Essay Excerpt Applicant School
Over the years I have learned that there is no one, single test preparation practice…DavidLongwood University
My best test preparation is to study really hard and careful. Then, using work w…ClintCambridge South Dorchester
My name is Diana Renteria. I am a student at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College co…DianaAbraham Baldwin Agricultural College
My name is Brianna Berry and my best test preparations practices are flashcards, pra…BriannaTodd County Central Highschool
The best test preparation practices I use involve color and sound based memory and r…CayleyAmarillo High
Throughout high school, study habits became difficult for me to learn because I did …SteffiCambridge-South Dorchester High School
My best test preparation practice is to start studying ahead of time and not waiting…IdelisSeton Hall University
Come test day, I walk into class feeling prepared and accomplished. I'm a very o…JulianneOak Hills High School
The first thing I do before I take a test is study. I re-read the material many…maria Wyandotte High School

My study habits vary from class to class. As an AP calculus BC stud…
EmiWaukegan High School
"Test next week," the board read, in white powdery chalk. I felt my stomach …HallieTascosa High School
I get distracted quite easily. I'm the type of guy who will be walking to class …GrantTexas Tech University
By the end of high school, I had developed a decent test study prep regimen. I imple…CassandraCalifornia Baptist University
To begin telling you, there are many ways in which I am sufficient in preparing for …Nicholas Tascosa High School
When studying for math my favorite and most successful way of studying has been repe…Isaiaholdham county
My best test preparation practices are organizing study group with someone who is ve…BaeTascosa High School
The best way to prepare for a test is to study such as using flashcards or having a …La'TaviaTascosa High School
Test preparation is extremely stressful, but the best test preparation practice poss…LaurenUniversity of Arkansas at Monticello
Whenever I want to practice a test, I like to create a "Practice Test" at th…TreyElk Ridge Middle School
Studying is the most important thing to do before a test; However, "studying"…CameronMarble Falls High School
Some of my best test preparation practices are studying with classical music playing…NoahCibola
Test preparation is an essential skill for anyone still continuing their education. …EmilyTascosa High School

Tests. Oh, how frustrating it is when you "study" yet don't get the …
LexieHillcrest School
My test preparation strategy does not involve a lot. It is very simple and easy to d…JamesAmarillo High School
My best test preparation practices are making it a game. What I do is I make note ca…BaileeCarl Junction High School
i find the best way to pass an upcoming test is just to be passionate about your cla…joshuaTascosa
Test preparation has always been a struggle for me and many people I know, therefore…JuanitaVista Murrieta High School
Academically, I have continually proven myself to be hard working, proactive, and ca…MaxUniversity of Manchester, United Kingdom
My best test preparation techniques are pretty simple. Most think that it's main…AvrieCrestwood High School
The best way for me to prepare for a test is to listen to a particular song I enjoy …LilyBlair High School
When I need to study and practice for a test, I pull out my notes, and I rewrite the…RebeccaRiverside Polytechnic High School
Throughout high school, I have never been good at taking tests. I would have to stud…BrookeDesert Christian High School
Throughout high school, I have never been good at taking tests. I would have to stud…BrookeDesert Christian High School
My favorite test preparation is old school. I prefer to isolate myself in a quiet ro…Jenniferazusa Pacific University
All through junior high I searched for the best way to study for me. I tried highlig…LucyEast Bernard High School
Central to America’s public school system is the idea of testing. Students are often…Megan Thornapple Kellogg High School
My best preperation for a test it to be external and study with other people. I like…CristopherMerced Community College
The best advice as far as test prepping is to not procrastinate and to study over th…SaraBlake High School
A Guide to Test Preparation
By Tessa Dallo
Studying is an essential compon…
TessaSandia High School
To prepare for a test is often a monumental task for many, but for me it is very sim…MatthewTascosa High School
Studying for exams always brings anxiety and uncertainty. I can never say that I am …David California Baptist University
For me personally the most important thing is to simply have a clean work space. Fro…ElizabethBarnum High School
To prepare for a test of any kind, I always apply the “practicing knowing” method to…IshanOlathe East High School
When I have an upcoming test or exam I have a set strategy for tackling the preparat…MatthewLapeer High School
I personally used Mometixs products to help me study for the SAT. I used the st…JasonSaddleback Christian Academy
Tests are one of the most stressful parts of high school that I have encountered…EmmaCrown Point High School
Throughout my four years of high school, I have discovered that studying is clearly …PriyankaMiddle College High School
Tests always make me nervous, whether it is in any level of academics or for a job. …MadisonCoastal Carolina University
Assessment is the new “cornerstone” of learning. Whether it’s teacher-made tests, a…PeytonJacksonville High School
Test Preparations
I personally find that preparing for tests starts at the very b…
GrantTehahcapi High School
As an engineering student, test taking is by far the most stressful part of my educa…BrandonUniversity of Arizona
My first two years of high school I did not have any test preparation techniques, be…FredrickSocorro High School
In high school, regular studying times were not something I practiced often. In fact…ParkerLamar State College Orange
My test preparation methods vary depending on the subject and the type of test I am …CristenGulf Coast State College

Studying for a test might be one of the most time-consuming and agonizing activi…
KaydenOlathe South High School
The best way to truly prepare for tests and learn the material begins at the classro…TimothyBrookline High School
There is several test preparation techniques that I like to use when preparing for a…JoseChaffey College
The best ways to prepare for a test that I have found is to start preparing at the b…TiaraTiara Ravix
My favorite test preparation practice is listening to jazz music while I do my study…MiaMia Griffin
My favorite and best test preparation depends on the class subject.
