Essay Excerpt Applicant School
Over the years I have learned that there is no one, single test preparation practice…DavidLongwood University
My best test preparation is to study really hard and careful. Then, using work w…ClintCambridge South Dorchester
My name is Diana Renteria. I am a student at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College co…DianaAbraham Baldwin Agricultural College
My name is Brianna Berry and my best test preparations practices are flashcards, pra…BriannaTodd County Central Highschool
The best test preparation practices I use involve color and sound based memory and r…CayleyAmarillo High
Throughout high school, study habits became difficult for me to learn because I did …SteffiCambridge-South Dorchester High School
My best test preparation practice is to start studying ahead of time and not waiting…IdelisSeton Hall University
Come test day, I walk into class feeling prepared and accomplished. I'm a very o…JulianneOak Hills High School
The first thing I do before I take a test is study. I re-read the material many…maria Wyandotte High School

My study habits vary from class to class. As an AP calculus BC stud…
EmiWaukegan High School
"Test next week," the board read, in white powdery chalk. I felt my stomach …HallieTascosa High School
I get distracted quite easily. I'm the type of guy who will be walking to class …GrantTexas Tech University
By the end of high school, I had developed a decent test study prep regimen. I imple…CassandraCalifornia Baptist University
To begin telling you, there are many ways in which I am sufficient in preparing for …Nicholas Tascosa High School
When studying for math my favorite and most successful way of studying has been repe…Isaiaholdham county
My best test preparation practices are organizing study group with someone who is ve…BaeTascosa High School
The best way to prepare for a test is to study such as using flashcards or having a …La'TaviaTascosa High School
Test preparation is extremely stressful, but the best test preparation practice poss…LaurenUniversity of Arkansas at Monticello
Whenever I want to practice a test, I like to create a "Practice Test" at th…TreyElk Ridge Middle School
Studying is the most important thing to do before a test; However, "studying"…CameronMarble Falls High School
Some of my best test preparation practices are studying with classical music playing…NoahCibola
Test preparation is an essential skill for anyone still continuing their education. …EmilyTascosa High School

Tests. Oh, how frustrating it is when you "study" yet don't get the …
LexieHillcrest School
My test preparation strategy does not involve a lot. It is very simple and easy to d…JamesAmarillo High School
My best test preparation practices are making it a game. What I do is I make note ca…BaileeCarl Junction High School
i find the best way to pass an upcoming test is just to be passionate about your cla…joshuaTascosa
Test preparation has always been a struggle for me and many people I know, therefore…JuanitaVista Murrieta High School
Academically, I have continually proven myself to be hard working, proactive, and ca…MaxUniversity of Manchester, United Kingdom
My best test preparation techniques are pretty simple. Most think that it's main…AvrieCrestwood High School
The best way for me to prepare for a test is to listen to a particular song I enjoy …LilyBlair High School
When I need to study and practice for a test, I pull out my notes, and I rewrite the…RebeccaRiverside Polytechnic High School
Throughout high school, I have never been good at taking tests. I would have to stud…BrookeDesert Christian High School
Throughout high school, I have never been good at taking tests. I would have to stud…BrookeDesert Christian High School
My favorite test preparation is old school. I prefer to isolate myself in a quiet ro…Jenniferazusa Pacific University
All through junior high I searched for the best way to study for me. I tried highlig…LucyEast Bernard High School
Central to America’s public school system is the idea of testing. Students are often…Megan Thornapple Kellogg High School
My best preperation for a test it to be external and study with other people. I like…CristopherMerced Community College
The best advice as far as test prepping is to not procrastinate and to study over th…SaraBlake High School
A Guide to Test Preparation
By Tessa Dallo
Studying is an essential compon…
TessaSandia High School
To prepare for a test is often a monumental task for many, but for me it is very sim…MatthewTascosa High School
Studying for exams always brings anxiety and uncertainty. I can never say that I am …David California Baptist University
For me personally the most important thing is to simply have a clean work space. Fro…ElizabethBarnum High School
To prepare for a test of any kind, I always apply the “practicing knowing” method to…IshanOlathe East High School
When I have an upcoming test or exam I have a set strategy for tackling the preparat…MatthewLapeer High School
I personally used Mometixs products to help me study for the SAT. I used the st…JasonSaddleback Christian Academy
Tests are one of the most stressful parts of high school that I have encountered…EmmaCrown Point High School
Throughout my four years of high school, I have discovered that studying is clearly …PriyankaMiddle College High School
Tests always make me nervous, whether it is in any level of academics or for a job. …MadisonCoastal Carolina University
Assessment is the new “cornerstone” of learning. Whether it’s teacher-made tests, a…PeytonJacksonville High School
Test Preparations
I personally find that preparing for tests starts at the very b…
GrantTehahcapi High School
As an engineering student, test taking is by far the most stressful part of my educa…BrandonUniversity of Arizona
My first two years of high school I did not have any test preparation techniques, be…FredrickSocorro High School
In high school, regular studying times were not something I practiced often. In fact…ParkerLamar State College Orange
My test preparation methods vary depending on the subject and the type of test I am …CristenGulf Coast State College

