Essay Excerpt Applicant School
The best and most remarkable test preparation practice that would be worthy for the …Isela Yes prep northside
Ever since I was younger, I dreamt about going into the medical field. My cousin who…GiannaBlackhawk technical college
Throughout Highschool, I had several strategies that helped me pass almost all my te…AbiFlorida International University
My test preparation practices for me includes fun studying! I lay out my flashcards,…Lilianacalifornia baptist university
Preparing for a test can be difficult for any student. Especially one who struggles …EmmaLoyola College Preparatory
This year my test preparation practices are slightly unorthodox compared to my past …LaciTexas Tech University
If learning is drinking from the fountain of knowledge, then reading a Mometrix Test…RebekahRegis University
Hi there,
I've come to learn that preparing for a test is a very "indepen…
AndreaSolano Community College
To prepare for a test I make that I am first engaged in the class. Before any test y…TaiaAkron STEM High School
In my experience, nothing brings fellow students together quicker than the impending…KennaNorthwest Christian School
I have maintained a 4.0 cumulative GPA throughout all of high school. To prepare for…CallieNorris High School
I have used my go to test prep practice for as long as I can remember. The first thi…RebekahVentura College
Personally, I have always taken testing very seriously and I am constantly scared to…TristaHershey High School
Test preparation practice is an skill I'm woking on exceling at. I belive that g…Navia Manatee High School
Yes I do! If you need straight up memorization. I memorize the first letter of each …SamuelNorthside Christian School
Students who desire to do their best on any style of exam, commonly spend multiple h…AbigailDodd City ISD
Regardless of the level of understanding, tests are still scary. The unknown followe…ChristopherTexas Tech University
When I have a big test coming up I usually am frantic. I usually eat a good breakfas…HannahPearl River Central High School
The test preparation practices that work best for me are a mix of some modern techno…Ashley Minooka Community High School
My test preparation is a common one, however I find it effective. I prefer to study …TylerPlainfield South Highschool
Test taking can be very overwhelming if you do not prepare well. Although if you pre…Bradytarrent county college
I believe that I have very efficient and purposeful test preparation methods. Durin…MatthewCelina High School
TEST! some very challenging for students, some very simple. Although we can all agre…anna spokane falls comunity college
I am someone who likes all my stuff color coded and organized in its place. When I a…NinianLincoln North Star High School
My best test practices are to study hard first three days before test. Then on the …MorrissaVIRGINIA WESLEYAN
“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” -Albert Einst…PaulPasco High School
To prepare for a test, my process begins in the classroom while I listen to my profe…EstherAnne Arundel Community College
The way I prepare for tests is just by studying and focusing on what might be asked.…NasihaReedley College
My name is Kendall Harp. I am a freshman at the University of South Carolina majorin…KendallUniversity of South Carolina Aiken
There are various ways individuals can prepare for different tests. I personally hav…ChristianLake Park High School
To be well prepared for what all students dread – test day, I start studying the sam…CarrollMurrieta Valley high school
When I begin to prepare for a test, it mainly begins with my health. Many people mig…EsmeraldaShadow Ridge High School
Test preparation allows us to identify our strengths and weaknesses, and be more rea…CarlaHamelin Laie International School (Spain)
Mometrix College Scholarship Application

Hello, my name is Dania Rasheed …
DaniaUniversity of New Mexico
As a student who has suffered from test anxiety most of my academic career, I find t…CayleeSouth University
When it comes to test preparation, for me creativity is key. To begin I write down t…Cameron Crafting Hills College
The way I study is by repetitively writing the question and answer about 10 times. I…SarahCalifornia Baptist University
In order for me to grasp any sort of information I have to review my notes that same…HazelCalifornia Baptist University
First I think about where I came from and my chances to end up where I did. Despite …Anna MariaHennepin Technical College
Testing can be quite intimidating considering if it is a subject that is in itself d…TimothyFrenship High School
The quiet room with furious scribbling, pages turning, and a page full of questions …NehaUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham
When it comes to preparing for a test, what matters most are the notes you take sinc…AnthonyThe Ambrose School
I believe that with regular class attendance, participation and the completion of re…HannahConverse College
Prior to each test, I organize all relevant notes, worksheets, powerpoints, and supp…JadeAlbuquerque Academy
Hello, my name is Aurora Andrade and the test preparation that best works for me is …AuroraMerced College
When I prepare for a test, I don't remember things by just writing something dow…ChaseBay City Central High School
I have two ways that I can learn. First, is through reading the material. If the mat…KrystinaAshford University
My test preparation is simple but yet effective. I go over the material I need for t…JontierChesapeake College
As much as you cannot go wrong with the oldest trick in the book, flash cards, the m…AnalisaNolensville High School
Test preparation is a process. Always read the material that your instructor will g…OliviaDreher
Navigating through high school and entering college, I have used a variety of study …KatherineTennessee Technological University
Everyone has a different approach to studying that works for them. Just because some…PhilipCosby High School
“Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Th…MaxwellGaynor McCown
I think i have a great plan to prepare for a test and the plan starts the night befo…KevinCentral Dauphin East High School
In preparation for a test, the most effective ways that I have found to com…KialKellogg community college
My test preparation methods have been working for me since I was in eighth grade. O…ErikaKeystone College
When preparing for a big exam, there are many things that go through my mind. I thin…SkyeLegacy High School
Sierra Dickerson
Spirit’s Demon

Ever had the feeling tha…
SierraLiberty Technology Magnet High School
To be completely honest, I am much of a hands-on learner for sure, but when it comes…JenniferElgin Community College
Honestly, just getting good sleep and paying attention in my classes is all I need t…JoshuaNorth High School (Bakersfield)
What is True Strength?
Mahatma Gandhi once said “The best way to find…
BrookeSandwich High School
Test preparation practices that work best for me are online quizzes. My favorite is …EmmaLibertyville High School
Not everyone can just listen to the teacher or professor, and remember what they sai…Victoria Coastal Carolina University
My best test preparation practice is using a voice recorder. (vc). My parents told…CaelanRiverside Comm. College, Riverside California
My first year as a college student was incredibly difficult. Throughout high school …CatherineUniversity of Alaska Anchorage
I practice several steps before taking any test. I begin by looking over my notes. I…AlainaCasper College
There are many test preparation practices I have learned through my education career…SethBlooming Prairie High School
The first step to great test preparation is taking great notes. Once the notes are c…RyanNovi High School
"Never consider the study as an obligation, but as an opportunity to penetrate t…AlinaPatriot High School
Everyone knows that gut twisting feeling of the anticipation of an upcoming test. No…CaraTexas Tech University
I feel like the most helpful test preparation strategy I have used is going over the…Logan Tascosa High School
Whenever I have a huge test coming up, I have a method that I like to follow. Firs…JerrickaNicholls State University
My main test preparation practice is going through the lesson and taking notes. Afte…BriannaIQ Academy
The first time I took the SAT with essay test was in the spring of my junior year of…HenryCanon-McMillan High School
When I am studying for a test, what usually helps me best is to rewrite my notes fro…AlysonGeorgia Southwestern University
School has always been my strong suit, but that doesn't mean I haven't …AimeeBarren County High School
The best way to study for a test is to make flashcards on the content and then to tr…Harlem Wildwood

Test are not my favorite activity, testing causes me a bit of anxiety. However, …
KahleelExecutive Education Charter School
One of my favorite test prep practices is notecards. This is because they have diffe…LaClaudiaChrist the KIng Jesuit College Prep
When preparing for a test I find it helpful to hand write flashcards for review and …AubreyGovernor Thomas Johnson High School
My favorite test preparation practice is taking notes. For example, if I have a test…LaurenSimsbury High School
Just like many other students, I tend to wait until the last minute to prepare for a…IsabelleLiberty Academy

College is one such opportunity that can lead people down the path to success an…
JahmierMastery charter Thomas campus
During a small exam I am naturally calmer when I know I did everything I could ha…kermenaLawrence D. Bell
Deep breath in. Deep breath out. As I pick up my pencil, a flurry of emotions tumbl…MadelineWheaton North High School
to prepare for a test, it start almost a week in advance. Studying is of course key …TravianOwasso High School
I have always been a last minute kind of person. If I know I have a test coming up I…Taylor Southwest Minnesota State University
In truth, I am a very organized person. It doesn’t make much sense to say that I…FelicityBattlefield High School
I wouldn’t say I necessarily have great test preparation practices but I do have som…MelodyUpper Dauphin Area High School
The first strategy that works best for me when I know I will be taking a test is to …Jacqueline Tascosa High School
I have many great test preparation practices that are useful and would benefit other…Whitney Clyde High School
When I prepare for test I usually hand write and then type my notes for the class. …KerriTuskegee University
When I prepare for a test, I always remember to stay optimistic and never second gue…WyattArlington Collegiate High School
Some of the things I do to prepare for a test include, resting very well before a bi…KianaBen Davis High School
Test preparation isn’t just an activity, it’s a science. Throughout my education end…MorganMontgomery High School
My focus can be turned in the blink of an eye. I must stay captivated and informed a…KylieStark State College
When it comes to studying, I have found over the course of my education what style b…DylanWinfield High School
Let me start off by saying that standardized test taking has never been my strong su…KatlynPurnell Swett High
Whenever I have a test coming up, I very lightly study and do not overly stress abou…SpencerMiddle Tennessee State University
The soft glow of the rising sun filters through the windows, illuminating the shelve…MorganOlentangy High School
When preparing for a test, if the professor provides a test review, the very first t…SierraTexas Tech
I am currently enrolled in several Advanced Placements and Dual Credit classes, so I…EmilyRonald Reagan High School
My test preparation usually consists of reviewing notes, then re-writing the notes t…GavinHome School
In a world of challenging situations, we face many issues that may overwhelm us when…Joyce Merced College
When it comes to testing, preparing for it can be challenging. I, myself, am not an …CallieODU
I am a very forgetful person so tests are super tedious for me to do. Of course this…AlexzandriaPittsburg High
When someone says “test preparation,” the image of study cramming and all-nighters c…KelseySpokane Falls Community College
When it comes to studying for a test I start by reading and taking notes on the mate…Alexis Cosumnes River College
I have severe anxiety disorder; consequentially, I am often overwhelmed. When it com…ZyraLanier High School
I prepare for tests using various methods, and I have always loved teaching and help…LeahEvangel Christian School
Reviews, flashcards, textbooks, oh my! While constantly reviewing practice exams, cr…AlexisTexas A&M University College Station
My biggest test taking strategy is to start practicing far beyond when the actual or…HannahReedy High School
My test preparation practices are guaranteed to make me a straight A student! I have…NikitaCalifornia Baptist University
For me, repetition is the best test prep for me. Take Spanish for example. Speaking …LillianCity High middle school
As a senior taking 6 Advanced courses, studying is one of the most vital components …RachelRowlett High School
Preparing for a test doesn’t have to be a stressful event. Tests should be a review …JonahDowners Grove South High School
Studying has never been an easy task for me to accomplish. Many times I'd rather…SheaEast Mountain High School
I started college about four years after graduating high school. I decided that I ne…CONNORColumbia Southern University
When preparing for a test I do it differently depending on the subject. If I have a …KeyleeSanta Rosa Academy
Practice, practice, practice! In order to become better at something, I have to prac…MichaelaWestwood High School
My best test preparation practices involve creating an outline and homemade test, an…AshleeThomas Edison State University
As a MLT student who graduates in May 2019, I am gearing up to take my ASCP examinat…ElizabethCollege of the Albemarle
Make a game of taking notes during class and while doing the homework…
GarretLee County Senior High
Test preparation is very important. I am not good at taking tests. I have testing an…LisaLiberty Universirty
Studying for tests has never been my strong suit until I started to better strategiz…AlexisUniversity of Arizona
Usually around two weeks before a test, I start by making an outline of all the chap…AbigailXavier University
When I am preparing for a test, I go through my notes and highlight all of the most …HaleighUniversity of Northwestern - St. Paul
Preparing for a test can be a daunting task. Thankfully, we can find many helpful ti…StephenUniversity of Northwestern, St. Paul
I graduated nursing school with my associate’s degree back in 2014. When I…christaluniversity of washington
Throughout high school, I never really had to study as I have a relatively good memo…JonnicaTexas Tech University
I have always been a doer. My learning style is kinesthetic, meaning I have to do so…SarynTexas Tech University
The bast way to learn is by teaching the material to someone else. The ability to te…CrystalMoreno Valley High School
One of the best test preparations I have done is Khan Academy. Khan Academy offers f…AmirrahWilmington Christian Academy
Those few days before taking a big test or exam can truly cause you to have anxiety …TinasiaMetropolitan Community College
There's no way for us to know the best test preparation strategies for all of us…JonathanClear Lake High School
I personally believe that I have the best test preparation practices because every t…McKaylaCity of Life Christian Academy
My test preparation methods were not always as strong as they are today. As a result…AlonsoWestview High School
I was frustrated in middle school because I had not figured out which study techniqu…PeytonTenafly High School
I prepare for a test in three ways. I will divide three stages so it is easy to foll…BrittReynoldsburg High School
They work for me because of my determination to achieve the best.…Paulina University of Arizona
Don’t walk into your test unprepared for what you will face. Before you start studyi…JordanReservoir highschool
For the past two years I have been participating in full-time college study through …Allison Lynden Academy
Anytime I have a test, I'm prone to putting off studying until the last minute. …AddisonWhitewright
In all of the years I have gone to school, I have tried many test preparation practi…Grace Mahtomedi High School
It’s rare to find the “greatest” test preparation practices throughout high school a…Janet GuadalupeArtesia High School
こんにちは!My name is Kiersten and I have taken German, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian. N…KierstenIndiana Academy For Science, Mathematics, and Humanities
Test preparation can look different depending on the class the quiz, test, or exam i…HeatherDavenport University
As a biology pre-med student and now a new nursing student, I had to find ways to le…NekechiaSUNY Downstate Medical Center
In my four years of high school, I have experimented with several styles of stud…coleHillcrest High School
Throughout my high school and early college years, I have experimented with test-pre…ElizabethUniversity of Oregon
First things first, in order to prepare for a test, you need to de-stress. Both of m…LaurenSeminole State College
Reading, note taking, flashcards... repetitive actions help me to remember things we…MackenzieWestern Governors University
Preparing for a college exam can make your head pound with stress. Before tackling m…JuliaUniversity of Oregon
The best method that has worked for me over the years includes repetition. When I ha…AnneWestern Governors University
My test preparation practices are that I will always sit down in a quiet room to foc…LoganMariemont
I study for hours and hours remembering the content for the tests.…BlazePearl City Highschool
Being a student requires a lot of resilience, as you have to balance classes, extrac…SarahDrew University
Preparing for a test is difficult. Students of every level struggle with test prepar…MicaiahHomeschool
To me, the most difficult part of studying is not getting distracted. Before I actua…ElanaLiberty High School
Whenever I have a big test coming up I get a piece of notebook paper and I write out…AbigailTascosa High School
Having strong test preparations in place are crucial to succeeding on tests. I grew …RichardCoastal Carolina University
When preparing for an objective evaluation (test) I find that I have the most succes…DavidWGU
Pop quiz, test, exam, all words that strike fear within students far and wide. Being…MadelineUniversity of California- Davis
Throughout the years, I have tried so many different test preparation practices and …NatalieRed Land High School
Some students are blessed with the ability to walk into an exam with minimum prepara…ChadSan Diego State University
Before I take any test, I find it necessary to clear my mind of any lingering hinder…GraceUniversity of Oregon
I find two test preparation tactics especially helpful: preparation apps (Quizlet) a…KaiNorth Thurston High School
As a honest person, like the most of us, I dislike taking tests, as well as the prep…ChloePearl City High School
The way I start studying is by organizing myself with all the essential items I need…EdwardArchbishop Mitty
The test preparation I use is supplemental from the time I learn the material until …JakeNorthampton Community College
Jessye Davis