For my precal…
AndreaAndrea Villasenor
My test preparation is a very long process, and although studying might not be a…SabrinaMonte Vista High School
The week before every big test I have the ritual begins. I set aside an hour or two …VyczieThe Cooper Union
It’s 12:30 on a Tuesday night; you frantically search for the ten-page review packet…PeterOlathe South High School
The best test preparation practice I created for my own self would ha…Roxana Samueli Academy
There are many good ways to prepare for a test, but some are much better than others…CollinTodd County Central High School
The best test preparation practice that works for me is when I review with my peers …Mireya Río Rancho High School
The best equipment and training I have done is to learn English first to be able to …AhmedBahri
My best test preparations are sleep, food, and lots of studyings. I find that if I e…MiracleKipp Atlanta Collegiate
Some college students envy those students that you know NEVER study, but they ALWAYS…AmandaCornerstone University
Preparing for a new test is crucial in determining whether you will pass or fail. O…JesseyUniversity of New Hampshire
Have you ever wanted to just give up and throw your textbook out of the window? We&#…JackOlathe South High School
Some tutors say that the first step to successful studying is identifying which lear…ElyssaCalifornia Baptist University
I begin by making tables of all my notes. Everything must be color coded; for instan…MeganUniversity of Arizona
My best test preparation practices are to make flash cards, study early. and get a s…AlexsaSelma High School
I’ve been a relatively good tester all my life. I believe the secret lies in underst…Annabelle VasilikiAthens Psychiko College
Studying is a part of everybody’s academic experience. It takes a lot of work…DylanColumbia Academy
Test taking can make students worry which affects their school work. However, with t…CaitlinUniversity of Alabama
My best test preparation is to go over the questions that I know I won't remembe…AkeaHammond Academy of Science and Technology
When I am preparing for an important test, taking practice tests always helps me the…AbigailJenks High School
As a busy student, employee, and blossoming young adult, test preparation practices …KennedyFort Dorchester High School
Many people test prep in different ways. From flashcards to practice tests, to color…MarleyShafter High School
I haven't always been good at taking tests, I used to struggle with testing. In …AddisenAustin Senior High
The first thing I do before a test is to study enough days prior to the test so that…Adeola Wilbur Wright College
As a natural test failer, I must study long and hard. But being a somewhat lazy stud…MirandaGreenfeild-Central
As an incoming college freshman at the University of Arizona, it was essential t…GillianUniversity of Arizona
I have many different solutions for preparing for tests, but I’ve found one that wor…DominicHomeschool
Preparing for a test can be difficult based on your knowledge. It can be hard to hav…HsawJohn Overton High School
Taking test are usually the most stressful , and important, aspect of any class. Try…ElizabethLouisa county high school
When it comes to studying for an exam, I think it is foundational to have a space an…BridgetRHAM High School

Tests turn out be stress if you are not prepared for it. Preparation is as impor…
DivyaMiddlesex County College
To study for tests I usually do multiple different things that seem to work pretty w…Grayson Sheldon High School
Being a senior in high school requires me to have multiple good test preparation…AndrewCaledonia High School
My best preparation practices will be taking notes they important because will help …ChelseaWilliamsburg Architecture and design
I have always done well when it comes to tests. I mainly attribute my success to my…MelissaIndependence University
One of my best test preparation practices has to be predicting questions. This allow…RohilCarmel High School
As a senior in high school I have had my fair share of quizzes, tests, and exams; so…MalayaCampbell High School
My best test prep practices are dependent on what is being covered on the test. If i…DestinyUniversity of Arizona
When studying, I try to write down as many notes and points as I can. I’ll write bit…AlexisNyack College
Test Prep
By Rachel Howard
Test are something that I will never be able to avo…
RachelWestern Governors University
In order to prepare for a test the person must know what testing practices work for …RhythymLewis Cass Technical High School
I believe the most effective test preparations are the one's that aren't so …AustinSahuaro High School
The earth around us provides more inspiration than we are aware of. One of the most …EmmaAltoona High School
The ACT Online Prep website works as effective test prep for me due to its ability t…KyleaPatrick F. Taylor
To prepare for an upcoming test, I usually resort to notecards because visuals and r…KimberlyHampton High School
To me a test is like a battle against a powerful foe or enemy. You see that it's…KhalilGateway High School
To prepare for a test I would usually create a study guide consisting of all the inf…MosePrinceton High School
When it comes to studying, I am a very visual person. So, to help me study I draw li…NathanEl Dorado High School
Tests can be truly stressful, especially if you are considered a bad test taker such…IsabellaNewton North High School
Growing up, my mom always enforced a practice until you drop policy It was the way s…Shravani University of Arizona
I know that while attending CBU -California Baptist University- I’ll be more in tou…NinaDiamond Ranch HS
I am doing this for a grade.…DaminaAugustus F. Hawkins High School
Preparing for a test is one of the most nerve racking and frustrating things in the …JamiUnversity-Eau Claire
I typically use a variety of methods to prepare for a test. First and foremost, I ma…CourtneyUniversity of Arizona
The most effective way I study for tests combines a mixture of methods just as basic…KirstinUniversity of Arizona
In high school, I was an active member of the school's theater department. I act…Jesse Cochise Community College
I have found that over my high school years of what seems like endless testing is th…Jalyn Tascosa High School
In my four years of high school I have studied for too many hours for me not to have…KailtynCass Technical High School
I have found that successful test preparation is largely dependent on the type of ex…JoshuaGlenbrook North
Over the course of my high school career, I have found that in order to be successfu…EdenCottonwood Classical Preparatory School
