
Whether students like it or not, nobody can deny the fact that standardized tests ar…MadelineCharter School of Wilmington
Test preparation is crucial to succeeding in school, so the study techniques I use i…BrookeUniversity of Tulsa
Test preparation is important and I need a routine to ensure that I get the gra…LoganGrace Christian School
As a child, one of the best feelings in the world was when I brought home a good gra…BaileyChipola College
Before every test my teacher gives out a test review with different examples of what…LisaRowlett High School
For tests, I like to do the study guides that teachers provide me. If they don't…NathanWestfield High School
Over my years as a student, I have tried out many different test preparation practic…MadelynChapin High School
My typical study techniques include creating a study tool and ensuring that I don’t …LauraSarasota High School
High school has taught me to use test taking strategy's. The majority of my clas…JoshuaPender High School
Finding the right time and place to study is difficult when there are many things go…JulissaStony brook University
My test preparation practices consist of memorization and tricks on how to remember …Andrew LDelano High School
Throughout high school, I have learned what forms of test preparation work for me. I…SamuelSouth Range High School
The overwhelming stress that comes with the anticipation of wanting to pass an impor…ChristianMerced High School