My Strategy For Studying

When it comes to studying, many …
JessyeHarold’s L Richards High School
The greatest way to prep for a test is to ask your teacher of the classes what's…AaryoniaHelix Charter High School
For me, test preparation begins with the initial learning of the material. I do…LingMurrieta Mesa High School
Merriam-Webster defines addict as " to devote or surrender (oneself) to somethin…DanielleLouisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts
To prepare for a subject specific test, like Unit tests, I like to go over all of th…KatrianaTascosa High School
Some of my best test preparation practices actually come from a mix of repetition an…JeremiahLeading Edge Academy Online
Preparing for a test can be easy if you do it right. Everyone works and learns diff…MadelineHahnville High School
For me, the thing that I have found most helpful when preparing for tests is repetit…SamanthaJamesville-DeWitt High School
Being a biology major, I have to memorize specific processes and equations, and how …AmandaHollins University
When a company makes a new product, do you want them to make sure it works firs…RileyCecil College
For at least an hour a day, starting a week before test day, I study the material se…DonaldJohns Creek High School
The way I prepare usually always differs in how the test is going to be formatted. F…JonathanFairfax High School
Every student has a study method that works for them, and they all vary on their ind…TerriWashington State Community College
To prepare for tests I like to think about what questions might be on the test and a…JoselynSan Marcos High School
I have had many tests and quizzes to prepare for during my High School carrier, and …Elizabeth Charles O. Dickerson High School
Before taking a written or standardized test of any sort, such as the ACT or SAT, ob…ZoeVJ and Angela Skutt High School
There are several things that I do to make certain that I am prepared for tests. On…McKenzieUtica College
A grilled cheese sandwich, lemonade, and "soothing piano music 4-hour loop" …ElenaGeorge Mason University
I am a very visual learner so I need to organize my notes in a very clear pattern an…LillianBaylor University
Since I’ve been in Elementary School, I’ve had a lot of problems being a test …AliyahHamden High School
In preparation for a test my teachers would always tell me, "get lots of sleep&#…JordanIndian Hill High School
Just as a hero carries a sword and shield with them when faced by a daunting foe, I …BaileyColumbia College Hollywood
As a high school senior at one of the most academically challenging schools in the s…AnsleyThomas Jefferson Classical Academy
My secret, foolproof routine for test prep has never failed me, and today I am going…Maya Montgomery High School
Every time I sit down to study for a test, I begin by creating a study guide for mys…GabrielaLarchwood Homeschool Academy (homeschooled)
Frequently attending tutoring sessions, studying at the library, and taking notes on…HannaWest Virginia University
The best test preparation method for me is Khan academy. Khan academy specifically i…BriannaAberdeen High school
My test preparation practices are first and foremost, prayer, listening to music and…ClarkSachse High School

The most effective test prep for me in classes such as history and science, is g…
DanielleAlbany High School
while now having twelve years of school learning experience I can honestly say with…crishnafirst colonial high school
Beginning my freshman year with one AP class to my junior and senior year having a r…ValiaMission Viejo High
Tests almost always follow a predictable and useful pattern. Therefore, the best pra…Alexandria University of Nevada Las Vegas
Test preparation is one of the most essential things you need to know when you'r…KelseyD'Youville College
Regardless of how well a teacher lectures, there will be someone who fully takes hom…MoisesMatoaca High
Well in High School I take college course classes which are pretty difficult for me …MaryFort Dorchester High School
Test preparation can be very nerve wracking for many students. Some students may pre…Nathalia Saint Peter’s University
Tests are stressful enough, but, feeling unprepared adds unnecessary weight. I have …KyraAcademy for Science and Design
Preparing for exams and quizzes is crucial for students to stay on top of their…TessMessiah College
As members of this world, we are facing tests each moment. In fact, the word test an…ouissalGroupe Pédagogique Alpha
Engineering courses have grueling tests which require equally tough study habits and…MeganBoston University
Usually, my school covers test preparation with tips such as annotating and reading …NisiniUnion City High School
Testing is an unavoidable measurement of knowledge on a specific subject. Going thro…ElizabethMountain View High School
Over the years my preparation for tests have changed using the method of trial and e…AlexisWarren High School
As a student with low test anxiety, but with poor concentration and ADHD-related cha…DanielleMaryland Institute College of Art
I believe I have a very well developed test preparation practice. When I know I have…DylanThe Colony High School
Studying for tests can be nerve-wracking when you're in college, however, not ha…KarenCornerstone University
Test preparation is unique to each and every person, no two people are the same. A m…MeganClatsop Community College
What I have learned thru out my high school years and have b brought with my to coll…Corin University of South Carolina-Aiken
Before every test, I use the app or website called Quizlet. Quizlet allows me to stu…KhalidDutchtown High School
I personally like to study because I see it as a challenge. There is not an exact wa…EmilyCabrini Highschool
It’s quiz day in my calculus class and my heart rate is a tad elevated as I walk int…RaymondLa Habra High School
Test preparation is important to me as a high school senior as colleges place g…OmarParkway South High
When it comes to taking a test I feel that I have prepared well under control. For m…KevinJohn F. Kennedy Senior High
In test preparation there are good practices and bad ones and as humans I believe we…KylissaHoly Faith Convent
When I am preparing for a test of some sort, I always do certain things that help me…BritainMany High School
Preparing for a test is a difficult task, regardless if you are at ease taking …ChaseySocastee High School
Going into college I had no idea how to study. I taught myself and what that meant w…HaleyUniversity of Louisiana Lafayette
I have a study system that has worked great for me! First, I like to have a study gu…TerryColorado State University Global Campus
Preparing for a test is something that can affect how the test goes. For me, my prep…MeganReynolds High School
There are a few test preparation techniques that I like to use, but I think…KaitlynSt. Petersburg College
Many students prepare for test the same way. They spend hours taking notes or review…KarinaUniversity of Arizona
Suppose it’s the night before a big test, and I just got home from a Lacrosse game o…TylerArnold O. Beckman High School
My test preparation practices are rather simple, I think the only way to reduce stre…WyattUniversity of Oregon
Over the years, I have developed test preparation practices that work best for me. F…AliyaFiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts
Learn and practice. You may have heard people say there is no way to make for the ap…GavinWoodbury High School

Testing is a struggle for a majority of students throughout the United State…
Jordan Lansing Catholic High School
Preparing for exams can be difficult. Especially finding a studying technique that w…LianChamberlain University
My holy-grail study method is always to check for crash course or other similar type…EmmaMiddleton High School
The greatest test preparation is placing yourself in a quiet room with at least a wi…Alexis Ventura High School
The number one way I study for tests is by listening to content and taking notes. Th…Adrianna Liberty High School
Test preparation is vital for high scores. The worst thing you could do to prepare f…GabriellaTottenville High School
1- Growing up as a female latino with an economic disadvantage has always made me…FabiolaImperial Valley College
I mix things up a lot. Call it undiagnosed dyslexia; call it forgetfulness; but even…KirkWestern Governors University
I start off by preparing for test at least 3 weeks in advance. Knowing the exact dat…JenniferRio Salado College
Staring a final exam in the face, totally lost? Coming up on the first quiz of the s…PaulSan Diego State University
My current school makes my test preparation easy and I have incorporated a few techn…ShanaWestern Governors University
Tests are the bane of my existence. Though I understand that they are necessary …HeidiLos Osos High School
Preparing for a test is often extremely stressful, especially if the test is a final…Harlyn University of Victoria
To study for tests, I start out by taking notes in class with colorful pens and high…LydiaLouisiana Tech Uniersity
Preparation Is the Key
Test preparation is necessary in order to prepare for any …
AndreaSpartanburg High School
I do lots to prepare for tests, some of the ideas I got from friends, and some of th…AnnaCatalina Foothills High School
As a born procrastinator, it took me well into my late teens to figure out how to ef…SofiaUniversity of Pittsburgh
Studying for a test must be one of the most difficult parts of school. It can be dif…Corinne Wagner high school
I have always found that one of the easiest ways to prepare for a test is to actuall…MaxSaguaro High School
If any resources are given to me from a teacher to prep for a test, I use them! Stud…LaylaWilde Lake High School
Preparing for tests, exams quizzes, etc. can be a major stressor. Ask any college st…StephanieBrigham Young University
For me, test preparation involves planning and organizing when and where I am going …MelanieCreighton University
Taking tests isn’t just about reading and memorizing things. For me I have several t…ZipporahEastern Guilford High School
In support of HIV/AIDS awareness

The stigma associated with the narrow-mindse…
ShruthiUniversity of missouri Kansas city
Test preparation is a skill that I think some smart people don't utilize enough.…FaithAmerican University of Paris
Sometimes I think I am educated beyond my intelligence. I have a 4.0 average, but I …ParisMonroe Township High School
For a great test, such as the SAT or any AP Exam, I do some weird, but, for me, usef…ElijahVR Eaton High School
A wise professor once told me that one must repeat a process eight times to learn it…KataColumbia University
Studying is something that every student has to do. No matter what class you are in …PerryHomeschool
The way I prepare for exams has led me to receiving many passing grades throughout t…DianaEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona Beach
Studying for tests has been difficult for me because I have a hard time concentratin…ShaeKansas State University
Preparation is key to complete any task at hand. That goes with anything in life, es…JacobDumont High School
Personally I feel that preparing for tests in todays modern world has never been eas…EmilyDonovan Catholic High School
I have not always been good at taking standardize test, not because I am not smart e…KhaylaWarren Township High School Gurnee Il. 60031
Test preparation is time-consuming when you want to receive a good grade in a class,…Brianna Iowa State University
As a first generation college student, I had no help from my family on studying tech…BaileyLane Community College
Memory is tantamount to the study method that one experiences. The greatest test pre…YASMINENorthpoint academy
I have found through my years of advanced classes and hours of work and rehearsal ev…AbigailArab High School
I am writing my essay today about a former classmate and friend of mine from high sc…katherineKD Conservatory
As someone who has always been easily distracted, traditional study methods have nev…Jennifer Mulberry Senior High School
I have grown up in poverty and was abused all of my life. I was expected to graduat…TiffanyUniversity of Missouri-St. Louis
I have many ways to get prepared for all then test , I would have so many days and n…JenniferJc Harmon High School
Test preparation shouldn't be more complicated than the subject you're study…AdamColumbia University
Everyone has their own way of studying for a big test that they might have. Some mig…BrielleYork County School of Technology
My test perporation consists of reading the book once to get an understanding of wha…KaylaWest Coast University
When I am preparing to take a test I always review topics and make songs or listen t…JuanitaRufus King High
I never had to study for anything. If I paid attention in class, took the right note…AlexDanbury High School
There was a time I did not need to study- getting high grades came easily but only t…FrancisDanbury High School
Many of the tests we take, especially in high school, are not an accurate portrayal …GabrielaCHAMPS Charter High School
Test taking is one of the most essential skills for students if they want to demonst…AlexanderduPont Manual HS
The best test preparation is simply be in the moment. Get up and go to class and be …JaredUniversity of South Carolina - Upstate
One of the first things I do before studying is to pray to God for guidance, as I am…KendraCoral Glades High School
My skills with being prepared with academic testing were taught to me through my tra…JacobUniversity of South Carolina - Upstate
My favourite tip for preparing for a test, especially a content heavy test like AP B…ShaleseAppleby College
As a textile learner, I prepare for tests and exams best when I am able to manipulat…KailinCornerstone University
Preparing for a test can be tricky. Some people aren’t as great as others when it co…AshlynnClarkton C-4 High school
My great test preparation practices are the following: Drawing out sketches/pictures…MarcusUniversity Of North Carolina at Greensboro
Test taking can be scary! Some of my favorite ways to prepare are flash cards, quizl…ShaylynMarquette Senior High School
The best way for me to learn is to learn it more than once in more than one way. Rep…SophiaMountain View High School
When I'm preparing for a test, my first step is determining the material I do an…AubreyNorth Cobb High School
When I am preparing for a test the first thing I do is take a deep breath! I know th…KatieAnne Arundel Community College
I find what has helped me be the most successful when it comes to studying for exams…LynziCuyahoga Community College
I have great test preparation practices because I focus on rest and being calm. The …AjSevern School
A very effective approach to learning anything new or preparing for different exams …JosephCarlisle High School
The way that I study for tests is by teaching others. My friends and I gather tog…TasnimThe Brooklyn Latin School
Some of the best methods, I use to assist me in preparing for my tests or exams, wou…JohnathanPalomar University
Throughout high school, I’ve tested a variety of ways of test prep - as a senior…MatthewBuffalo Grove High School
While many preferred to utilize last-minute test reviews and tutors at my high schoo…RohanPlano East Senior High

College exams scores can either make or break one's grade in a c…
KeshellAlfred University
My name is Carlee Danielle Caskaddon. I am the eighteen -year- old daughter of James…CarleeAlexander Central High School
Hello there, my name is Levi Dirig and I want to tell you why I think I deserve the …LeviNorwell
When studying, I like to connect the concepts taught in school to something more phy…RheaScottsdale Preparatory Academy
As someone who has always waited last minute to study, I learned new techniques on m…CristaLouisiana State University
As someone who has always waited last minute to study, I learned new techniques on m…CristaLouisiana State University
For me, studying has not always been my strong suit. With a short attention span and…Mahogany Virginia commonwealth university
Prepping for a test can be a very daunting task if it has never been performed befor…HaydenPocola High School
I have never really been that great of a test-taker. When it comes time to study, I …KaylaRivier University
As we all know, avid preparation is the key to success for anything! For me, prepara…KendallEleanor Roosevelt High School
Test taking is an important part of receiving an education. Tests allow the student …BlakeTexas Tech University
Hi, My name Is Erika Arrington. I am 22 years old (legal drinking age) so my test…ErikaUniversity of Pittsburgh-Greensburg
The method that works best for me when I am preparing for a test is to work through …AveryIndiana University Purdue University-Columbus
Anticipate questions by:

Looking for patterns of questions in any tests …
TobechukwuLeading Edge Academey GEC
After having many encounters with tests in my high school career, it is imperative …LaineyParadise Valley High School
Studying for a test can be very stressful, especially when test anxiety seems to con…AmandaSanta Rosa Junior College
When it comes to math test, I take the quote "You retain 90% of what you teach&#…KIRASamueli Academy
Something I have definitely been keeping track of is my anxiety when quizzes and tes…LeslieSamueli Academy
I am a son of a garbage man, one who watched his father break his body for a quarter…TrevinColumbia University Graduate School of Journalism
I have never been a fantastic test taker but have learned over time that repetition …Jadon Liberty Academy
Let's get to the hard truth, test are scary. People have mental breakdowns over …MychalStephenson High school
Often times we as humans get super nervous when we hear the word “test” or “quiz”. M…MiriamWest High School
One of the best test preparation is to be prepared! That is going to school, listeni…LarryAugusta Christian Schools
The human mind is one that holds many wonders, one of them being how we obtain infor…Diana Oglethorpe University
Test preparation does not start a week or a day before the exam; it starts from day …MariamPima Community College
Some of the best test preparation practices I have developed and plan to continue an…AlyssaBristol Eastern High School
There are only a few test preparations that I do that work best for me. The first th…MarissaTravis Early College High School
When I was in the 8th grade, I started taking Spanish through my high school as a se…AnnaWoodinville High School
Preparation for tests begin with being present for all of my professors' lecture…AnnaTexas A&M
My test preparation practices that has helped me the most. Would be reread the areas…ZacharyWestern govenor university
To be honest, the best test preparation strategies are not taking notes and reading …MadelineUCLA