For me personally test anxiety is real. I get extremely nervous and I get all jitter…LaTajahCentral Gwinnett High School
Shannon Keeling
April 26, 2018

When I enrolled in college as an ad…
ShannonUniversity of Arizona
It is not a secret that sometimes doing homework or preparing for tests is very bori…AraPolytech High School - will attend Minerva schools at KGI
Some of my best test preparation practices include going to a quiet space, listening…MatthewCoronado High School
Test preparation involves much more than just studying. I used to do poorly on tests…SarahUniversity of Arizona
My best test preparation practices would be going inside a quiet room and studying o…JoynitaAliceville High School
I can remember my parents telling everyone that I have a photographic memory. I reme…PatrickAlgonquin Regional High School
As a college student, it is important to find which test preparation methods are th…Elizabeth University of Houston
My best test preparations are to start off a good morning routine. The day I knew I …ShyahElida High School
Out of all my years of taking tests, to now being a senior in High School who feels…KahliaFranklin Pierce High School
I have two test preparation methods that work best for me. Making flash cards, and s…Dar’NeshaQ. I. Roberts Jr.-Sr. High School
My test preparation is to study my notes, however I like to study my notes from newe…RebeccaBothell High School
My best test preparation practices are researching information regarding the test I …Dyoncia Fayetteville State University
High school is all about the tests and getting the perfect grades. The sure wa…HannahOconee County High School
The greatest test preparation practices I have come across depend on the clas…KathrynGrand Valley State University
As a college student final exam or three days away and I an starting to prepare myse…JalisaWinston Salem State University
In high school I set a goal to raise my math ACT score.To do this I decided to study…AlainaMiami University
Having ADHD I have always struggled with test taking and studying. I have tried mul…Zachary Penn State University
The best test preparation is to create flash cards,complete a study guide and reread…TiffanyU of A
As a single mother to a very active three-year old, I have to incorporate time …KeriKennesaw State University
The test date looms on the near horizon and there is an seemingly overwhelming amoun…AveryUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham
My best test preparation practices are reviewing notes before the test, calming my n…JadaBall State University
The best way for me to prepare for a test is to start as early as possible. Once a n…KyleHomestead High School
In college, some faculty will offer students the opportunity to submit projects. Ho…TaylorTexas Christian University
Bem, para fazer um teste precisa de muita preparação, concentração, esforço, dedica…FlávioE.E.PAULO VIRGÍNIO
My best test preparation practices are varies. For instance, if I know that I have a…DylanNew Mexico Military Institute
As a graduating senior in high school I have taken hundreds of tests by now, however…BlessingCedar Hill Collegiate High School
The number one thing I do to prepare for a test is kind of a weird one. Literally th…CharlesLindblom Math & Science Academy
When preparing for a test there are a few key practices that I employ. The first of…HannahUniversity of Arizona
My test preparation practices have worked incredibly well for me! I study radiograph…MaddisonAultman College of Nursing and Health Sciences
A topic that i find so engaging that i lose all track of time is football because i…KalebButler College Prep
The very best advice I can give for test prep is this..............DON'T WAIT UN…DarbeeBloomfield High School
Preparing for a test can be different for everyone, some people focus well in a libr…MarianW.P. Davidson High School
The transition from high school to college was a difficult one for me. In high scho…LaurenUniversity of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
Tests are nerve-wracking things and for someone with high anxiety, they're espec…AudriannaUniversity of Arizona
Tests can be the difference between an A or a B. An acceptance to a school or a…AgustinVon Steuben
My best preparation test practices are studying over the concepts that is learned in…BriannaButler College Prep
My best test prep experience came in my junior year AP Chemistry class, where my…IsabellaEmmaus High School
The best test preparations are definitely action which is either writing or typing t…JaxsonPrairiland High School
Over the years since being in high school and now college I have had many test. I u…Kierra University of North Carolina at Pembroke
One method that I use to use throughout high school to study for my tests, was the w…AshantiUniversity of North Carolina at Pembroke
Taking tests has always been a hard task for me. I have 2 learning disabilities tha…BrandonSt. Joseph's Catholic School
My best test preparation practices are note cards, hands on, and station work. First…JoneshiaCarmen NW High School
As an already vibrant person, my personality reflects on my study and test preparati…SofiaUniversity of California, Berkeley
During Elementary, I was taught the basics in studying and preparing for test. I lea…EmmaniHoward High School
Test preparation. How do I get through this crazy stressful time for some? I’ll s…Elijah Overland Highschool
Most people would probably say that they despise taking tests, and others may say th…Libby Tulsa Community College
Studying for tests is something I've learned that I need to do more. My teachers…AlysiaSpring High School
My name is Holly McDowell and I am 17 years old. I attend Dan River High School in R…HollyDan River High School
Test preparation is very important and should be practiced by everyone. There are ma…KristenTulsa Community College
My best test preparation practice is to start studying notes before the week of the …SarahSouth Houston high school
The best test preparation practice for me is study gradually the entire time th…JaKalenLeflore Magnet High School
Some of my best test preparations are making sure that before a test I fully underst…CurtisColleton County High School
The way I prepare for my test is starting when I take notes in class. I always focus…TorieSaint Leo University
My best test preparation practices are to highlight important names, dates and place…AlexusWeston High School
As a person with a learning disability I have encountered several challenges in my a…RomanUniversity of Arizona
What helps me prepare for a test? That is actually an extremely good question, con…HaileyCross Creek