Studying for a test might be one of the most time-consuming and agonizing activi…
KaydenOlathe South High School
The best way to truly prepare for tests and learn the material begins at the classro…TimothyBrookline High School
There is several test preparation techniques that I like to use when preparing for a…JoseChaffey College
The best ways to prepare for a test that I have found is to start preparing at the b…TiaraTiara Ravix
My favorite test preparation practice is listening to jazz music while I do my study…MiaMia Griffin
My favorite and best test preparation depends on the class subject.
For my precal…
AndreaAndrea Villasenor
My test preparation is a very long process, and although studying might not be a…SabrinaMonte Vista High School
The week before every big test I have the ritual begins. I set aside an hour or two …VyczieThe Cooper Union
It’s 12:30 on a Tuesday night; you frantically search for the ten-page review packet…PeterOlathe South High School
The best test preparation practice I created for my own self would ha…Roxana Samueli Academy
There are many good ways to prepare for a test, but some are much better than others…CollinTodd County Central High School
The best test preparation practice that works for me is when I review with my peers …Mireya Río Rancho High School
The best equipment and training I have done is to learn English first to be able to …AhmedBahri
My best test preparations are sleep, food, and lots of studyings. I find that if I e…MiracleKipp Atlanta Collegiate
Some college students envy those students that you know NEVER study, but they ALWAYS…AmandaCornerstone University
Preparing for a new test is crucial in determining whether you will pass or fail. O…JesseyUniversity of New Hampshire
Have you ever wanted to just give up and throw your textbook out of the window? We&#…JackOlathe South High School
Some tutors say that the first step to successful studying is identifying which lear…ElyssaCalifornia Baptist University
I begin by making tables of all my notes. Everything must be color coded; for instan…MeganUniversity of Arizona
My best test preparation practices are to make flash cards, study early. and get a s…AlexsaSelma High School
I’ve been a relatively good tester all my life. I believe the secret lies in underst…Annabelle VasilikiAthens Psychiko College
Studying is a part of everybody’s academic experience. It takes a lot of work…DylanColumbia Academy
Test taking can make students worry which affects their school work. However, with t…CaitlinUniversity of Alabama
My best test preparation is to go over the questions that I know I won't remembe…AkeaHammond Academy of Science and Technology
When I am preparing for an important test, taking practice tests always helps me the…AbigailJenks High School
As a busy student, employee, and blossoming young adult, test preparation practices …KennedyFort Dorchester High School
Many people test prep in different ways. From flashcards to practice tests, to color…MarleyShafter High School
I haven't always been good at taking tests, I used to struggle with testing. In …AddisenAustin Senior High
The first thing I do before a test is to study enough days prior to the test so that…Adeola Wilbur Wright College
As a natural test failer, I must study long and hard. But being a somewhat lazy stud…MirandaGreenfeild-Central
As an incoming college freshman at the University of Arizona, it was essential t…GillianUniversity of Arizona
I have many different solutions for preparing for tests, but I’ve found one that wor…DominicHomeschool
Preparing for a test can be difficult based on your knowledge. It can be hard to hav…HsawJohn Overton High School
Taking test are usually the most stressful , and important, aspect of any class. Try…ElizabethLouisa county high school
When it comes to studying for an exam, I think it is foundational to have a space an…BridgetRHAM High School

Tests turn out be stress if you are not prepared for it. Preparation is as impor…
DivyaMiddlesex County College
To study for tests I usually do multiple different things that seem to work pretty w…Grayson Sheldon High School
The best test preparation for me begins months before the exam. I work best with rep…SamanthaUniversity of Arizona
Being a senior in high school requires me to have multiple good test preparation…AndrewCaledonia High School
My best preparation practices will be taking notes they important because will help …ChelseaWilliamsburg Architecture and design
I have always done well when it comes to tests. I mainly attribute my success to my…MelissaIndependence University
One of my best test preparation practices has to be predicting questions. This allow…RohilCarmel High School
As a senior in high school I have had my fair share of quizzes, tests, and exams; so…MalayaCampbell High School
My best test prep practices are dependent on what is being covered on the test. If i…DestinyUniversity of Arizona
When studying, I try to write down as many notes and points as I can. I’ll write bit…AlexisNyack College
Test Prep
By Rachel Howard
Test are something that I will never be able to avo…
RachelWestern Governors University
In order to prepare for a test the person must know what testing practices work for …RhythymLewis Cass Technical High School
I believe the most effective test preparations are the one's that aren't so …AustinSahuaro High School
The earth around us provides more inspiration than we are aware of. One of the most …EmmaAltoona High School