The first strategy is to spend enough time studying and reviewing test materials…
PatienceGeorge Washington University. Milken Institute of Public Health
When analyzing my own test preparation practices, I have no one else to thank but my…TaylorMonroe Community College
I have never been the greatest test taker, so I have learned how to prepare to make …KatieWestern Governors University
Learning something new, putting it into practice and then studying for the test that…Kayleigh Kentlake High School
In the past, I have recognized that I do not perform well under pressure, and thus I…JoshThe Gregory School
I have always maintained a strong academic record by having flexible test pr…JazminLiberty University
I recently started incorporating my own test taking preparations because the ones &#…DamienLouisiana Tech University
Test preparation and good study habits are key to succeed on tests of various sorts.…SaiyannNorth Creek High School
There are numerous ways an individual can prepare for a test or even an exam. In my …Ivana Rutgers University-NB
My name is Savannah Berardi and I am a senior at Penn-Trafford High School in Harris…SavannahPenn-Trafford High School
I happen to have a Calculus 1 test coming up. For this test, I’m reviewing by go…MichaelMichael R White
When it comes to studying for tests, I have been previously ignorant. I got thro…BrettBaker University
Coming from a school with a copious amount of tests on a weekly basis, I have learne…DylanDowningtown STEM Academy
I have different strategies for test-taking depending on which class it is in. If it…JewelSamueli Academy
Procrastination is a fatal nemesis of mine. I admit that studying is not a fun pasti…MolinaLong Beach Polytechnic High School
I am a firm believer that having a good night's sleep and a decent breakfast can…SamuelCenter High School
Studying for an exam is definitely not any student’s favorite hobby. However, over t…Saher University of Texas at Arlington
My test preparation practices have always helped me reach my academic goals througho…AlanaBandys High School
Studying before I go to bed is the best way for me to learn information for a test. …BrandonMelbourne High School
I began taking college courses as a sophomore in high school so being able to develo…KendallOhio Connections Academy
Studying for tests have not always been my favorite activity to do. I just don't…Madeline Marian High School
I use memorization, test practice, and careful planning to study for tests. First, I…EmilyMount Vernon High School
In today's day and age, tests are all about the memorization. Students spend mos…KevinMemorial Senior High
I served as enlisted aircrew in the KC-130J and UC-12W. Periodically we would be tes…ZacharyUniversity of Arizona
For my test preparations I like to read the entire chapter beforehand, this helps me…MadisonSerra High School
Looking for the best test preparation practices? Well then you found the right essay…BriannaBrianna Barron
Throughout the years, I have found a variety of methods that work for me when it com…MauraNorthport High School
Study the chapter before the current chapter and the chapter you are going to study …RhemaRhema McGee
Test preparation has been a key concept in working towards the goal of the perfect g…SavannahRed River High School
Throughout my high school experience, especially my senior year, the most effective …JulianVenture Academy
My personal test preparation is all about repetition. Without consistent practice th…AlikaAlika Carranza
I believe that great test preparation practices focus on quality rather than quantit…VictorGlenda Dawson High School
The GreatTest preparation strategies I have are threefold! Make a story, write a sto…omeshaWGU Western Governors University
As a native Spanish speaker living in the United States, I have struggled with learn…danineMount Morris Central School
Sitting in the shade on a sunny day, listening to the trees whistle in the wind- thi…JuliaUniversity of Florida
Personally, what has worked for me is repetition and practice. Some might say that i…JoelJoel D Gonzalez
The best way to prepare for a test in my personal opinion is to study in small incre…Alexis 😬Grand Canyon University
Preparing for tests is hard, no matter who you are or how smart you might be. Everyo…McKennaLaurel Springs School
I used to view studying for exams as just one more burdensome item to check off of m…AnnikaZionsville Community High School
I have definitely come a long way with test preparation. I have never considered mys…JimmyKIPP Northeast Denver Leadership Academy
7 easy steps

1. Begin with time management, meaning you should start as early…
RafaelRafael Kaiser-Ramirez
In my opinion, one thing that stops most people from getting good grades on the test…MichaelUniversity of Pittsburgh
I have been a cheerleader since I started talking. It began with me sitting on…HannahArcher High School
When it comes to test-taking preparation, there is no "one size fits all". I…OliviaUniversity of Arizona
I have many test preparation practices that work for me when I am studying for any e…BrianLovejoy High School
Beginning college was a huge learning curve for me. I was one of those students in h…AmberNortheastern University
The systematic practices and methods I use personally use in order to effectively ge…VicenteLos Amigos High School
I have found that making sure I read all of the required reading is helpful. I write…HannahHannah E Kohtz
Over the years I believe that I have mastered the art of test preparation and I beli…NakyyiaNakyyia M Douglas
Test taking has always been a struggle of mine. I start questioning and challenging…HaleyPerry Lecompton High School
What I do for test preparation is I don't procrastinate. Procrastination is the …KennethOdem High School
Twirling the cord of my earphones around my fingers, I debated whether or not I shou…BashudhaAnnandale High School
Writing is one of the oldest forms of human communication. Its vast and varied u…AnneBlair High School
Great test preparation starts with learning. If I know what an assignment is early o…EricaSouderton Area High School
I have tried to use different methods on trying to being able to stay focused and st…Diana PSJA North Early College Highschool
As a physiology student and one that aspires to be a Physician Assistant I spend a l…JasminMidwestern University
When I get the notice that I will have a test on a lesson I’ve learned, I get…AngelNorthwood High School
The Future of Test Prep: Finding Your Own Path to Success
Jake Galiatsos

JakeCase Western Reserve University
When I study for a test I use various techniques, my favorite is to use flash cards.…ShelbyWestern Governors University
Throughout my educational career, I have extensively developed my test preparation p…NicholasSan Marino High School
One of my main test preparations are to have a good start on the week, if I know I h…RosemaryRosemary Villatoro
Great test preparation starts when you begin learning the material to be tested. Fi…DelaneyMontezuma - Cortez HIgh
Before I take an important test I like to make sure that I slept enough the night be…RoseVan Buren Community High School
I thought I knew how to study. Studying is finding how you learn and applying that t…SelenaSelena Eisenberg
To my mind, test preparation begins with the introduction of a chapter or topic in t…DrakeValparaiso High School
When it comes to taking a test for me, I practice by sections or fragments and take …ToasapholCollege of Southern Nevada
Whenever a test is approaching, some strategies that have helped me conquer the test…KyleKyle J. Fecteau
Everyone knows the saying “practice makes perfect” and as many times your eyes roll …ShelbySamueli Academy
For my test prepartion, I study a section a night, so I basicaclly plan out how many…DemetrioSaint Mary's College High School
54% passing rate, the most failed class at Pitt, the inevitable weed-out course: Cal…RachelUniversity of Pittsburgh
Before taking a test I like to have a good setup or process. Making sure that I have…DanteSamueli Academy
When I prepare for a big important test, I first go over my notes that I have taken …ToriTori Pacheco
In order to being preparing for an exam, the first step is being motivated to succee…KatherineUniversity of Pittsburgh
There are many mainstream types of study tools. Quizlet is a large one among the peo…CaraO'Fallon Township High School
I learn by repetition and I retain information by hearing myself repeating the infor…ChaseJames Logan High Schoo
Consider this. You have a final exam that is worth 80% of your average grade. You ha…BrittanyHamilton High School
In order to prepare for tests, I start by planning when I will take the test. I look…CarliRed Wing High School
My test preparations skills have improved tremendously since I started at Brookl…KeithBrooklyn Friends
I think the most critical thing for kids my age is to first understand that everyone…BraydenGilbert High School
When preparing for a test, it helps me best when I am able to step out of my own min…MadisonIrondequoit High School
My sophomore year in high school I had a test every Friday in history and always fai…Kayla Holt High school
Preparing for a test is not easy especially when you feel as though you have to cram…AshleyJP McCaskey HighSchool
The best test prep practices is to start early and to create on line quizlet which a…MatthewMatthew Eggert
A few simple and intriguing ways to study and prepare for tests are pretty self expl…ChasityWGU
“There’s a TEST tomorrow!”...
A voice in your head announces as you throw yoursel…
JacobJacob Adams
My test preparation practices are pretty simple and the old-fashioned way. I take ha…KaylorUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette
There are many resources that I utilize to help me feel prepared for my exams. First…Madelaine Thousand Oaks High School
I have a couple favorite test preparation practices. One of these is taking down goo…MakaylaFlorien High School
Depending on the material I will do different routes of test preparation. Usually wi…MeganUniversity of Arizona
I believe my test preparation practices work well for me. To begin with, I don't…JeremiahJeremiah Bowman
I think I have a great test preparation practice that has been working pretty well w…KaosisochukwuBaker University
The best test preparation practices are completing end of chapter questions, flashca…LaurenUniversity of Louisville
My test prep seems obvious to me; I try to never miss class, I take good notes, ask…AliciaClayton A. Bouton High School
For my test preparation practices I tend to look up practice study guides first if t…MaloniAvon high school
My typical preparation for tests is pretty standard, it consist of looking through t…Minjeong Junction City High School

I am proud to say my attitude towards my educational and career goals have …
DestneyDestney Johnson
My test-preparation regimen is probably a bit different and may not be practical for…AlanUniversity of Maryland-College Park
I am a pretty good test taker. There are many crucial steps that one takes to prepar…Yari Tulsa Community College
Usually teachers give students an announcement as to when they will have a test or a…AshleySamueli Academy
Each student is different in what study practices work for them whether it be crammi…AshleyUniversity of South Florida
Nowadays there are dozens of ways to study whether it be study guides, rereading not…RebeccaPlant High School
My physics teacher once told me, "If you're trying to memorize the solutions…ReneeRenee Shen
The test preparation practices that work best for me are chunking the content into m…BriggetteWestern Governer's University
Great Test Preparation Practices and Why They Work
Identifying my specific learni…
KathleeFond du Lac High School
Test preparation is an interesting part of school, and vital for many students. We a…AnthonyThomas Jefferson High School
I have always struggled with test anxiety. But my Mother told me they can't…ZionCab Calloway School of the Arts
I have taken a variety of tests in the past that all required a different set of ski…CassandraCassandra Milnes
There are a variety of tactics that I use when I am preparing to take a test. The fi…AllisonWestern Governors University
For as long as I can remember, test taking has unfortunately been the bane of my…AudreyVista Ridge High School
In today's society, as students, we encounter different levels of stress; one co…GeorgeWinston Churchill High School
Studying for test can be difficult especially if you don’t know how to study product…ZoeElmont Memorial High School
Every person studies their own, unique way. The way I personally succeed at studying…ChristopherHoly Spirit High School
The best test preparation method for me would depend on what the test is about. For …XitlalicXitlalic Rubit Echeverria
Test preparation depends on the test. A student in a philosophy class was takin…JeremyWestlake High School
The Zone. It’s an almost myth-like state where any knowledge makes perfect sense and…PaigeFountain Hills High School
In my first month transitioning from high school to university, I, like most others,…AbishUniversity of Pittsburgh
Tests that can be really difficult for me as a junior are ones in subjects such…AlijahJohn F Kennedy High School
I usually study and practice but I will take at least a five minute break after stud…VivianThe new America school Thornton
Just like many others, I used to just sit in my bed wrapped up in a blanket repeatin…KeeganDixie State University
I personally have really bad test anxiety and with my ADD it is sometimes really har…OceanTexas Tech University

In highschool, I prepared for tests by cramming all the information into my …
EmmaEmma M Laskowski
I have found that studying with others is the best test preparation for me. A study …KatarinaGrand Canyon University
If carried out properly, the test practices that I apply have a good balance of stre…UvaldoRegis University
I am considered an underdog. Throughout my high school years I put effort in dedicat…AmayaUniversity High School
My study method is best described as, intensely focused and unorthodox. While I do r…Logan Bonita High School
My preferred type of test preparations are somewhat unusual. I personally will find …MichaelMichael C Guriel
Before going into any test I evaluate and observe what type of test I am going to ta…BrandonWindsor High School
My favorite study skill is to write the question and answer (preferably in bullet po…AjanaeInformation Technology & Software Engineering
In the case of test preparation, everyone has their own ways to memorize and compreh…GabriellaSMA Negeri 8 Jakarta
I don't think that I have the best test preparation skill, however, I know what …AddisonAddison
When I was in high school, I never needed to study to get decent grades. When I star…MacKenzieConcordia St. Paul
I started College at 14. I’ve had to learn practical ways that work the best for me …IsabellaCanal Winchester High School
Nervously, I walked into a big room and sat down at a small desk. Since I had been h…JohnHomeschool
The main studying practices that I use are a combination of watching videos of w…Noah PerezValle Verde Early College High School
Although my parents would totally disagree, I would think I have pretty awesome test…JUSTINBELLAIRE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL
Throughout all my student-life, I’ve gone through many different types of studying f…AdamBrownsburg High School
My test preparation tactics consist of taking more tests! Over and over again until …MercedesMercedes Banker
My greatest talent is multi-tasking. Ever since I can remember, I’ve never had a com…FabiolaFabiola Garcia
My test preparation starts before my classes start. I begin by printing out the clas…PaigeUniversity of Colorado Denver
Preparing for test was always an easy thing for me. I have stuck with the same routi…RoseValley vista high school
Let’s face it, school is stressful. No matter who you are if you have attended s…MorganCollingswood High School
Dear Scholarship Committee,
Hello, I am Patricia S. Thompson, I am a high school …
PatriciaAndreafski High School
Test preparation can be a tricky thing for a high school student. Let’s face it. N…NatashaGreenbrier West High School
Test preparation for me comes in three different practices, memorization, practice, …JohnLegend High School
Over the years cramping has not been the best way to study for an very important tes…CristalMesa Community College
I think i have great test preparation skills. If you want to do good on you test, he…DajahGadsden City High School
My name is Lily Conover, a student musician for Radford high school. Along with scho…LilyRadford High School
I prepare for a test by studying the material the teacher has given me. I also fill …GarrisonMesa High School
Procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate. I used to have horrible test preparatio…VictoriaMars Area Highschool
High school is the opportunity to learn new information each day and apply what you …ChelseaNewton High School
What works for me is to not try to cram too much information at one time. I break u…DominicTucson High Magnet School
For the purposes of this essay I will be referencing my math preparation cycle.The t…Gregory Plano ISD Academy High School
Over the years, studying has been a crucial thing for me. Do you ever find yourself …Sarah Chattanooga State Community College
Studying for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) in preparation to apply to m…WilliamUniversity of Arizona College of Medicine
Stress. Anxiety. Failure. Most students experience these feelings and emotions when …KatrinaConcordia University, Saint Paul