From a very young age, I have been blessed with intelligence. Throughout elementary …WestonStrom Thurmond High School
The best preparation practice is to make an attempt, fail, and then unders…BryanWyoming High
About two weeks before a test I will get a study guide from my instructor and read i…MonicaUniversity of Arizona
Throughout school, I used to find myself to be what many would call a "crammer.&…LindseyLewis S. Mills High School
Singing, rapping dancing test preparation is how I study!!! Think about it it's …BriannaValdosta High School
When it comes to test I make sure to do three things, review my side notes, listen t…ZerrynNorthwest Missouri State University
Although very unusual, when I study for my tests, I designate a single post-it for a…Shannon John L. Miller Great Neck North High School
As a junior in college I've been able to determine the good and bad study prepar…CaylaPurdue Northwest
The best way I prepare for tests may seem simple, but I take lots of practice tests.…NicholasBrigham Young University
I am one of the few lucky people, that does not have to study to prepare for tests..…LexiTyler Junior College
Throughout high school learning new information came naturally for me and I did not…KelbyThe University of Mississippi
I have a simple, methodical, yet effective way to study that helps build upon knowle…HannahGrand Valley State University
By failing to prepare, we are preparing to fail. This adage has been my constant mot…GregoryCentral High School
My best test preparation is flash cards and having someone quiz me on them. This hel…Taelur Central State University
When I prepare for a test I always chew my favorite gum. I find this helpful because…AbbyTipton High School
My favorite test preparation is pictures and colorful techniques with notes. In my 4…KaeliAlvarado High
My test preparation is very long and specific but it helps prepare me for my upcomin…MichaelaAppalachian State University
Tests are an important tool in evaluating what one has learned throughout the course…RachelTartan Senior High School
The best test preparation for me is when I am alone with no one by me and I can hear…davidBoylan Catholic
Preparing for a test is something that eventually works its way in to every one’s li…OliviaMissouri Western State University
Study habit are unique to individuals. My sister and I prepare differently, though o…Clayton (Clay)West Ranch High School
As a student with test anxiety I had to find a test prep routine that helps me. I le…JosephSomerset ISD
There are several ways to successfully prepare for a test.
When I prepare for…
AutumnRegina High School
Studying is a chore for students. You have to find creative ways to study and prepar…TaylorCreekside High School
As a high school senior completing my final year I have learned many study technique…NickBedford High School
The best test preparation for me is to break up studying for a test into small segme…VictoriaThe University of Arizona
I'm an auditory and visual learner. Therefore, prepping for tests usually consis…DanielaDr. Ralph H. Poteet High School
To get an excellent grade on a test, I need to do many preparations to get to the go…MikaellaDouglas High School
In school, I started off thinking I wanted to go into Medicine because of my interes…KerlandeGlades Central High School
My best test preparation practices include an integration of several kinds of studyi…KateUniversity of Arizona
Though my college experience I have learned the best ways of how to prepare for my t…RaivenSpelman College
Test Preparation:
My test preparation is an intricate and delicate process that I…
Tyler Oglethorpe County High School
My best test preparations are when I relax and study at school. Home is to rest. Sch…JacobLadue Horton Watkins High School
Test preparation... The easiest way for me to prepare for a test is always through m…Jacqueline university of Phoenix
To pass a test I have multiple strategies. First I create flashcards and color code …MelodyEleanor McMain Secondary School
My test preparation that works for me the best is by sorting the questi…RosalinCentral High School
Examinations are often seen as tedious tasks that aren't easy to think about and…Sandra DePaul University
Studying methods vary for every individual. What works best for me when I have an up…Sara O.D. Wyatt
There are a million ways to prepare for tests during a school year and I don’t belie…Khalil Serra High School
For me, taking tests was not an easy thing. Learning and understanding the material …Hannah Chincoteague High School
My best test preparation practices are studying and quizzing myself. This is the bes…JanyaButler College Prep
The best test preparation practice in my opinion is to start studying for the test e…Mariana Mirabeau B. Lamar High School
When it comes to my test preparation practices, my methods are a little weird to som…ZariaTri-County Technical College
Over the course of my years in high school, I have taken numerous tests. How you per…LeahYoung Women's College Preparatory Academy
The skill of test preparation is one of the most important aspects to be learned thr…JulieEnterprise High School
Before an exam, I like to carefully read all my notes and highlight important words.…AitzzaPSJA TSTEM
Over the past four years of highschool I have gotten my test preparation routine per…EmmeVashon Island Highschool
It is the morning of April twenty-seventh, International Baccalaureate Diploma Progr…BrandonGranite Hill High School
While preparing for the stress that is final exam or AP tests, I start preparing by …KatherineJames B Conant High School
Understanding your mind is the first step towards effective test preparation, this w…StacyBERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC
I am a very visual learner, so in order for me to retain knowledge I find that flash…mollyMoscow Senior High School
Keeping it simple, I follow a routine. A routine gives me a mental structure as a wa…EduardoUniversity of Arizona
Studying for a midterm or final test can be daunting. There is so much information t…KrisUtah Valley University
The best test preparation for me isn't the typical use of flashcards or study gu…JasonAtrisco Heritage Academy High School
There are a few study methods I implement in studying material for a class. Dependin…SophiaGainesville High School
When I was I was in high school, I didn't have good study habits and sometimes I…KerriTuskegee University
Standardized testing is one of the most time efficient way to discover how much a la…KhristionHerrin High School
Studying for test have always been difficult for me. After my first semester of coll…AlexisLawrence University