What do you consider to be the most important societal problem and the solut…
Abigale Fairmont Heights high school
Preparing for exams or test may be a difficult process due to technology, but techno…Jodian Palm Beach Lakes Community Highschool
Some great test preparation practices I take are to read over the course material tw…SaraUniversity of California Berkeley
My name is Luis, when I have a test a get a little bit nervous and I try to study mo…LuisKofa HIgh School
I think the most important part of preparing for a test or a high-risk/ high-stakes …AmayaInternational School of the Americas
Bent over the lined page, the nail of my thumb flattens a fold I’ve made at is ce…JacquelineMiami-Dade College, Kendall Campus
Kung Fu Panda 2 changed my life. I came home from the theater in May, 2011 swishing …ReedJesuit College Prep
"You got this dude!" Or "ygtd" for short. Teachers and professors ha…Chase University of California, Santa Cruz
There is no worse feeling as a student than walking into a class on test day and…JaimeJames Bowie High School
For me, quality test preparation begins with note taking. It is important to filter …Nick Simpson University
The way I prepare for exams have changed throughout my college years. I have noticed…CeciliaWest Coast University - La Palma
Tests are usually difficult for me because I am an extremely fast reader who consist…MadisonDesert vista High School
Test preparation is a skill that has to be learned through trial and error, because …ChloeUniversity of Texas at Austin
When I am prepping for a test, I make sure that I give myself plenty of time to…JosephHomeschool
Preparation for a test starts the moment the instructor opens their mouth at th…Caleb Sherman High School
The tock is ticking and all eyes are on you. The pressure is heaving down on you, bu…SnehaUniversity Of Pittsburgh
Ever since I was younger I have learned best by using a notecard method. I believe t…AlyssaEastern High School
Over the past week we have had finals and I needed to find a better way to study sin…JenitaAnderson University
When I was in elementary school, I was a horrible test taker. I did really good on…KelsieHighland High School
For many runners, a marathon is about personal goals. You run to push your limits an…VanessaUniversity of Arizona
Over the past four years of my high school career, I have been exposed to many diffe…EmilieHickory Career and Arts Magnet High School
Taking tests in school, although it is a completely normal thing, somehow always…KylieGrand Canyon University
In my psychology class, we learned how it is easier to relearn something that you on…JasonUniversity of Pittsburgh
There is a study plan that is scheduled four days prior to taking the exam. Four d…StefanieWestern Governors University
First thing to do in any study session is going over the raw material. Look over the…KristinaHamilton High West
The best thing to do to prepare for a test is to pay attention in class and tak…RachelChristopher Newport University
Test preparation begins in the classroom for me. Taking useful notes is key, and tha…GarretUniversity of New Orleans
"Study smart, not hard." After being in school for 16 years, I have finally …Angeline Columbia University
Tests strike fear into the hearts of many college students all over the country …ErasmoUniversity of Arizona
In middle school, I was home-schooled. In high school, I went to public school. And …AlexisColorado State University- Global
I was never the student that could get away without studying. However, it wasn't…AmandaWestern Governors University
As someone who has taken many tests and has helped prepare people for tests. I belie…ShawnUniversity of Arizona
Some of my test strategies are commonly known. For example, before any big test, I m…CristianLake Minneola High
As a music education major, I am always singing, playing an instrument, or studying …Kara Baker University
When studying for a test I use a variety of strategies. I took a test once that help…KristenWestern Governors University
Tests are designed to assess someone's knowledge in a particular subject area…JustinWayzata High School
It is that time of the year again, and finals are looming over our heads like a dark…RachelMiddle Tennessee State University
In my high school career I have always struggled to remember certain aspects of …NolanParker High School
Mistakes are the most important tool while studying for tests. If you wanted to trav…ErchisWinston Churchill High school
Contrary to some of my friends, I see test taking as one of my strongest areas when …NikolasLife Center Academy
Throughout my high school career, I have been nothing short of an excellent student.…ParisStratford Highschool
In order to succeed at the highest level that I can, I make sure to prepare for each…CooperSir Francis Drake High School
I always get nervous when it is time to take a test of any kind. I always need to st…Zy'KierriaHardaway High School
The endless hours and late nights of studying for exams takes a massive toll on the …DerekUniversity of Arizona
Twenty hours before the exam I sit in the 24-hour study rooms attempting to fill out…VictoriaUniversity of Florida
I would confidently say that I have at least a few techniques up my sleeve that have…RiyaUniversity of Pittsburgh
In order to make sure I am fully prepared for a test, I follow the following procedu…ShaneWestern Governors University
The key to having great test preparation is low procrastination. Often reasons stude…ChaelaMaplewood
Test taking- the measure of your knowledge and the validation that your thousands of…BriannaWestern Governor's University
The power of our mind is remarkable. The neurons in our brain are able to transmit 1…Keri-AnneSouth Park High School
When preparing for a test, we can get a little nervous. Often times, I find myself t…CyeraCass Technical High School
When studying for a test, the most important thing to remember is to know yours…AnnaBenedictine College
There are various ways that help me prep for a test. The way I usually study for a t…JonathanSan Luis High School
The initial complaining and growling technique always seems to begin my test prep ro…Nanati Cerritos College
I use study tools such as online resources such as Quizlet, a whiteboard, and colore…MackenzieWaukee High School
Test taking is not easy. Through determination, perseverance and hard work, I have…EmmaRose-Hulman Institute of Technology
When studying for a test I like to simulate the testing environment. I always study …HarleyUniversity of Arizona
The first place great test preparation begins with the notes you take during the cla…AbrianaThe University of New Mexico
To prepare for a test or an exam I try not to stress as much as possible. Stressing …LauraAdams State University
I like to prepare for a test at least a month out in order to prevent becoming stres…Emily Princeton High School
When preparing for a test, the first thing I do is look at the objectives for the we…KrystalWest Coast University
I have several test preparation practices; most of them I have accumulated over the …KatelynnNorthwest Christian Universiy or University of Oregon
While I don’t have any newsworthy or clickbait ideas for test preparation, I have fo…HannahHomeschool
After finishing my first year of college, I can confidently say that the best mechan…TailennSouthern University and A&M College
It's crunch time. Final exams start tomorrow. I have maybe slept ten hours in th…AudreyUniversity of North Florida
Preparing for a test or exam can be a daunting task. I have found that the best way …KatlynUniversity of Pittsburgh
Test preparation, its one of the most important things that we need to be able to do…SerraPurdue Global University
Studying for tests, even on subjects that you feel confident about, is challenging f…SamuelOak Ridge High School, El Dorado Hills
Studying for a test is definitely a given that not only me, but I'm sure many ma…MatthewEarl Warren High School
The way I practice for test is by using resources and practice. What I mean by using…CindiaWestern Governors University
The best test preparation practice that I have found and utilize with most t…KariWestern Governors University
In my early years of Middle school, studying was always strange for me. I would thin…AlectraSage Creek High Schol
When I have an exam coming up, I always make sure I follow my study routines. I…JennahValle Verde Early College High School
Undoubtedly, the most important way to prepare for a test is to start early! As soon…CalebBob Jones University
Test preparation is very important. Especially so the farther you go in your educati…KianaChillicothe High School
Studying is an important part of school to be successful. There are three main …CodyHarborside Academy
There are many different methods I use when preparing for a test. One that I found e…RaghadPrimavera Online High School
For an upcoming test I have a few ways that I like to review. The main thing I do is…CorneliaBergen Community College
I grew up in a big, homeschool family. As the eldest of six children, my siblings an…JamieRegent University
Preparing for an exam is more than just knowing the material. Being stress free and …RavynUniversity of Pittsburgh
My test preparation practices are the use of flashcards and repetition. Using flashc…HayleyCoulterville High School
Everyone has a little trouble with focusing when it comes to studying for a test, bu…SamanthaMission Early College High School
I definitely have great test preparation practices! Not only do they work for me but…ChazzynKipp Atlanta Collegiate High School
Cramming the night before a test is a dangerous game that many students like to …AlexisForest High School
Getting prepared for a test is not a menial task. Many people, including myself, shu…TriciaLiberty University Online
My head nods off and my eyes feel droopy, but my blank note sheet is a slap in the f…ClaireWest Windsor-Plainsboro High School North
I am a visual learner and I also prefer an authentic learning experience, or in othe…Stephanie Western Governors University
There are many study tactics I have tried over my years of education. There's th…LaurenUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette
Mnemonics, and recording, and rewriting, Oh My! I find that a combination of these t…KennedySunbury Christian Academy
My first AP class was the fall of my junior year, I was not really sure what to expe…KaitlinDel Campo High School
I don’t think I’ve met anyone who doesn’t get a chill down their spine at the word “…AnastasiaReagan High School
When it comes to the ACT, the SAT, or any similar standardized test for high school …ParkerThe Dunham School
The best preparation for a test is no preparation at all, well at least that’s…ManuelValle Verde Early College High School
I suffer from horrible testing anxiety. Knowing this, I've created a way to solv…HaileyWestern Governors University
My name is Zalea Hamblin. I'm from Worthington Minnesota and I will be a trans s…ZaleaConcordia
Test preparation is something that is very important to me because I struggle with t…GinaStrongsville High School
Before beginning anything related to studying, you should establish where you can fo…MadonnaDavid Thibodeaux STEM Magnet Academy
It wasn’t until I was in college, after years of trial and error that I was able to …MiaUniversity of Arizona- College of Nursing
I try to follow a basic guideline: no cramming. It requires a lot of work up front b…JeremiahIndiana University Bloomington
As class comes to a close on a Friday afternoon, the teacher yells out, "Do not …SophieNortheast Range High School
In this age of technology, many students prefer to use online resources such as Quiz…OluwatomikeTMI-Texas Military Institute
How I Study, What Works for Me, by Jessica Roberts
Studying for exams can mak…
JessicaChickasha High School
My test prep practices consist of constantly going through the same style of problem…JesusMorton College
Test preparation is vital in education and important to learn early on. People p…EmilyWord of Life Bible Institute
As a rising sophomore at the Honors College of the University of Pittsburgh, effecti…EmilyUniversity of Pittsburgh
Using what I learned in my math classes, along with much practice and determination,…JuanValle Verde Early College High School
Test preparation is essential for college success. One of the things I started doing…AlyssaOzarks Technical Community College
The best and most effective test preparation is making the studying free of distract…FabianaWestern Governors University
Test prepping is something very stressful and time consuming to do, however, is some…JaredUniversity of Tennessee Knoxville
There are people who use study guides before they take a test, and then there ar…KateE.C. Glass High School
Growing up, I lived a life of constant transition. Before my first birthday, my pare…ArianaValle Verde Early College Hugh School
My name is Kenneth D. Donagan and i'm a student with an IEP. Ever since my paren…Kennethtaylor highschool
I began preparing for the SAT during the summer of 2016 and I continued my preparati…AnnaUniversity of Pittsburgh
When I prepare for tests I handwrite flashcards to help with my memorization, since …RoseMoberly Senior High School
Before a test first I drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. I make sure I am studyi…Catherine Bordentown Regional High School
I'm a visual learner who likes to connect ideas. To prepare for an exam, I write…CamdenElon University
Everyone’s ability to grasp information are distinctly different, therefore my metho…DarvellThe University of Arizona
Throughout high school, I have had to find ways to help me prepare for tests, du…IvanValle Verde Early College High School
The test preparation practices that work best for me can be described perfectly with…LandonEdmond Santa Fe
Multiple students fail to adequately prepare themselves by studying in advance for a…AlyssaUniversity of California-San Diego
I have always been of the belief that constant review and repetition of class materi…LaceeRogue Community College
Early in my high school career I didn’t prepare for

tests often because I fel…
JoshuaLandon School
My test preparation practices include reviewing the information consistently before …OklahomaOklahoma State University
I have really bad test anxiety. I try and deal with it the best I can. I always tend…Daniella Pueblo Centennial High School
The key in test preparation is to not put it off. A huge problem that affects co…NicoleUniversity of Arizona
Throughout high school, I have never struggled with taking tests. I am always prepar…GrantRocky Mountain High School
My test preparation consists of me rereading my notes and highlighting the important…KristaValle Verde Early College High School
There are many excellent ways to prepare for test that may work for an individual bu…EliArizona State University
The best test preparation actions that I do best with depends on the topic. If I nee…SamanthaWestern Governors University
I like to think in the mindset of a professor. The professor is the one creating the…KevinUniversity of Pittsburgh
To prepare for exams, I have a 5 step process that is cyclical. The first step in my…PattrishaUniversity of Oregon
Going through my first year of college, I realized that simply just looking over my …Quadarius Jacksonville State University
I stared at the numbers on the quiz, one through ten. I never read the instructions …AvryLone Star College System
My test preparation practices include but are not limited to, taking notes, studying…bridgetwestern governors university
For me the best test preparation is writing everything I need to remember. First of …DinaNogales High School
When it comes to studying for exams, I found what best suits my kinesthetic learning…AleiaAlexander High School
First off, you need to take the right courses. For me I always took the highest plac…KyleeProctor Senior High School
In college, how you study can make or break how you score on a test. Through trial a…NathanielBrigham Young University
Get informed
Don’t walk into your test unprepared for what you will face. Before …
TobeLeading Edge Academey GEC
My test preparation begins when I am in class learning a new topic. Unlike some of t…Nicole Long Branch High School
One of the biggest fears students have in the classroom is test anxiety. Some of the…SierraWest Coast University
My test preparation begins at home, before the lecture and before exams. I like to p…SashaUniversity of Pittsburgh
There are many thing I believe help me prep for a test, and as a future teacher I fe…Bethany Western Governors University
I think that any amount of studying won't help you if you aren't taking care…EmilySchool for Creative and Performing Arts
Midterms and final exams can be absolutely terrifying. These daunting tasks - whethe…KorynVanderbilt University
Tests and exams have proven to be some of the greatest sources of stress and…Carlos Arizona State University
We’ve all heard how we should prepare for testing plenty of times. Time management, …ItzelDeSoto High School
Preparing for a test takes concentration and discipline. When I, myself am prepa…Fallon Western Governors University
When preparing for tests, I love making flashcards as well as just rewriting importa…NatalieRed Land High School
I love taking tests! It sounds strange but I've always enjoyed testing and tend …MarySan Francisco Art Institute
Throughout my years as a high school I have learned the importance of studying and h…JocelynSamueli Academy
As a big test is approach, students tend to cram as much information as possible. We…LinhUniversity of California, San Diego
The best way to study for a test is to relax and practice, practice, practice! I sp…LAILACHINO HILLS HIGH SCHOOL
Some of the test preparation strategies that I try to apply are studying a little at…RebeccaWestern Governors University
Not only does the process of test taking require endless hours of preparation, but c…CaitlynCalifornia Baptist University
As my high school career comes to an end, I would like to share the best test prepar…FumieHenry J Kaiser High School
With numerous AP exams quickly approaching during these next few weeks, it is import…MeredithHighland School
When preparing for tests, words on paper can start to blur. My brain doesn't rec…JohannahWestern Governor's University
Hi everyone my name is LaTyra Griffin and umn36yrs old with three sons. The reason I…LatyraSouth Louisiana Community College
Depending on the subject and amount of material covered, I make a study schedule at …Lindsay University of Pittsburgh
My first piece of advice would be to start slowly studying a couple of days before. …RachelHomer Senior High School
When preparing for a test, the simplest way to start is to write notes by hand. It i…ElizabethOregon State University
Since joining UNC at Charlotte, my classes have gotten harder and I have had to try …AmberUniversity of North Carolina at Charlotte
I personally strive for excellence in everything I do, so having the right study or …Zephanasia Copperas Cove High School
During my first two years of high school, I never realized the importance of studyin…ReneeSoutheastern High School
My number one test taking preparation practice is to study the night before the test…CassiHallsville High School
My great test preparation practices would be taking online practice tests weeks befo…Kasedi Lamar Highschool
In preparing for a test, I take notes in class to help me remember what the professo…MadisonUniversity of Saint Francis
Test preparation habits are crucial for succeeding in school, especially for college…JustinePerry Meridian High School
My aspiration to have a traditional education failed when I was diagnosed with sever…MasonMemorial Senior high school
Test preparations depends solely on the class itself and a persons learning style. O…CassandraUniversity of Arizona
over the four years of being in high school, and having a class that helps me with g…christinaSouth Albany High School
One of the most helpful habits for me is to prepare early. This includes attending c…BethanyBrigham Young University
The success of a student’s test preparation is directly linked to the effectiveness …ChristianTennessee State University
Preparing for a test can be a stressful process and I am one who worries if I studie…Kwani RaquelMenaul School
Test prepping is not about having an exact, precise process to stick to with for eve…IsadoraUniversity of Arizona
The best test preparation practices that work the best for me is to create a study g…LydiaMinico High School
In regards to test preparation practices, I did not need to worry about them much wh…AlexisNortheastern State University
The way I prepare for tests is very straightforward. I always end up asking the teac…GabrielGateway High School- Aurora
For me, great test preparation starts in class. Asking all the questions you have to…MarkUniversity of Arizona
Oftentimes preparing for a test can be stressful. There are a lot of things covered …NelcitHillsborough Community College
Preparing for a test is one of the essential parts of any class. Taking a test prove…EliseThe University of Arizona
I like to say I am a visual learner. But when it comes down to it the best ways of l…SandraWGU
As the exam approaches, I need to prepare my study guide. What I do is type out a li…LorraineNorth Central College
I have learned to prepare for tests, quizzes, midterms and finals while getting amaz…DaJeeWest Coast University
Everyone is different when it comes to preparing for a big test. For me, I tend to u…BryceGuilford College
In High School, I would look over homework and maybe skim a study guide before a tes…ElizabethAzusa Pacific University
Unfortunately test are a large part of school. No one likes them. We all stress over…AsedaLower Merion High School
When it comes to preparing for an exam/test, the method I have found to be most effe…BradyUniversity of Arizona
Test can be extremely nerve racking, test show whether you are good at what you'…Jaiden Thomas Stone High School
Now lets begin these test preparation practices. During class sessions it is always …MellisaVirginia Commonwealth University
Preparing for a test is not just about how you study, it also is how you prepare you…TaliaColumbus Alternative High School
Hello I am a full time nursing student and I have learned a few great test preparati…Brandy Northeast tech pryor
Whenever I have a big test coming up, I like to prepare for it by studying the conte…Cameron University of Arizona
The test preparations i use are practice tests and review what i did weong and how i…AlizeRincon high school
My test preparation practices involve first dividing the subject matter into differe…VidaMercer Island High School
Everyone hates testing because they fear failure. It can be hard to deal with this p…Brooke New Hope High School
Being in the Licensed Practical Nursing Program as a high school student, I had a hu…TiaBlanche ely high school
My test preparation is a mental method. Sure you can do the classic study, eat a goo…MercedesCentral Bucks High School South
For test preparation practices, there are multiple things I do to prepare myself. Fi…Mikaylamansfield high school
Stephen Buchheit

Preparing for a test is very important because it refre…
Stephen Tottenville HS
There are some key guidelines that tend to work and hence make them great test prepa…Yarafahwright college
I used to be a last minute test-prepper but now that I'm in college, t…GenaroMichigan Technological University
Athletes begin preparation for a big game months before it actually occurs,…ErikaSolano Community College
Throughout my whole life, test taking has never come easy for me. Whether it be havi…LucianaFoothill High School
“I love taking tests,” said no sane person ever. Don’t get me wrong, tests are impor…GracePalm Beach Atlantic University
My tried and true test preparation practice consists of being thorough and studious …BenjaminWestern Governors University
I genuinely believe my studying methods are great since I have a high academic stand…AlessandraImperial Valley College
Test can be extremely stressful and can feel like life or death. However, there are …SavannaUniversity of Arizona
Preparing for a test is the foundation of successful results. I prepare for tests by…NikaylaOral Roberts University
There are many test preparations that I use that is helpful. Some of them are differ…AlexanderJohn F. Kennedy
I believe that the best test practice comes from taking official practice tests in r…ReedLa Jolla High School
For as long as I can remember, I was a great student who was an attentive learner an…LukasRed Rocks Community College
I would have to say that I think I have great test preparation practices, they work …RebekahUniversity of arizona
“Prepare well but also sleep well and believe in yourself,” my parents tell me befor…SabrinaValle Verde Early College High School
As a student who becomes easily distracted, it becomes hard to study. However most o…GustavoUniversity of Arizona
I really like this topic because everyone learns differently, and we get to understa…ThomasWestern Governors Univiersity
It is said that getting into the right mindset is half the battle, I have found this…NathanUniversity of Pittsburgh
In high school, I was the type of student who never studied but was still able to ge…JordanWGU
One week before the test date, I would glance over the key concepts to get a sense o…Xiao YiUniversity of Arizona
I am a freshman at Florida International University (FIU) and to get admitted I had …GuyFlorida International University (FIU)
When I study for a big test or exam, I go over all the past topics we have hit on an…SydneyBerkeley Springs High School
Test preparation for consisted of me having diligent studying for a couple of hours …SebastianJohn F. Kennedy High School
Throughout my years in high school, I have tried about every studying hack in the bo…Gabrielle Stephen Decatur High School
I don't prep for tests.
Or at least, not in the traditional sense of the phr…
ameliathe school of the art institute of Chicago
The number one test preparation resource I use is my teachers. They know the conten…MollyNortheastern Sr. High School
Financial Aid is a big factor for college students which is why Amanda decided on ap…LauraValle Verde Early Collhe
A very good test preparation that I took was during my Junior year, and it was the K…ManuelJohn F Kennedy High School
Over the years I have learned what test preparation practices have personally benefi…Hannah Macomb Community College
My test preparations are very useful to me and I feel they're very effective…SebastianBrackenridge High School
This is a great question because everyone learns differently and studying is somethi…SorayaJames Madison University
Test preparation is critical to success. In my experience, I have never failed after…MakaylaPiqua High School
One of the best test preparation practices that I use when studying for any test is …MalikGuilford College
Best Test Preparation Practices
In Bullet form

They say repetition is…
LawrenceWestern Governors University
Some great test preparation practice I believe are very effective are sleeping for 7…JasonKennedy
While in High School I have taken Biology, Pre-AP Chemistry, AP Physics and a A…IndianaValle Verde Early College High School
In the academic and grading realm, tests exemplify understanding and analysis. Test …JudithIncarnate Word High School
I have always believed that the best way to prepare for a test should not be a day b…Diana Valle Verde Early College High School
As an early college high school student, I have been bombarded with quizzes and exam…Valeria Valle Verde Early College High School
My test preparation practices consist of a few things. One of these things is to pay…LewisJohn F Kennedy high school
Some good ways I practice for test is giving myself enough time to study. I like to …DiegoJohn F kennedy
Like most, it has not been an easy task for me to learn the best study habits. …Jonathan Louisiana State University
My test preparation skills are somewhat odd but have helped me achieve amazing grade…Valarie Valle Verde Early College Highschool

I didn’t always have the best test preparation skills or any at all at some poin…
Kayla University of Arizona
In order to be successful for the test, you have to first envision yourself being su…RachaelClemson University
Even though test preparations may be easy tasks for some people, others have a hard …MelissaValle Verde Early College High School
A 10,000 dollar grant for education will be so helpful. Because this amount of money…CristinaKennedy
Test preparation is key to taking a successful test. I tend to be a nervous test tak…AllisonWestern Governors University
Mixing flashcards, mind maps, binging videos, and group study are how I prepare for …AmaraMt. San Antonio College
More than ever, school grades are having a major impact on the lives of students ac…NewtonArizona State University
Testing comes with its own specific challenges; preparation for the test even more s…IsisRichmond County Technical Career Magnet School
The best way I prepare for exams is by studying for several (3-4) days before—a litt…AllisonBYU
Test preparation is crucial to the performance in a test, exam or quiz. Each person …Jazlene Valle Verde Early College High School
When there's an important test for me to study for, there are a few tricks I nea…HeatherLanier Technical College
Testing can be a challenging task to many students around the world. The anxiety tha…AlanValle Verde ECHS
When it comes to test taking, it can be hard to properly prepare and be in the right…Maverick Northwest Arkansas Community College
For me the best test strategy that I've found to be effective is explaining and …AdrianThe University of Arizona
There are many methods of studying that I find very useful depending on the informat…JenniferColumbia State Community College
My best preparation techniques are to talk out loud while I'm constantly repeati…Eunika IRSC-graduated
I use a combination of practice tests, Kahoot or other types of games that quiz on i…AutumnButler University
Test preparation is incredibly important, especially when you begin the time in coll…Cayce North Carolina State University
I have great test preparation practices and they are quite easy to do. First I alway…LukeIndiana University
My top three test preparation practices are:
1) Never cramming the night before: …
MemunatuChartiers Valley High School
Whenever it is time for me to take a test I always take time and study rea…Davinuniversity of Arizona
My test preparation is an on going process. I start with going of the course study .…CynthiaWESTERN GOVERNORS UNIVERSITY
During lecture, I take handwritten notes of not only main topics, but every finer de…RachelD'Youville College
My test preparation consists of writing things down over and over again as well as c…MichaiahUniversity of Michigan-- Ann Arbor
Being an early college student, I've learned to study for multiple exams in so l…AshleyValle Verde Early College High School
During my senior year of high school in AP Psychology I learned the true secret ingr…JordanUniversity of Colorado at Boulder
I am the type of person who overthinks when taking a test. I use think that if I cra…DerrianaUC Davis
My test preparation starts with canceling out all forms of distractions. Isolation…JenniferAkins High school
Getting top grades, ranks, or scores might not be as hard as you may think. Whether …AlixandriaChisholm Trail Academy
My test preparations practices consists of taking a few notes and studying everyday …Xarya Westside high school
Test preparation is something I struggled with a lot when I was still in high school…BrandonUniversity of Northern Colorado
Firstly, before you attempt to memorize terms the night before, understand that the …MelizDiablo Valley College
My test preparations always start the same way. In the classroom. When I'm in th…JessicaAcademy Park High School
Over the years my test preparation skills have improved because attending an ea…Evelyn valle verde early college high school
Although I tend to be a procrastinator, waiting till the night before a test to star…EmmaWyomissing Area High School
When it comes to studying, many obstacles appear on the way. For example, one might …Angela Valle Verde Early College High School
For me, the most essential part of test preparation has always been reading and re-r…EthanMonterey Senior High School
My test preparation practices are simple, and that is why I believe they are the bes…PhilippeLong Beach Senior High School
Over my educational career I have had to adapt and overcome challenges to studying. …Ashley Baker University
The Test practices I have used over my years of primary school have been simple and …ethanBismarck high school
I believe that I have great test preparation practices. Obviously, there's plent…TayleeUtah State University
Test preparation is essental for a successful academic year. I am taking a lot of ma…AdolfoVirginia tech
To better prepare myself for a test, I receive multiple packets to review and do pra…JeideKIPP Houston High School
Test Preparation Practices

Junior and Senior years of high school are lo…
GavinValle Verde Early College High School
Although testing is nerve racking and anxiety inducing, it’s an important tool that …ChineloUniversity of Houston
Many people go after making flashcards or charts when preparing for a test. I go wi…ChristianD'Youville College
Preparing for a test can be very stressful. Sometimes, it is even overwhelming to th…RacquelHumphreys High School
Test preparation is something that scares every student in some way, and it affects …AlishhaUniversity of Pittsburgh
The way that I prepare for tests is I do a lot of review and rehearsal. Since I’m a …AnnastasiaSierra Vista High School
A test practice I've started to use was to study daily at least half an hour. St…NicholasMichigan State University
I've been in school for quite some time now and with that, I've learned mult…NicoletteJefferson College of Health Sciences
This year I took a class in study skills, and I learned that studying can maxim…CarlyBrighton High School
As an adult learner, that went back to college at the young age of 47, I was a nervo…HAROLDWestern Governors University
I sadly suffer from severe anxiety. Even the words "test" or "exam" …IdaQuaker Valley High School
My test preparation practices have changed dramatically since the beginning of high …MazieFranklin County High School
College is very different from high school and I had to teach myself how to study fo…JuliaYoungstown State University
Whereas my fellow college students are enrolled in a few classes, I am also a full t…AlyssaValle Verde Early College High School
It's easy to think that test preparation has a simple linear cause-and-effect re…LauraNewton North High School
When prepping for a test, i take into consideration the days I have left to study an…AlyssaValle Verde Early College High School
When preparing for the ACT, I was initially very overwhelmed by all of the different…AbigailUniversity of Arizona
Two modes of test preparation that have secured my a spot in a top 50 medical school…AlexandraUniversity of Illinois in Chicago College of Medicine
Before any tests or practicals, there are certain test preparation practices that he…KimberlyUniversity of Arizona
Test preparation, in my opinion, is crucial. Being prepared is something I have know…LucasD'Youville College
Test preparation are different depending on the class that someone is taking and dep…Kimberly Valle Verde early college high school
Test preparation practices can range from practical everyday good health best practi…RyanLexington High Scool
Before a test I attend the online cohorts that are offered by my University. They em…JamieWGU
Studying for a test can be a difficult challenge, and students are often faced w…CesarAlief Hastings HS
For most tests these days it either gauge your time management, understanding of var…NorikaKalani High School
"How do you prepare?" This question was more difficult to answer than I anti…JelaniCornell University
Austin James
Test Preparation
A test can be a stressful event for a studen…
Austin JamesSterling High School
In order to prepare for a test, the most damaging practice that a majority of co…MaximillianUniversity of Alabama in Huntsville
My test preparation practices is finding a quiet, with adequate lighting and review …MichaelValle Verde Early College High School
Through all my years of taking tests, I have implemented many different strategies t…MatthewPueblo Community College
Test Prepping by Cadence Cha
Not many people like tests. It makes me nervous …
CadenceUniversity of Arizona College of Pharmacy Phoenix
Oftentimes, test preparation can come across as a large, intimidating monster that w…DanaValle Verde Early College High School
I have developed test preparation practices that work for me during my first year of…EvanUniversity of Arizona
I begin studying for tests before the lecture even begins. My best preparation pract…RebeccaUniversity of Nevada Las Vegas
First, I copy all my notes taking in class by hand. I believe that taking notes elec…Jayden University of Arizona
After completing a full academic year at the U of A, I learned a lot about myself. I…MeganThe University of Arizona
One of the best test preparation practices I prefer to use would be going to my moth…DesereeYsleta HIgh School
For me, I look over my notes (probably within a week before the exam/test). Then com…MarisaKansas State University
I am proud to say that my freshman year of college GPA was a 3.8. The transition fro…MeganUniversity of Pittsburgh
When I prepared for the SAT test, Khan Academy was my source for practice and prepar…angelValle Verde ECHS
Personally, while preparing for a test I utilize certain strategies that best work f…AaliyahRowan University
studying and fully preparing for any exam is vital. Though I've learned many way…Ashlynnvalle verde early college high school
I believe that a. Great day to prepare for a test is to study a few times before the…EvelynValle Verde Early College High School
My professor once said to me "reading is the art of cheating, If you do not read…Angela Valle Verde Early College High School
Before taking an exam i like to prepare for it by getting a good night sleep and ea…stephanie Valle verde early college high school
One of the test preparation strategies that I have is reviewing the subject of the t…HugoValle Verde Early College High School
I have always been good at taking tests, because I believe that I always prepare mys…VictoriaValle Verde Early College High School
One of the most effective strategies I have for studying is involving courses with t…MarielaValle Verde Early College High School
The world is a cacophony of noise when it comes to tests. On the left I see a girl w…SeattleColorado State University - Global Campus
The concept of studying has been in our lives as students since grade school, or the…KendallUniversity of Arizona
The infamous word, test. That many students either love or hate. I have learned to a…RavenThe Pennsylvania State University
Over the years I’ve come to find that the only consistency in life is inconsistency…SofiaPrincess Anne High School
The best way to prepare for an event is to reproduce the conditions of said event as…ElliotNorthwestern State University of Louisiana
Reading books or documents assigned for reading and incorporate notes from class to …LoriSpringfield Technical Community College
When it comes to test preparation, the tried and true method of flashcards usually w…JacquezUniversity of Central Florida
When studying for exams, I like to maintain a balance between what is called active …Ti'LarLoyola Marymount University
Test Preparation methods that work for me include the Pomodoro Method, repetition of…JazmineWayne State University
Test preparation for me is very hard, I tend to have a really hard time focusing on …marijah kansas christian college
I have major test anxiety so finding the best way to prepare for a test was essentia…IsabellaPresbyterian College
The first important way to prepare for an upcoming test is to start studying very ea…SamanthaFullerton College
My test preparation practices include seeking out students who are struggling with t…BriannaNew Waverly High School
What is every students desire when they’re told that their test is coming up soon? I…DianaGeorgia Southern University
Through-out my high school and now freshman year of college experience, I have devel…AudreyGeorgia Gwinnett College
There are many ways to better prepare for your exams. These include but are not li…KamaldeepMiddlesex County College
You can’t avoid it. Or escape it.
And no, it’s not death, or taxes.
It’s stu…
IvyOakland Charter High School
It's Sunday, 7:45 pm. The day has lulled along and the jovial frivolity Friday b…CharlotteLinfield School of Nursing
Honestly the first thing I do when preparing for a test is take good notes as the cl…VernisiaWilmington University
I am going to describe two main strategies I use when preparing for tests and a coup…AriaUniversity High School (Irvine Unified School District)
Like many of you out there, I am a huge procrastinator. So when it comes to test-tak…YelenaWestern Governors University
Preparing for a test is one of the most grueling thing. Although, its hard to get in…KevinChristian Brothers Academy
Test prep starts the first day of the unit. How I take notes drastically impacts wha…JessicaFlower Mound High School
Studying for tests is something that I have always done because I loved school, …BristiMcneese State University
Your professor saunters down the line of desks handing back your most recent exam. T…HaleyDrexel University
One of my best test preparation practices is to get a head start. Procrastination is…ArturoUniversity of Arizona
My best test preparation practices are the ones that actively engage me. Because alt…EmilyNorth Oconee High School
The very first time I took the SAT, I was exceedingly nervous. When I woke up that …JarodVirginia Tech
My test preparation practices stay pretty much the same. After each class, I review …GarrettPaxton Buckley Loda
Ever since I was in elementary school, I have been self-driven to perform as…AlexandraUniversity of Arizona
Preparing for a test can be a) daunting, b) confusing, c) anxiety-inducing, or d) al…CarolinaArizona State University
Starting college, I had approach many methods of studying. It was very hard for me t…MarielaWest Coast University
There may not be one right way to study for a test, but these are my test preparatio…EnriqueUniversity of Arizona
Some great test preparation practices I use are studying with someone else, using fl…TaylorSahuarita High school
As a busy student, studying effectively is key. I have spent middle and high sch…JustinePine View School
The driving force for the scientific world as we know it comes down to how do we tak…Danielle University of Arizona
My Test Prep Practices