For me, test good test preparation starts in class. I take notes in a consistent sty…MarissaUniversity of Arizona
My best overall all test preparation has to be around this time last year. I was a J…ChristianFulton Independent High school
My best test preparation practices is a website callec quizlet. Quizlet helps me wit…La’KambraCass Technical High School
i prepare for test in multiple different ways. if i have a vocabulary test then i us…alphonso renaissance high school
When there comes a test that I actually need to study or prepare for, I never cram o…TonantzinTorrey Pines High School
When it comes to taking a test we all at certain points get nervous about either the…LeandoTalladega College
The tactics that I have used in order to prepare for the tests I have taken is a ba…JarenCentennial High School
I have found that taking notes on index cards is very helpful for test preparation. …SamanthaUniversity of Arizona
My test preparation practices range from making flashcards to simply studying my stu…ErikaCollins Hill High School
After having attended school for almost 12 years now, I have discovered and made a g…EthanVerrado High School
In my experience, the most important part of preparing for a test cannot a…DanielUniversity of Arizona
As a high school student I was able to get decent grades without much studying. When…TyeshaGurnick Academy of Medical Arts
I have learned one thing in my brief academic career and that is when I try to shove…Nataniel University of Arizona Honors College
What I do to get ready for a test. First I like to study for about 30 minutes. I do …VictoriaAurora High School
Nothing stresses me out more than a big test day coming up and knowing I will be up …Chassidy Douglas County High School
When it comes to testing, preparing for it is very crucial considering that you want…DestinyGirard Academic Music Program
Test preparation had been quite challenging for me throughout grades school. Using f…BryonnaNorfolk State University
As a senior in high school I have made a few changes to my study habits in order to …MackenzieSpring Creek High Schol
Dear Mometrix,

Tests are one of the primary methods used to determine whethe…
AdamUniversity of New Mexico
Imagine walking into eight period math class and having the teacher hand you a test …Antonio AlexandreWinston Churchill High School
As i have found out throughout my high school and college career, a good study sessi…BradynCollege of Southern Idaho
My best test preparation practices include paying attention in class, and using Corn…Tayia Rolesville High School
Preparing for tests is an arduous process for all students alike. It takes hours upo…MycahMansfield Lake Ridge High School
Throughout my high school career, studying and test preparation represent my key to …MallorySouth Florence High School
As a current high-school senior, I know that I have many difficult classes and tests…CeceMaple Grove Senior High School
I suppose I really only have two study modes.
The first one is the one that exemp…
CeannaBuckeye Senior High School
Growing up, I've always dealt with exceedingly bad test anxiety. Even if I study…JaceyRichmond Hill High School
To best prepare for a test you have to know yourself and what will be most effective…PhyllisFlorida State College At Jacksonville
The best preparations practices for me are: notecards, watching videos and talking t…XimenaUIC College Prep
I believe I speak on the behalf of all students, especially those nearing graduat…ErinKempner High School
My parents were the ones who taught me at a young age some of the best ways to prepa…AlexandraWinthrop University
The old saying goes: "Work smarter, not harder." As for studying, this is th…CaraUniveristy of Arizona
Being a full time student in College, High school, Middle school, or even primary sc…CelinePrince George High
Whenever I first hear about an upcoming test, I make a study calendar as soon as pos…AbigailDulles High School
With test preparation I wouldn't say i'm at the top of it, but I can say som…TaylorCardinal Ritter College Prep
Over the past four years, I have had to perfect the act of balancing a rigorous acad…Vivianne Scheck Hillel Community School
Before sharing how I’ve developed techniques for walking into a test room more prepa…MarieMountain View High School
Preparing for a test can be hard depending on the class, the teacher, and knowing yo…TajaGrambling State University
This coming year will be my senior year in a four year university, Charleston Southe…AmberCharleston Southern University
Test preparations. Why do we prepare for tests? It is because we want to pass,…Tatiana Brooklyn College Academy
My best test preparation starts with a good attitude about what I am studying. Posit…MatthewHoly Savior Menard Central High School
The day before a huge test is always the hardest but before we get the late night cr…HunterLakeland High School
What I have learned about test preparation is that, what is good for one person may …AndreRenaissance High School
Want to walk into your exam with a smile? This is not always the case, but it is pos…MelissaUniversity of Arizona
Test preparation is an extremely important element in being successful in school, in…TrinityEvergreen High School
Firstly I go over those notes and any key points I needed to know. Then I go over t…RobertMoriarty High School
Being that I am a Psychology major there are a lot of things that I need to remember…HannahUniversity of New Mexico
As an current college student, there aren't enough test preparation practices th…KiawannaGeorgia Southern University
When preparing for a test, it is all about timing. I know to never try studying to f…LauraUniversity of Arizona
My best test preparation tends to be at school itself. I like to take constant notes…LuzmariaPerspectives Charter School Joslin Campus
Throughout high school, my friends have always reserved time for studying. I, howev…CarleighUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette
In a burst of manic energy, I fling myself around the room, following the dance step…MckennahWestlake High School
Write it, See it, Hear it, Know it
By:Kara McAfee

How a person learns abou…
KaraSt. Charles Community College
The most important thing I have learned in high school, was how to study. My honors …Alexus Kadena High School
When it comes to studying for a test, I should just buy stock in index cards. The pr…JamieMoravian College
My best test preparation practices consist of practicing on the quiz let website and…PalomaYes Prep Northside
For years I have struggled to reach the success I desired in my math classes. Last y…JennaJohn Glenn High School
“Hey don’t we have a pre-cal test in 2nd period?”