For almost three years I have been attending college f…
While very few people actually enjoy taking tests, there are a few ways to make stud…KatieWGU
Depending on material, there can be many different ways to study. But one practice t…ConnorMaricopa High School
To prepare for a test, I always review important topics or a study guide (either cre…AlyssaWayne Valley High School
Knowledge is obtainable only if desired. Individuals can travel the world and ex…NatalieValidus Preparatory Academy
During my three years of college-level academics, I have had mixed success while stu…AmeraBob Jones University
Through my first year of college, I have adapted and adopted study habits that are m…KendallUniversity of Tennessee- Knoxville
Everyone has had the feeling of that upcoming important test looming over them like …MichaelColleyville Heritage High School
The process of studying for a test is no easy task. It requires a large degree of mo…ZoeAcademy of the Sacred Heart
Once you have a solid concept of the subject matter and material that will be presen…DeijahOsbourn Park High School
A university student’s schedule can be incredibly busy, resulting in the student jug…ChandlerGeorgia Institute of Technology
How I Study
Every person is different and all have a different mindset, so st…
Justin Silverado High School
Test Preparation for me starts before I begin to study. To keep my brain functioning…StevenPenn State
I have never had any experience with test preparations when entering High school, co…RemunCatalina High School
Certain practices may only work for a season. I believe Winston Churchill said it be…LaurenMercer University
When I have a test coming soon, the first thing I do is lay out all of my materials …Halle Mercy High School
The main thing I do to prepare for tests is to take notes. Personally, I think takin…FranklinMoravian College
One of the biggest tips that I can give, that helped me graduate high school in the …MaceyPolk State College
I am a planned procrastinator. I, like anyone else, am a huge procrastinator; but I …PhouaWashington Technology Magnet
My approach to test preparation can be summed up by three primary focuses - rest, nu…JamesCSU-Global
Taking a test can be nerve-wrecking before, during, and after as you try to cram the…HangUniversity of Houston
The achieve a great test score you need great test preparations! First, we need to a…DaisyConcordia University Texas
My test preparation practices include: organizing my studies, develop a study plan, …LexieNeville High School
Before I take an AP test, or a test in general, I have a series of preparation routi…FrankCalifornia Highschool
During my high school and early college career I've always found taking tests to…TrevorSlippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
The best method of preparing for tests is truly a unique process for each individual…JueneAlabama State University
The best test preparation strategies for me are repetition, rewriting, and memorizat…ThurmanUniversity of Maryland- Baltimore County
Exams used to send heat flashes through my body and caused my heart to drop. I am no…BrandonD'Youville College
For me, the best way to prepare for a test is to start early. Beginning to study whe…AddisonSpaulding High School
There are many ways to help prepare for tests and exams including making notecards, …BrooklynnPiper High School
After many years, I have finally discovered my study system. I think it's vitall…SarahStetson University
Whether you are in Pre-K or an adult preparing for your annual work review, just the…LeighCSU
The best method of preparing for a test that I have used is what I call the 4-way pe…AaronWestern Governors University
When preparing for a test I love to review in unique ways. Studying from a review sh…TylerGardner Edgerton High School
My test preparation works best for me because I review over a span of 1-2 weeks. Onc…KimConcordia University St. Paul
We all know when it comes to preparing for a test can be hard. Sometimes we might …Alexandre Guilford College
Throughout my time of schooling, I have prepared for tests in many different ways. S…justin Wallkill Valley Regional High School
When I learn new content leading up to a test, I make note of important topics and i…AveryJohnson High School
First and foremost it is important to start preparing for a test weeks before the ac…OliviaUniversity Of Arizona
Test preparation needs to start as soon as the semester begins. As a student with a …KrishaUniversity of Arizona
The main concept we have to understand is studying hard does not make someone succes…AvyeshUniversity of Arizona
The kind of test preparation that works best for me depends on what kind of test it …SarahWoodbridge High School
When it comes to preparing for a major exam such as the content certification exam a…LisaTexas A&M University
It does seem very cliché, but why do students “Cram for the Exam”? I believe the mai…SofiaBel Air High School
1. Study
Okay, so this one is obvious, but studying does indeed help. The best wa…
HannahAmerican Public University
Your palms are sweaty, your throat is dry, and your pulse gradually increases as you…FaviolaeStem Public Charter High School
Some of my great test preparation practices include creating a study guide, meeting …MarianUniversity of Arizona
Test preparation begins as soon as the ink of my pen flows onto its journey of p…AmandaLake Washington Institute of Technology
How well someone prepares for major (or any minor) tests can make or break their suc…MollyLoyola University New Orleans
Hi ! I am D'Angelo Ziy, a sophomore finance major attending Howard University.Gr…D'Angelo Howard University
Depending on the class, whether the exams are rote-based or problem-solving based, t…AlexanderPurdue University
Studying for tests is incredibly important for every students success, but every stu…AnthonyFranklin County Early College High School
As a nursing student, test preparation was heavily influenced. It all starts with yo…Gemma Midwestern State University
Throughout middle and high school I have discovered many study techniques that have …GwennieMiddle Tennessee State University
Preparing for subject exams, quizzes and standardized tests are nerve-racking to say…JasmineUniversity of Maryland
While preparing for a test can definitely be one of the most stressful things to do …AlexandriaGrand Valley State University
My test preparation starts at the beginning of the school year. The most important t…LanceWesley Chapel High School
Throughout high school, I can say that I was able to get through without much studyi…WendellUniversity of South Carolina Upstate
The way that I like to practice is by creating some kind of notes. These notes will …EliezerOhio Technical College
When I have a test I use this simple method of test prep. I take the objective of ea…Tayler University of Arizona
I believe I have great test preparation skills. I tend to go to the library at my sc…KaylanCoastal Carolina University
From my experience of taking AP classes and plentiful SAT and ACT tests, what works …LesliySilverado High School
There are many ways that one could prepare for an up coming test, but not all of the…JoshArete Prep Academy
For me, learning to prepare for tests was an absolute necessity. I always wanted to …KimberlyWestern Governors University
there cannot be only one way to prepare for different kinds of tests. Each subj…LavaEl Cajon Valley High School

The key to becoming a good test taker begins long before the test be…
MaKenzieEast Alton Wood River High School
Preparing for tests are like a pair of shoes, not every size fits every person but o…MollyWilliam Henry Harrison High School
One day David Kohl and his psychological group finalized their theory of learning. B…KatiePenncrest High School
Marisa Kouma
12 May 2019
Mometrix Test Preparation Scholarship Essay
MarisaUniversity of Pittsburgh
My test preparation depends on the level of difficulty that i have in the class. E…Christian Halifax County High School
Taking tests in school has never been my strong suit. Doing my homework on time, wr…AlexisIndiana University Bloomington
For anything school related, I am a firm believer of not overworking or trying to cr…Jorge XavierAvant Garde Academy
Some test preparations that have worked for me in the past are a good nights rest fo…alexisDublin Scioto high school
My first strategy for studying is to start early; each day we learn new material, I …OliviaCarroll University
I have recently picked up a number of test preparation practices that are extremely …GladysSouthwestern Adventist University
Some of my favorite things to help information sink in is to get another person invo…CodySoutheastern Community College
SAT, ACT, and CLT are all acronyms most high school students despise because they k…AlexisHomeschooled
Test preparation practices are necessary to ensure success on major exams. For me, I…JoseChallenge Early College High School
As Albert Einstein said, “In the middle of ever difficulty lies opportunity.”. This …DylanLourdes High School
On the day of an exam its natural to be nervous about what questions will be asked a…ElizabethBucks County Community College
Whenever I have a test, I make a study guide. In my study guide there are key words …ArjunahlisaDuke Ellington School of the Arts
In my years of academia and preparing for several standardized tests and tests in cl…BrandonUniversity of Pittsburgh
I believe that I have great test preparation practices. First, if I know I have a te…DestinyUniversity of Pittsburgh
Test taking has always been a challenge for me. I usually tense up and get anxi…NatalieLabelle high school
As an intern for a test preparation service that I formerly utilized for the ACT, PS…KelseyNortheast High School
Taking those awful tests right out of the blue can be a struggle! Just like with sin…KertlynBrigham Young University
For me, when I know there will be a test I like to started studying early to allow m…JoelUniversity Of Arizona
For the SAT my junior year, I purchased a study preparation book that I used 3 times…Adiralindblom math & science
Whether if it is the first or tenth time hearing a song it will be stuck in my head …AngelVenus High School
My test preparations include taking a week before the test to study the material tha…SoleahKilleen High School
There are many test preparation methods, some work and others do not. Cramming and l…DanielPaul VI High School
I am in school for Web Stack development and I have had many different practices in …JasonBethel School of Technology Redding CA
“If I were a test question, where oh where would I be?” That thought might sound kin…MeganUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
To be successful when taking a test, the individual needs to utilize FRAF. In other …AnsleighTexas Tech University
Being in college, and now preparing for the LSAT, I have had a lot of time to figure…KatelinUniversity of Pittsburgh
I’m not going to tell you guys that I study everyday for an hour, or that I cram the…KieranSamueli Academy
I am a homeschooled high school graduate who will be attending Texas A&M as a Vi…NancyAccepted at Texas A&M University
To keep myself organized and prepared, I use a decorated planner. I purchased packet…SolJimmy Carter Early College High School
My test preparation practices are to study a little of the material every night righ…MorganTuskegee University
Easy! The most effective test preparation strategy, without a doubt, is also the si…TimothyClear Lake High School
Testing seeks to measure the quality of one's expertise on a given topic by stan…HectorTexas A & M University
Bethany Niman
Bethany Tulsa Community College
As with most students, no matter the academic level, I experience test anxiety. Over…JamieWestern Governor's University
My name is Jose Espindola Neto and I am currently in my last quarter of my junior ye…JoseCentral Washington University
Test preparation can be taxing if you aren't excited about what you are learning…DebraOVCA
My test preparations vary for differing subjects, but the one constant test prep str…EmmaLiberty High School
I have maintained a high GPA in college while balancing work and leadership roles. T…Victor University of Houston
My best test preparation practices utilize a combination of review and application p…AmyUniversity of Arizona College of Nursing DNP program
As someone who has experienced testing at all levels throughout my academic journey,…KaseyUniversity of Arizona
Preparing for an exam encompasses many strategies which require the use of tact. The…JacobHarvard Extension School
Testing is a big part in my life. Being a nursing student, I take about three or tes…RukhsarNorth Park University
Preparing for tests is essential in order to be successful. And there are many ways …KatelynConcordia University Nebraska
I find test preparation to be a multiple day adventure. Personally, I find studying …ZacharySheyenne
Hello! I am a brain. Yep, that’s right I am the brain of a 17-year-old soon to be co…EmmaMarysville Early College High School
In high school, I was a successful straight A student and by the time senior year ro…LindsayMichigan State University
They say that the four main types of learning styles (visual, auditory, reading/writ…ErinLivermore High School
As a young adult there have been times in my life where I have struggled to prepare …RachelWest Allegheny
When I used to prepare for a test, I usually got very nervous. Over the years I have…TylerJohn Stark Regional High School
Studying has always been a hard subject to successfully grasp as a collective unit, …JohnathanHighland Highschool
There are hundreds of ways to prepare for tests, and each person has to find their o…LydiaBob Jones University
Test preparation is often difficult to use in every situation, mostly due to the fac…TotsoniRio Rancho Cyber Academy
The best method to be able to succeed on any test is constant repetition. My brain, …ElizabethEverglades High School
Ever since I can remember, I have had a severe test anxiety and have performed poorl…GraceMotlow State Community College
Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t know it well e…JordanOak Ridge High School
For any student there are many tests and quizzes with most being a high percenta…JohnWestern High School
Over my many years within the schooling system, I have found what I believe personal…AlyssaUniversity of Arizona
For me preparing for an exam starts in a class by actively listening and taking note…ElleUniversity of Arizona
I am rarely more elated than when I see a grade of 100 percent written at the to…KatherineHomeschool
My name is Nadiya Ahmari-Cymone’ Heyward. I was born the on February 2, 2001 in roo…NadiyaBerkeley High School
My test preparation practices were formulated through research into the best test pr…MiaUniversity of Pittsburgh
Thinking about an upcoming test can quickly become stressful! Repetition, true under…OliviaJefferson College of Health Sciences
Preparing for an exam may seem like a tedious task. The truth is that it can actuall…ShaziaYonkers High School
As soon as the test day is announced jitters tingle down my spine as my mind starts …Virginia Homeschool
I study best when I am alone.
It’s quiet, and I am mind blown.
Like I’m in …
AnthonyGeorgia State University
Test preparation is something that often helps with getting the ideas and the c…KaneAcademy of Health Sciences
Taking a test can be overwhelming and stressful. There are many students who feel pa…JoryhebelGrand Prairie Fine Arts Academy
I don't only THINK I have great test preparation skills, I KNOW I do! Not only …SusanneWestern Governors University
Many people including myself have anxiety when it comes to testing. There are many r…GeorgianaWestCoast University
My favorite and most effective way to study and maximize my brain for testing is stu…Nature West Coast University
Throughout the existence of education, every student has had a point in their lives …WyattCentral High School
I purchased a pair of hearing protection ear muffs, the kind you see contractors use…StevenWestern Governors University
As a graduating high school senior I’ve taken a multitude of different test, weather…VidaColumbia High School
Flashcards are the way to go! When preparing for testing, making flashcards are a gr…ReneBowie State University
My test preparation practices consist of two very simple techniques. Firstly, go bac…Talia Santa Monica College
Test preparation starts way before you are going to have a test. I prepare for mater…lonyeDr Martin Lutrher King HS
I tend to put a lot of effort in to understand certain topics, but my methods work n…ChloëHowell High School
Preparing for tests is hard. Especially if you are a full-time college student with …AndreaWestern Governors University
When I am preparing for a test I begin by first clearing my work space. Having a des…AlyssaColorado State University Global Campus
As a high school IB Diploma candidate, I found it to be a necessity to study for qui…TiffanyLuther Burbank High School
Growing up I always struggled with taking tests. As I got older and the exams got mo…EMILYWEST COAST UNIVERSITY
In the past, I have struggled finding a test preparation practice that suites my way…KaylaThe University of Arizona
Taking tests is a necessary, yet dreaded part of any educational ambition. The final…CalebMontana State University
Personally, I have a hard time studying for any test on any topic and of course this…HannahVirginia Western Community College
Test preparations come and go with many different attempts at what works for me. In …LilyUniversity of Arizona
So, you are walking home from school, thinking about the exam you have first thing i…AnabelleMark Keppel High School
Every time I have a big test I have a sure fire way to absorb as much informatio…BaileySalida High School
Typically I begin my test preparation early. Each day I will spend an average of twe…KatieSahuaro High School
The most effective test preparation practice that has worked for me time and time ag…LynetteColorado State University - Global Campus
For me, I like to go old-school and have minimal technology near me when I study. I …EllenBronx High School of Science
“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrific…KelsieHomedale High School
Preparing yourself for a big test can be more stressful then the test itself. As a c…HannahUniversity of Arizona
I often put off doing things. Even if tomorrow is a test, I sleep enough the night b…MinaSouth Seattle College
I tend to refer to my test preparation practice as the "divide, cram, and conque…RobertUniversity of Texas at Austin
Reviewing notes and practicing old problems work best for me to aid in test preparat…VishnuGwynedd Mercy University
My greatest test preparation practices would be creating a group of students who are…AndresFontana High School
I try my best not to procrastinate when it comes to studying, but it’s a habit that …SydniNYU
When I imagine studying, the first thing I think of is Elle Woods from Legally Blond…SamanthaSmoky Mountain High
The best test taking tactic, or resource I utilize, is coffee. The sweet aroma that …JacquelineUniversity of New Mexico
My test taking tips are easier than they sound. My first has always been to make acr…BriannaFlorida Agricultural and Mechanical Unversity
I read the all the material of the subject. Then re-read portions asking questions a…Donald WGU
There are three kinds of test-takers: the diligent student, the procrastinator, and …SheaNorth Creek High School
The best test preparation practices that work for me are three vital practices that …MariaThe University of Arizona
“While we teach, we learn,” was said by Roman philosopher Seneca. I find that going…TravisWestern Governors University
As a homeschooler the way that I study with the curriculum I have is pretty simpl…EdenTuscola Tech Center
The test preparation practice that works best for me is to give myself enough time t…NatchayaMiddletown Area High School
While most students do not enjoy the process of preparing for and taking tests, test…SabrinaHomeschool
It’s the end of the year I have spent months putting time and effort it to learn…ZakiyaWest Forsyth High School
When I begin a class, I start by reviewing what the class will cover. I classify…KristinWestern Governor's Univeristy
When preparing for an exam, repetition is key for me. During class, even if handouts…AveryTexas State University
As a musician, much of my life is intertwined with music, and studying is no excepti…KyleUniversity of Pittsburgh
My test preparation practice is that I always try to relax before a big test. I enjo…EmilyValle Verde ECHS
When preparing for a test, one of the first things I do is fill up a large glass wit…JulieWestern Governors University
I may not always get the best test scores, but I certainly try my best. I save all m…SarahMillersville University
The test preparation practice that works best for me is using key questions to my ad…AbbyHomeschooled
I was in the Marines for five years, and during this time I found the best disciplin…AdamBelmont University
Test preparation for me really depends on the class and type of test. If I know it …KaterinaMAST Academy
Test preparation strategies are crucial in order to succeed in high school and colle…AbigailCoastal Carolina University
The thing I like to do to prepare for a test is to write down what it is I need to r…TiffanySurrattsville High School
Every class is different, and may require a variety of study methods. Here are a few…AllieBob Jones University
Studying can be stressful, especially when it comes to large unit tests or final exa…GraceR. Nelson Snider High School
My study habits begin in the classroom with my type of learning. i like to associate…MiguelValle Verde Early College High School
Test preparation practice has become a common thing to do in this era where most qua…Yu XiangUniversity Of Pittsburgh,Dietrich School Of Art&Science
My education and life at home have been a crazy experience. When I was thirteen my b…EmilyValle verde early college high school
For students, taking a test can be a big deal whether your grade relies on a good sc…MadisonSaint Joseph High School
Every good test taker knows the the three basic rules in order to be successful on e…MeghanThe University of Akron
Through elementary and secondary school the teacher's focus on test taking skill…NallelyWGU
I am going to talk about many test prep taking strategies that I have found to be ex…BettyWestern Governors University
Over my time in high school, I have participated in highly competitive contests thro…MadelineGlobe High School
When I am preparing for a test in any of my classes I always make sure I have a revi…MorganJ.J. Pearce High School
I’m a visual learner, so anything that gives me a way to visualize what I’m learning…StaceyCalvary Christian School
Effective test preparation requires time and self-care. Time is important because cr…AkeemHighline College
Through the struggles in life I realized that money could become an obstacle in …Cristian Valle Verde Early College High School
When preparing for tests I usually go over notes that I had been accumulating over t…Jenna Eagle Heights Christian School
I find that the best way to study for a test is to simply relax and not overdo it. M…LaurenValle Verde ECHS
As children we are often asked what we want to be when we grow up, now for me it…LornaValle Verde Early College
Personally, I have gone through my life without a lot of struggle during test taking…ValerieSage Creek High School
So much of life is based on your performance on tests: ACT/SAT scores, class fin…BryceUniversity of Arizona
The one thing I've always do before getting ready to take a test is to remain ca…KyleColonial Forge
There are many different elements that are incorporated into a unique test preparati…TuesaConcordia University Saint Paul
I am a Nursing student and I work as a Resident Assistant and a Student Worker on ca…MariamMiddle Georgia State University
Through out the years I have struggled with preparing for test and accomplishing a g…N’JosiaWest Bloomfield High School
One of the main techniques I use to study for exams is utilizing past exam questions…Lauren University of Florida
Growing up in the state of Iowa, feeling like an “outcast” was the norm for me. Movi…GonzaloLopez High School
Before I list the many wonderful ways I have managed to uphold my grades through my …ChinazamEleanor Roosevelt High school
I make sure that I get a good nights sleep before any big task that i have for the n…AjineTexas Woman's University
I think that the most important thing to remember when beginning to prepare for an e…AllieLIberty University
I'm an over-thinker; traditional studying just doesn't work out for me. Howe…GabrielaEmmaus High School
To me, studying is like playing “doodle jump.” If you are unfamiliar with this very …Taylor Ursuline Academy
ctor E Sinohui
The University of Arizona
Mometrix Scholarship
5/14/2019 &…
VictorThe University of Arizona
For an upcoming test I like to prepare myself in several key ways. These steps have …ElainaUniversity of Arizona
Tests are an inevitable part of everyone's college career. And while they may be…TimothyUniversity of Pittsburgh
When preparing for a test, I always start with a deep breath. It puts me in a calm s…RebekahMessiah College
Studying for the big test day is always hard and nerve racking. There are many diffe…RachelCommunity College of Allegheny County
When it comes to Test preparation for big exams such as Midterms or Finals, I find t…AshantiUniversity of Ariona
Tests have always been a source of major anxiety for me. I would be stressed out to …JamiaVirginia State University
All throughout my high school years, I never really had to study for any tests. I us…SebastianAngelo State University
My test preparation practices have always been to pay attention, take lots of notes …RicardoSalpointe Catholic
To be successful on exam day, I’ve learned that it’s never too early to start prepar…AngelicaUniversity of Arizona
I’ve learned that the best strategy for studying is to prepare for a test with the s…AlissaUniversity of Arizona
I enter my terms and definitions as a study set into a website called Quizlet. Quizl…DanielBob Jones University
My favorite way to test prep is to redo/review the previously assigned homework. Whe…TerranUniversity of New Mexico
Test success is due primarily to the test takers ability to memorize and recall info…PatrickUniversity of Arizona
The first and most important thing to remember that may be hard sometimes is to atte…FionaRochester Institute of Technology
It’s very important to know how to prepare yourself for test. Test determine how muc…AngelMcmurry University
Tests have always been something that I hated doing. From not feeling prepared for …AcaciaConcordia - Saint Paul
I have several strategies that I use a combination of. One thing I’ve learned i…EmmanuelLoyola University New Orleans
Everyone comes up with fantastic ways of preparing for their tests that allow them t…CalebCochise College
Not only do I take a practice tests, I have white boards posted on the walls around …X'amisUniversity of pittsburgh
As someone who got through K-12 without having to study, college forced me to create…AmyThe University of Texas at San Antonio
Over my years in school, I’ve slowly become better at preparing for exams. I’ve lear…AaronGlynn Academy
When it comes to test preparation, I use many different strategies to prepare myself…AlexsiaOld Dominion University

In order to do well in a test, you have to study for the test, however, there ar…
NaushinUniversity of Pittsburgh
When it comes to tests, it can be hard to organize oneself and prepare. However, I p…AngelinaChannel Islands High School
Studying was something I rarely did in high school. All four years of material came …JordinNorth Carolina A&T State University
Studying and preparing for tests is not easy. Especially when your a second semester…TylerEssex High School
I take studying very seirously. I personally have learning disabilities that can ma…Elisabeth Neumann University
Since I was in elementary school I’ve continued to practice the same studying routin…AbigailBristol Central High School
Once I learn about an upcoming test I start studying. If the test involves definitio…JazmineBroadneck High School
As a math major, to really prepare well for tests I have to do as many practice prob…CatherineCedarville University
When it comes to test preparation, its something I take very serious. For me to prep…AmilP.K. Yonge DRS
Everyone has their own methods to studying that helps them the best. For me, I utili…Christian Mahwah High School
When it comes to test preparation, the method that works best for me is studying ove…AndrewUniversity of Arizona
Test preparation is talked about often among students and mastered by few. There is …MarissaGov John R Rogers High School
This past summer I was trying to find an inexpensive way to study for my SAT in addi…DavidBloomington High School
I find the best ways to study for a test are rewriting my notes, color coding them a…AnnaNovi High School
"Why are you studying now, the exam is three weeks from now?" This is what I…JulianaUniversity of Florida
College classes this semester hit me like walking into clean glass. I had an idea of…NatalieOdyssey Academy
Test preparation for me begins long before finals week. When I first start a class, …DeliaUniversity of Arizona
Over the years, I have tried various studying techniques and strategies: flash cards…AndrewTulsa Community College
Studying is an art form. A delicate balance of self-enhancement and a waste of time.…Sophia Olathe East High School
The ACT and any other test such as exams are stressful but preparing for tests can h…KaylaUniversity of Kentucky
As a college student, I know exams can be stressful, but one simple way to reduce te…NinaColorado State University - Global
When I prepare for an upcoming exam, I use Quizlet, an online flashcard website whic…NileIowa State University
My succeed on final exams by blocking out the Sunday before the Monday of finals wee…DevonFirst Baptist Christian Academy
In the midst of frustration, relaxation is the best alternative. Too much of anythin…Justin Columbus High School
How I prepare for my exams depends on the subject. However, in general, i start my s…SedonaUniversity of PIttsburgh
I once walked into my dorm to find my roommate, Zoe, engaging in an intense conversa…VanessaBelmont University
SAT. The standardized test that most graduating high-schoolers dread. After taking m…RaquelCollege Academy at Broward College
Study and test preparation have been drilled into the minds of students for every da…DestiniXavier University of Louisiana
Organic chemistry is a difficult subject to master for everyone, yet I was able to g…BridgetUniversity of Arizona
Growing up, I have been able to maintain great grade point averages. From Preschool …LukeUniversity of Oklahoma
My best test preparation tip is in the form of a handy abbreviation: S.I.T. So, the …RachelUrsuline Academy of Dallas
To prep for test it works best for me when I take online multiple choice test that h…BriannaLindblom Math & Science Academy
It is interesting to see two students study for the same amount of time and see one …MarielaClaremont McKenna College
Traditional ways of studying have never really worked with me, and I’ve tried it all…Yaneli Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies
Good test preparation strategies start with forming good study habits. Keeping up wi…EssenceClayton State University
The worst thing a student could ever hear come from a teacher is that there w…KatherineBrazos High School
It took me many years to hone my test preparation and study skills for exams. I trie…NicoleColorado State University-Pueblo
Being in a good state of mind and body enables you to concentrate on your test and o…Mugdha University of Arizona
Do not sit down and take a whole practice SAT/ACT practice test in a day. Instead, d…GloryShadow Ridge High School
Having trouble with studying for a big exam or test. There are two method that I bel…MercedesEllsion High School
Every student knows the stress taking a test brings on. There are so many factors th…DenniseCalifornia Baptist University
Being a visual learner can be a bit tricky especially when studying for a large-scal…MonserratUniversity High School
Repetition has served as an asset for me during test preparation. Spaced repetition…AshayThe High School for Health Professions
What stereotypes depict as a place where first love starts or is also a place to iso…XanderBronx High School of Science
Tests can be incredibly stressful. For students like me who have test anxiety, tests…JamesBall State University
Test preparation is the key to a successful student. I discovered the key to te…MonicaWestern Governors University
Whenever I have a big exam coming up I try to make
mnemonic to help me remember …
CandiceRobert A. Millikan High School
Test preparation practices are directly related to how one learns. There are many d…AlisonCovenant Christian Academy
In my recent college career I have found flashcards to work the best for me when pre…RobyneHouston Baptist University
Although many people are in college and are constantly working on papers, reports, a…PhilipGrand Canyon University
One of the best study strategies I have used to study for exams is to read my notes …JoshHomeschool
Over my many years as a student, my test preparation practices have changed and beco…CameronBoulder High School
Before studying for tests in particular, the first priority is having good note taki…MatthewBenjamin Franklin Charter High School
I have always been one to stress and worry about a test, no matter what it is for, o…MeganUniversity of Arizona
High school is a wonderful four years where children are able to mature into young a…NoahCibola High School
Finals week is coming. Horrid. Unbearable. Pure misery. Or is it? What if there was …KatelynUintah High School
As a girl who has consistently feared every single test I have has gone into, I am h…PaigeDesert Mountain High School
I feel that my test preparation practices work tremendously. The methods I am about …MichaelJoshua High School
Education is a privilege I'm grateful to have, and tests, and subsequently test …ChristabelTexas A&M University
Test prep is just as much about knowing the test as it is about knowing the material…ChaseMt. Hebron High School
Studying has become an integral part of my life as a high school student. However, r…AlmasDavis Senior High School
When someone says test preparation, immediately most people think of memorizing or l…ErinNightingale College
Studying for tests has always been a personal challenge, but these last two years I …MarissaPalmyra High School
As a High School Senior I have survived countless test and exams. As time has gone o…RoseBallard High School
A test is coming! What do I do? First of all, don’t panic! I have found that having …BeckyWestern Governors University
Whether we like it or not, different tests require different preparation practices. …ChaseYale University