“… shi-“
This ha…
CyrusCarnegie Vanguard High School
During my four years in high school, I have rarely had a teacher that felt comfortab…AshajJ.M. Morehead High School
Mothers know best. Before I started Kindergarten, my mom would ask me to "do my…SophiaOrange County School of the Arts
In the past, I had to complete many tasks to determine ways that would help me be su…GabrielleUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham
I am a high school teacher, after the first test I graded, I knew, that either my st…StephanieUniversity of Arizona
I have always had the biggest fright when it came to taking tests. It was not until …Britney Vanguard High School (New York)
My best test preparation strategy that I use is studying old homework. To me, this i…WilliamRenaissance High School
The most important tests that students take are ones that are standardized. Whether …RachaelGrand Valley State University
Tests are a big part of one's educational life in schools and institutions. We a…GenesisMansfield Lake Ridge High School
The very best thing about high school has been test taking. Not only test taking but…RachelSt Thomas Aquinas High School
Studying is crucial in academic success, but the question of how to study and what t…CaitlynUniversity of Connecticut
Throughout high school I found that the majority of my tests were rather easy. I rar…JaylenNew Manchester High School
I just finished my sophomore year of college and lets face it, preparing for a test …SierraAngelo State University
To study for exams with essays, I always write a short and straight to the point out…SamanthaUniversity of Arizona
In my preparation for and education as a registered nurse, I have learned and used s…WilliamUniversity of Arizona
Most people would start off wit the approach of saying flashcards or review for a ho…JasmineYES Prep SouthWest
In order to prepare myself for a test, I start by finishing any other activities or …andreanogales high school
Studying or preparing for a test can be extremely difficult. There are many differen…AshleyAirport High School
Every morning when I wake up I use a GRE Vocab flashcard app for 15 minutes. I use …LorenUniversity of arizona
My senior year of high school is coming to an end and over the years I have been giv… MadisonGrenada High School
When preparing for a test, students choose ways that are easier for them to understa…AsiaTheodore High School
For me, it depends on the type of class. For example, some classes are just pure mem…Ashleigholentangy high school
I go about one way when it comes down to me having an exam. Typically when the teach…RaquelMetro Tech High School
Studying is one of those tricky tasks that is different for everyone. I am able to s…KacieSam Houston State University
Preparation is important for anything and everything, especially, tests and exams. I…OeWayne Memorial High School
Tests. The dreaded biweekly event in every class that leads to late nights studying …AnnaCampolindo High School
In order to maintain the grades you want, learning the right study skills for you is…AvaUniversity of Arizona
My best test preparation practices is to make a calendar with my test date on it and…TIMOTHYNottoway Co. High School
Studying for me is simply repetition and keeping the information fresh. As soon as I…BrittanyWashington High School
Test prep for each class is different. Some classes it's a necessity to have fla…EmilyGrand Valley State University
As a soon to be college student, my life has been pretty hectic recently. With my sc…CaitlinHebron High School
It is the night before a big test; I toss and turn. Endless thoughts rush through my…SailorE.A. Laney High School
As a queen of test anxiety, I can guarantee three strategies that are always sure to…AmieUniversity of Arizona
My test preparation strategies are to first make note cards of all of the important …NadiaThe University of Alabama
I have always been a very good test taker. ever since elementary school but when I b…AnisaUniversity of Arizona
Test are some of the most difficult thing i go through and their are a couple techni…RobertoVon Steuben Metropolitan science center
The best test preparation for myself is done through studying and practice tests. I …IsaacUniversity of Arizona
Test prep is all about organization and relaxation. First and foremost, preparing fo…AutumnUniversity of Lynchburg
Tests can be difficult and always pose a threat to me even when I have a good grasp …JoshuaJames W. Martin High School
I think some of the best test preparation practices include activities like Quizlet …KennedyCousino High School
Regarding test preparation, much more goes into studying than simple note copying an…Maggie University of Arizona
People prepare for tests in different ways, because they learn in different ways. Ho…CyanBridgewater College
I feel that I am a bit different from other students when it comes to test preparati…QuintenWheeler
My name is Caitlin Pinson and I am an epileptic with ADD and learning disabilities s…CaitlinTexas Tech University
Study with friends!
This may seem counterproductive, but as long as you choose to…
AnvithaTorrey Pines High School
When it comes to test preparation, mastering it is trial and error. Not everyone can…ArianaGeorgia Southern University
When I begin to prepare for an exam, I find it most useful to read through the textb…ChristaUniversity of Arizona
Memorization will be my downfall. Having to memorize mass amounts of information is …RebeccaUniversity of Oklahoma
The best test preparation for me is repetition. Whether it be using flash cards, not…KylenJefferson state community college
I've been fortunate to make good grades throughout school. I've made H…DejaGeorgia College & State University
Test Preparation Practices are what helps people all around the globe study for many…JaylaWagoner High School
The way I prepare for a test is allowing myself to ask questions on my calendar that…HaileyRenaissance High school
In order to study efficiently and effectively for a test I implement the style in wh…AnnaUniversity of Arizona
The word "test" strikes terror in my heart, but I always seem to be prepared…Mallory Montwood High School
First and foremost, when in class listening to the professors' lecture and going…MichaelUniversity Of North Texas
Before the day of a test i always make sure that i study. When taking a test i make …Samanthasocorro high school
While testing can be looming for some students if you manage to find a way to contro…JuanSocorro High School
Throughout the course of my four years as a high school student, I have evidently ta…KevinSocorro High School
I remember in high school no one really studied for an exam because they were basi…ErmiloUniversity of Arizona
It's no secret when in college, your textbook and lectures are the main resource…ErikUniversity of Arizona
Each and every student prepares for upcoming tests in different ways, each way suiti…JordanAtrisco Heritage Academy High School
The key to my academic success can be attributed to what I don’t do rather th…AJBoise State University
Tests are used commonly throughout the world for various reasons. Many measure the s…KaitlynJim Hill High School
Preparation for an exam starts long before an exam is given. I approach every lectur…FranciscoUniversity of Arizona
You must have excellent study skills to prepare for tests. Research indicates that h…BrandyUniversity of Louisville
Taking test is a stressful thing for anyone, whether its taking an examination to en…DamionAledo High School
Each person has a certain way they feel is best for them when it comes to test prepa…AbbeyNorthshore High School
My name is Robbie Page. For me the best test preparation is to review the material …RobinsonUniversity of Arizona
Preparing for any test is always different. I believe preparation should start as so…Brian Prairie View A&M University
Test preparation is a must for students. There is no reason to enter into a test wi…VivianTexas A & M Commerce
When I preparing for a test, I take at least a week to study for that test. I ta…CashlynCass Tech
People all over the world use different methods to prepare for a test or to study. S…Courtney Mississippi gulf coast community college
When preparing for a large impending test, I often try to implement more than one st…BrendanMartin Luther King Jr. Academic Magnet High School
I became involved picking up trash around my high school, when I saw piles of trash …MiguelSocorro High School
The best test preparation practices are taking a practice test before the actual tes…HaileySocorro High
What I do before a test is for me to study beforehand. Whatever the subject it will …GuadalupeSocorro High School
Preparing for a test in college is vital to passing the exam. There are many ways to…KacieLouisiana State University

I believe that it all begins with starting to study about 2 or 3 weeks before th…
SommerMoriarty High School
the best test preparation practices in my point of view is not just wanting to know …alexisel dorado high school
For me to effectively prepare for a test or exam, there are many steps I have to tak…KellyBall State University
Test prepping can be a very difficult thing to do. I usually tend to stress and over…YamilethYES Prep Northside
When studying for a test the first thing I do is pop a piece of minty gum into my mo…SummerUniversity of Arizona
I was never the best at test-taking and I was never taught how to study efficiently …RayneUNLV
For me, when preparing for a test, it is very important that I study. For example,…MadalynWestmoore High school
The absolute best way to prepare for any test is to write notes and record the class…Zuhaila University of Arizona
The two best test prep practices would be segmented studying and a good night’s…Imelda Texas A&M University
Work smarter, not harder. When it comes to preparing for tests, it is unfortunately …AileenNiwot High School
There are many test preparations that are benefitial, but one that I find most helpf…HailiAlexandria High School
Test preparation is not easy for everyone. Some people have a relatively hard time p…JustinNorthern Lehigh High School
Whenever I am preparing to take a test, the first thing I like to do is make note ca…InfinityCheltenham High School
The test preparation practices that work best for me are creating and using Quizlet …AshleyTascosa High School
As a high school senior, I struggle taking big tests. The ACT stressed me out to…McKenzieTipton High School
When preparing for a test, there are some very important tips that I have learned ov…AngelicaUniversity of Arizona
What I know for sure is that staying up until 3 am the night before a test to cram d…EricaHarper College
Over the years I have found that studying starts in the classroom. I pay attent…JoelGrand Valley State University
Hello! My name is Jaylen Hayward. I graduate from East Newton High School in a few d…JaylenEast Newton High School
Quizlet and flashcard are the answers to all of my testing worries. With enough …AntoinetteGadsden City High School
When I came to college, I knew that it was necessary for me to study much more than …EmmaUniversity of Wisconsin-La Crosse
As a senior who has excelled in many AP courses, I have mastered the art of studying…CiaraJoseph Wheeler High School
As someone who has a near perfect SAT/ACT score, a dozen “5s” on AP exams, perfect S…KarenAmerican Heritage School Plantation
There was a huge test coming up in Anatomy and I was desperately looking for new stu…Da'NeshaNorth Carolina Central University
Preparing for major exams is critical. No one can concentrate well under pressure. I…JaneHolly Springs High School
Testing is like a chore, never fun but important. When studying for a test I like to…CherylSan Manuel High School
Test preparation is a huge part of college life. If you do not do your homework and …BrookeAnderson University SC
When getting ready for a test, it can be quite stressful and overwhelming, especiall…Alexis Porterville College

There are many challenges that the Hispanic community need to overcome today, bu…
NataliaChaparral High School
I believe the best test preparations are different for everyone. Some may believe in…TrinityCentral High School of McMinn County
Throughout high school, I never needed to study hard. So when I got to college, I re…DestyneeUniversity of Southern Mississippi
My test preparation is an art finally developed by advice from 13 years of teachers …BrandenUniversity of Arizona
My name is Yazmeen Hari I am a senior at Pearland High School and these are the step…YazmeenPearland High School
Small, crooked-cut index cards with words on one side and definitions on the other…NatalieTaylor High School
Preparing for final exams can be very stressful. Recalling a lot of information fro…DaisySantee Education Complex
Complacency is a student's worst enemy waiting to cram half a semesters learnin…LeRoyUniversity of Arizona
Dear Mometrix team

When a person takes a test it is a good idea to see if the…
AleksandraApplying to California State University Monterey Bay
I have many types of test preparation practices. One of them is verbal practices. I …RebeckaYukon High School
Prepping for a test is always difficult. My mind wanders from the topic I’m studying…A'YannaNorthside High School
To be honest, many people would say that I probably study too much and care too much…GretchenBaker University
My best test preparation practices are flashcards, repetition, and sheet protectors.…OliviaManvel High School
When it comes to tests and quizzes, I normally procrastinate a lot. My teacher or pr…ClaudiaWilliam Jennings Bryan Senior High