Success isn’t just about what you want to accomplish in life, it’s about wha…
CherokeeMckinley Senior High School
Ideally, my test preparation involves review from the start of the term or class. Ea…DarrenUniversity of Oregon
When it comes to studying, it really boils down to how you learn. For me, I learn be…TommyUniversity of Arizona
When I’m preparing for a test, I first begin with changing my attitude and mindset t…JoseValle Verde Early College High school
I strongly believe that motivation plays a crucial role in any test preparation prac…Paola Lakeside High School
The best way to prepare yourself for a test is to remain prepared and attentive …PaigeLincoln Academy
Throughout my high school career, I have found writing out the notes in class to be …AlyssaLincoln Southeast High School
School work, homework and testing hasn't always been easy for me.  From pre…JaneraMarietta High School
Since a young age, test taking has never really been a strength of mine. In orde…EricaWestern General University
Test taking is a skill; there is room for improvement by constant repetition and pra…AlexandraSpelman College
Whether it’s pacing the room while reciting history dates or hanging upside down whi…OliviaCovenant College
I have my own three-step test preparation which I think is the best way to study for…KisaSaint Mary's College of California
Dyslexia has been my most significant challenge. But since it's been finally nam…ChristianHuntington High School
The memory is a key facet to effective test taking. Therefore, the primary methods I…JustinUniversity of California Los Angeles
When preparing for a test, I can have a hard time focusing. Therefore, I usually use…LakiyahFrederick Douglass High School
For me studying is something that I struggled with in my first year or two in high s…ThomasNazareth Area High School
Tests, writing, grades! ugh! Nobody likes taking tests, especially me. As a seni…AnjuHebron High School
When preparing for any test, it is of great importance to have a plan. A plan helps …GabrielleChamberlain University College of Nursing
I think I have great test preparations, for I learn how to use my time wisely and st…Jurnee dillard mccollum high school
It was the start of my first semester in college and I was taking psychology and I h…ShenyaFlorida International University
My greatest test preparation involved studying four days before the test date. This …RachelHarvey High School
I've found that good test preparation plays a key role in excelling on a test in…EmberModel High School
Some of the strategies I use include study guides and study groups where an individu…AlysaValle Verde Early College High School
When you think of Instagram, you probably think of models, perfect sunsets, and deli…SofiaLone Star College (In process of transferring to Texas State)
In order for me to prepare for a test, I have to draw my energy to a space where I c…TeninaEscoffier School of Culinary Arts
My test preparation practices work the best for me because I choose to break down th…SonomaVanguard University of Southern California
Asides from the standard concepts of time management which are most common in testin…ZaneValle Verde Early College High School
I wouldn't say that I'm necessarily great at test preparation but over the p…Melissa Southern Utah University
Whenever I rehearse a play, I always recite the entire play into the mirror. I’ve do…TaylorGlenbrook North High School
My practices for test preparation are beyond the basic "take detailed notes.&…GraceSierra Foothill Academy
The best ways that a person can remember course material is by making associations o…MichelleCerritos College
I believe that my test preparation practices are great and effective. What I gen…GiovanniValle Verde Early College High School
I have always been a person that panics during tests and end up not getting the scor…SydneyHedgesville High School
Test preparation has always been a natural strong suit for me. My learning metho…JoshuaWestern Governor's University
Driving around the Washington D.C. area, or any area in the United States for that m…NakiMontgomery College
The egg is a versatile cholesterol vessel that carries the dish to excitatory taste …DesireeColeman College of Health Sciences (Houston Community College)
There is nothing worse than uncertainty. Walking into the classroom unprepared can c…ConnorUniversity of Michigan Ann Arbor
I discovered my first year of college that I have ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder…KatherineUniversity of Colorado Denver
When preparing for an exam, staying organized and avoiding procrastination is just a…Sarah Nazareth Area High School
Test taking causes many people anxiety in the academic world. Having good test prep…RosarioLee College
When it comes to test preparation, I like to plan in advance. I make a list of all t…AutumnAngelina College
Test really do take preparation, I have many different ways I ready myself. Usually …BrandonRich South High School
When preparing for a test, the most important method of practice is to regularly rev…JeffersonMaranatha Baptist University
When it comes to Test preparation, my key to success is always writing down notes, …JoshuaWestern Governers University
Before a test in any subject, I first thoroughly look over the material in the chapt…HarrisHarrison High School
Every student prepares for their tests differently depending on the type of learner …AlexandraThe University of Arizona
I am a junior in College now and have had many tests over the years and along with t…NoahUniversity of Arizona
The test preparation strategies that work the best for me are attending review sessi…SamanthaUniversity of Arizona
Writing a good essay requires synthesis of material that cannot be done in the 20-30…Jeffrey Valle Verde Early College High School
Procrastination is my enemy. Here I am, the day the scholarship entry is due and I a…HeidiTidewater Community College
I have always been the type of person who anxiously tries to perfect my own test tak…WilliamGoddard High School
I always make sure I study before I take any test, but I feel like there’s other thi…urielSouth Houston HIgh School
As an Arizona Science, Engineering and Math (ASEMS) Scholar and a previous AP/Honors…KiarraUniversity of Arizona
It typically depends on the class as to what method of studying I use. If it is a le…LoganUniversity of Mississippi
I was raised in Alaska around glorious wildlife and vast forests. I lived through th…ThomasValle Verde
A successful strategy is vital for success. I am always in preparation mo…Angelwheaton College - MA
Since learning several psychological concepts, I have found the best way to rapid…AkritiThe University of Arizona
There’s an art to studying; there is not one simple formula that will yield the perf…Alexandra Loyola University Maryland
I have found that test preparation is key! Over the years I have found out a few dif…MichaelaConcordia
Zhakarra Dafney-Burciaga
May 15th, 2019
What test preparations work best for y…
ZhakarraHiram College
As a rising sophomore in college, I have refined by test preparation practices t…SadiaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
While it’s now been several years since I was in the habit of taking tests for schoo…AbigailColumbia Graduate School of Journalism
Whenever I study for a test, I make sure to break down my studying into three separa…SebastianUniversity of Arizona
With memorization as a key piece of most high school tests, I have developed a syste…MarcusSumner High School
I’ve never been the best at test-taking, but my plan would be able to help anyone li…AndrewUniversity of Texas Rio Grande Valley
When I entered college, I had absolutely no clue what it meant to study for a test. …RebeccaWestern Governors University
We are told over and over not to procrastinate, but, we are never fully told wha…CharlotteMaine School of Science and Mathematics
There are many ways that a person can prepare for a test. Some methods will help wit…ShaneUniversity of Arizona
Studying is very hard for me to do, so as a result there are only a few test prep pr…HaydenTeurlings Catholic High School
How Charles Swindoll’s Words Changed My Life
Like many naïve 14 years old boys wh…
When pondering the dreaded midterm or final exams, I feel myself wanting to block ou…KatherineLiberty University
“My brain just doesn’t work. It’s useless trying,” I tell myself as I fail another t…AlexandraExcelsior Charter Schools
A test preparation that works best for me is varied format preparation. Varied forma…ChanieyaPompano Beach High School

There is some odd place on the internet where students gather to share pictures …
EmmaCypress High School
Having great test preparation practices is essential towards earning an exceptional …OluwaseunGeorgia State University
There is nothing more stressful to a student than an upcoming test. It tends to ling…WilliamThe University of Arizona
Transforming from High School to a university, I definitely had to reevaluate and fi…Kennedy University of Houston
As a proud straight A student since middle school, I credit my academic success to m…ReikaHigh Tech High School
The best test preparation begins with GETTING INFORMED! The day of, I would hate to …MicahAlabama Agricultural and Mechanical University
Preparing for a test can be nerve-wracking and challenging thing to do, if you don&#…BryanUniversity of Wisconsin Green Bay
My stomach churns. My breathing speeds up. I break into a cold sweat. No, I am not s…BetsyNortheast Alabama Community College
Learning comes differently to everyone. Some people can read a text one time and rem…MeaganBranham High School
As a mother, I’m forever searching for the most sensible and downright fastest way t…JillianWestern Governors University
Regardless of how many tears have fallen from the thought of them, exams are an inte…AngelinaItasca High School
As an upcoming junior, I feel as if I have tried nearly every possible test preparat…Amy The University of Alabama
Tests are stressful, whether they are AP exams or just an exam for a class. The …ReneeUniversity of Pittsurgh
The things I do to prepare for exams depends on the class.

Math and sciences:…
Pablo The Pennsylvania State University
Over the years I’ve applied a few different practices when it comes to test preparat…TiffanyMayo Clinic College of Medicine
In order to be a great student, you need to learn how to learn; That is learning the…PriscillBoston College
I believe knowing one's skill set is the first step in learning the test prepara…RachylUniversity of Pittsburgh
Growing up with ADHD, OCD, and Tourette’s, it has always been extremely hard for me …MaksymilianRolling Meadows High School
To prepare for a test, one must study effectively by taking an active approach. An a…RomanBagdad High School
My best test preparation practices always involve writing the information I am tryin…DawnWestern Governors University
Testing is always a nerve-wracking experience. Grades depend on students doing a goo…EveOmak High School
No matter what age you are, test will always stress you out. Everyone wants…MatiahnaUniversity of Arizona
“Tomorrow I’ll be dead, and my killer’s name will be ‘Physics.’” Okay, so maybe that…JacobThe Woodlands College Park
This past year I have found my best test preparation practice and it has shown to im…SavannahEast Stroudsburg University
After entering college, I quickly realized my previous studying strategies would not…YupengUniversity of Pittsburgh
When preparing for tests, I convert the majority of hard-to-remember facts into inte…CelinLiberty High School
If you’re reading this, we can probably agree on one thing--taking tests absolutely …ThomasHoward University
The key to test preparation and actually retaining the information is to spread out …JacksonUnion Academy
Preparing for a test makes me feel confident to do well during test day. The prepara…JhelaineHudson Catholic High School
Throughout my education I have learned about multiple different test preparation pra…ChristinaUniversity of Arizona
Although studying for any test can be time-consuming it is an important strategy tha…Saddiyyah Central Visual and Performing Arts High School
When I tell people that my major is Software Engineering, they always remark on how …AyomideKennesaw State University
Availability of educational platforms have allowed many within the workforce to retu…JocelynnCibola High SChool
One of the most stressful aspects of any program that aims to further an individual’…JessicaWest Coast University
Test preparation is always needed no matter if it's a 5 question quiz or the SAT…Ni NaDiscovery High School
“If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't wal…BaileeMeadowdale High School
I can say that the best resource for me to study for a test is a peer that does not …ZacharyFayette County High School
game: a form of play or sport, especially a competitive one played according to rule…JadeUniversity of Michigan
Test anxiety is real! To help conquer this, I have learned a variety of study skills…AllisonUniversity of North Texas
In general, I study for tests by looking over all the notes I have taken or any outl…EldonUniversity of Virginia
As a high school student, I thought that I had the whole test-taking thing down. I w…Skylar University of Arizona
For a really important test, I will create a study guide the weekend before the test…KimberlyMountain View High School
Test preparation begins much earlier than when the test is assigned. Taking good not…OwenCollege of Western Idaho
As I write this, I’m also preparing for my CLEP exam in psychology. There is a lot o…LondonChristian Heritage Academy
There are a lot of different ways to study for tests; however, there are a few that …JuliaBob Jones University
The test preparation practices that work best for me are straightforward and often r…NatalieColorado State University - Global
Everyone always admires the good grades you get from taking a test but nobody knows …VerniceBossier Parish Community College
A key component to doing well in school and doing well on tests is to develop go…EricaSeton Hall University
My test preparation routine is something I take pride in. It's unique style isn&…KevinMadison High School
In order to prepare well for an exam, I think it is most important that you plan you…JacquilynUniversity of Arizona
In the end, it’s all 50/50. True or False.

The secret to conquering multiple-…
Ryoh-SukeWinston Churchill High School
It’s that time again. Testing.

Yes, I know, many of us dread it. From the scr…
EtamePalm Harbor University High School
Everyone knows that college tests are the hardest tests known to mankind. In my firs…KathrynCharleston Southern University
Having been a student for 17 years, I have learned a few habits that work well for e…SamuelD'Youville
Since I am a science major, I believe that everything can be broken down into a form…EmilyUniversity of Alabama
There are many testing options to take when practicing for highly anticipated tests.…NicholasHumanities Preparatory Academy
Regarding my test taking strategies the most important one is preparation. I make su…Karla Manual Arts Senior High School
I believe I have great test preparation practices. There are many helpful ways to pr…ChristineCypress College
When my Physics teacher asked me why I had shown none of my work, I explained to her…KaleoPlano Senior
Test preparation varies for every person. I’ve tried several different ways of test …VictoriaWakefield High School
The purpose of school assessments is to measure students’ knowledge of specific subj…JadenHeritage High School
I've always felt that I reviewed too much information. I wasn't actually ret…LindaArizona State University
My study habits from the beginning of my academic career were virtually non-existent…TrishaEmerson College
I am a visual and a tactile learner and not all of my test preparation strategies wi…JuliaBerklee College of Music
Testing for many people is difficult. Why? Because they didn't think through of …ErinPrep Charter High School
I think the best test preparation practices that have helped me in the past is to…AylinYes Prep West
Contrary to what people say about advanced preparation, I am someone who works more …JeremiahCerritos High School
There are a few times in a person’s life when they are able to feel the entire spect…LauraUniversity of Iowa
Years ago, I learned a technique for studying and test preparation. This proven meth…JanetWestern Governors University
I suffer from severe procrastination habits, so the typical routine of consisten…RebeccaFluvanna County HighSchool
Something that struck me during my first year of college was how different college w…BriannaThe University of Arizona
Traditionally, teachers advocate for students to organize their notes logically.…Ricky Stuyvesant High School
In elementary school I would often tell my parents a joke that began, "Pete and …HaileyBrigham Young University
In order to prepare for a test I have three important tips: study for the test each …AshleyUniversity High School Charter
Before a test, my favorite thing to do is not study and imitate a genius in the fiel…JaylonNansemond River high school
When mid-terms and finals are right around the corner, I allow myself to have…Madelyne Manual Arts Senior High School
I am currently in the process of taking six AP course exams and I’ve taken four AP e…AlexanderAlgonquin Regional High School
As an undergraduate student currently double majoring in mechanical and aerospace en…ChadWest Virginia University
Test and work preparations are difficult to many students around the world who strug…CortezSpring Valley High School
Before high school, my mother enrolled me in a study skills session taught by one of…AustenHoward High School
Students are often used to skimming their cheat sheet paper or frantically browsing …MalithyShadow Creek High School
Throughout all of my high school years, I have been successful in remaining in the A…TaviaHealth Careers High School

Websites, such as Quizlet, Khan Academy, and, surprisingly, YouTube, aid me in …
SierraKarns City High School
Throughout my time as a student, I have gone through a lot of trial and error when i…PaigeUniversity of Arizona
I am always prepared for my tests due to having so many options in how I want to stu…HillaryHarding Senior High School
We as students have been challenged constantly on material we have learned through t…ChristianUniversity of Arizona
You flip to the first page of your test, hoping that the easiest questions are first…KaymeshaBoston University
First and foremost, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! Start studying for an upcoming test about …MeganUNC Charlotte
I believe that you should always be studying for tests little by little. For my lect…PratikshaUniversity of South Florida
The best test preparation for me is to handwrite out the information I am attemp…LindseyCapital High School
In my experience, the most important preparation for tests takes place the first tim…CarterOlympia High School
I tend to have customized studying habits. This is necessary because I deal with tes…JordynDuPont Manual
In every conceivable educational setting in which weekly, bi weekly or monthly testi…BraedenJames Madison High School
Studying for tests is something I admittedly have struggled with up until recently. …Jacob Lower Columbia College
Speaking from the perspective of a high school student, I can say that preparing for…KarringtonSpoto High School
Stress is a major characterization of the college years. The feelings of stress as y…KarisBob Jones University
Quality over quantity is essential when beginning test prep. Of course, students sho…MorganWoodbridge High School
As a student, test are always a pain when taking them at the exact moment. The homew…DionteCentral High
To properly prepare oneself for a test, one may take several approaches to studying.…CalvinMuskegon Community College
I graduated high school with a 3.7 GPA. Although that’s pretty good; I realized …Keturah North Carolina A&T State University
Preparing for a test can be very stressful, if you don’t know how to do it in a way …Brittany Enrolling at Western Governors university
A variety of test preparation tools worked for me. I am not one to study very much, …ZacharyClassical Preparatory School
It took me many years and many not-so-good test scores to realize what test preparat…AnnaHazen High School
When it comes to preparing for tests, there are two primary methods to effectively b…NicholasThe University of Arizona
The pressure hunts at the back of my head when I have a big test coming up. So, I b…MaqdousSomerset Area Senior High School
Making up songs that involve the material from my classes is a test preparation tip …NiyahHoward University
When preparing for a test, its essential for me to have hard copy notes that I can e…NyaghaBowie High School
After a good night sleep, I wake up -- well-rested and driven -- to over easy eggs w…AmmaarBrooke Point High
There are two very important things to keep in mind when studying for any test, quiz…Rosemary University of Arizona
Technique and repetition are the foundational building block to good study habits. …CherriThe Woodlands College Park
Run. Run from the idea that there is only one amazing method of preparing for tests.…MichaelHome school
Hello, I am Briana C. Norris and I am a current college freshman. I lived with my mo…BrianaAuburn University at Montgomery
Preparing for tests has taken me some time to figure out. I was homeschooled through…RencyHomeschool
Dear test failure,
Oh, how I loathed you.
The way my fear of you always crept…
HannahArizona State University
After knowing when the exam will take place, then you start to plan.
By knowing t…
OmarNew Designs Charter School
As a high school student, I know tests such as state testing, district testing, a…TamiaWilowridge High School
I consider myself a great test taker. I always cover as much material as possible in…LukeScripps Ranch High School
I first begin preparing for a test the day the material is first presented to me. Af…TylerUniversity of Central Oklahoma
I am now a senior about to graduate from El Segundo High School. I have formula…DylanEl Segundo High
When preparing for a test, I use a few different methods for memorization and for re…Nikkiuniversity of arizona
Test preparation for the longest time came in the form of frantically cramming anyth…AliaTodd Beamer High School
My test preparation exclusively relies on the environment that I am in, which is usu…SabahNorthside College Preparatory High School
My best aid for any of my test preparation is first and foremost my ability to keep …OliviaBrackenridge Highschool
For me, test preparation begins with the first lecture of a class. From personal exp…JuliaBob Jones University
Throughout my four years of High School. I was constantly challenging myself for a h…FelixNorthglenn High School
As I entered the test room for the AP US History exam, I had a nervous confidence ab…EthanCarlsbad High School
How to succeed academically as a victim of bullies
Just as…
NadretArlington Heights High School
Knowing is half the battle, so preparing for an upcoming test requires your undivide…Marlonn Northbrook High School