In middle school, timed language mock exams were not enough. They killed my confiden…KennedyCarnegie Vanguard High School
Since the very beginning of education, testing has been implemented to prove the…AprilFlagler College
My Best Test Preparation Practices<…JordanLee High
Memorization, application of new content and integration of knowledge in practice is…JosephDelaware Technical Community College
Test preparation is handled differently with every student or even important adults.…ItzelCenter High school
When preparing for a test, I always read over my notes after class each day. When I…JusticeCalhoun Community
As a senior in high school, I am no stranger to preparing for tests. I am gratef…MarkezFort Dorchester High School
The test preparation that works for me is Drinking water with lemons and listening t…DaviaKelloggsville High School
When it comes to testing I try to do everything possible to be prepared for it. Whe…AngelaSocorro High School
For me, the preparations I take that bring me the most success in testing consists o…KarleighSussex County Community College
My best test preparation practices are to record the Professors and listen to the l…Baileyuniversity of Arizona
Test preparation can be a scary thing. However, it’s not too hard. Flash cards and c…JonathanBelton High School
One of the best ways to prepare myself for a test is to sleep well. The time require…HanniaSocorro High School
When I arrived to my university last year as a freshman I tried using old tactics th…Alfredouniversity of Arizona
To be fully prepared for a test that I know I may struggle with, I take a week. The …AlexanderLower Richland High School
The test preparation practices that work best for me involve repetition. Old-fashion…Justice Marcos de Niza High School
Being in a fast track pre-med program can only mean one thing: STUDYING. Studying is…ShelbyMissouri Southern State University
Throughout my freshman year of college, test preparation was made clear to be the mo…KatarinaBismarck State College
Preparing for a big test? Well that's easy. Of course, unless its not. I was rem…TalishaGeorgia Southern University
For me, I always found that the best way for me to study for an exam is reading thro…RobertUniversity of New Mexico
My name is TaNica Holmes and I am currently a student at Kent State University. My t…TaNicaKent State University
For the longest time in school I didn't know how to study. That was because all…MadisynIowa Central Community College
Taking tests can be quite challenging. During my educational career, I have found wa…JacobPima Community College
Preparation for a test is important to prevent test anxiety. Being test ready is one…JaylaFirst Coast High School
I prepare for a test by studying a little bit of information at a time, then the day…LaurenWylie E. Groves High School
If I am studying at home, my best test preparation practices include finding pretest…Taylor-JadeUplift Summit International Preparatory
As someone who graduated in the top three of their high school class, I’ve had many …YasmeneMayfield High School (Will be at University of Arizona in Fall 2018)
Life of a College Student
Written By Cheyenne Pickett

College is a str…
CheyenneUniversity of Central Oklahoma
My number one test preparation tactic is using the spacing effect, which when learni…JohnSoutheast Guilford High School
When preparing for a test or an exam there are so many resources out there from flas…AngeloLusher Charter School
When preparing for a test what works best for me is to rewrite the notes that I took…MorganAlamogordo High School
Testing can be very difficult and stressful but it is always good to be prepared. It…SarahRattan High School
No one likes the test questions that have multiple correct answers, but I’m sure mos…Jordan Catawba Valley Community College
When I hear that I have a test the first thing I do and find out when it is what top…BrittaniPhillip O Berry Academy of Technology
Test preparation is a huge part of our lives, whether in high school, college or uni…TochukwuJuilliard Academy
The best test preparation practices for me are ones that incorporate visual aids. I …KaylahLincoln High School
My best practices for studying is to get in a quite play. Once there, I begin readi…Marques Richland Northeast High School
When I am thinking about how to study for a test, a couple of strategies come to min…LoganWillard High School
I am currently a senior in high school. I take tests all the time and use certain te…RebekahHarrison County High School
Growing up, it was a constant reminder from my mother that it will be difficult for …GregorioSocorro High School
As I finish my senior year, I have come to realize that the biggest lie I have told …Konley Homeschool
There are many different ways to prepare for a test. Each and every person is differ…ChelseaAirport high school
Tests are apart of being a student, especially a college student. Being in college, …ChavonneTexas A&M University
I always dread it, looking at my calendar and seeing in big red letters “Exam” writt…AlexisUniversity of Arizona
As a student with an ADHD disability I have found it very difficult to focus on impo…ChristianSt. Charles High School
Education is very important to me. Over the years, I have struggled some with stand…LaurynStephen F. Austin High School
I write down questions i had during lecture and make sure to get the answers and mak…MiaUniversity of Arizona
It all starts with breakfast. The sizzle of a scrambled egg first touching the hot s…SophiaLane Community College
In my classes, we are informed of 3 weeks prior to when I next text will be. In thos…GabrielleMartha in Luther King, Jr. High School
With each test I have taken, it requires different methods of preparation. From stud…DevinOral Roberts University
Breathe in. Breathe Out. Breathe in. Breathe out. With headphones in my ears blaring…ErikaUniversity of Arizona
Oh no, test time!! It’s okay Ashley, calm down, just do what you normally do. Go ove…AshleyMontana State University
If I could have any career, I would choose to be a Petroleum Engineer. Many programs…BrandonSocorro High School
One of the major reasons to why am the person I am today, is because of the environm…JavierSocorro High School
Heavy rains gave people a hard time to stop the water from flowing into their homes.…RaulSocorro High School
If you had ask me last year if I was ready for college I wouldn’t know how to answer…CarlosSocoorro High School
My best test preparation practices are to study what it being given to me and to wor…SaulSocorro High School
Growing up, everyone always tells you that you can be anything, do anything, accompl…DanielSocorro High School
Some students do not study before their quizzes or tests, which impacts them negativ…ConcepcionOakland High School
In the past, I have always struggled when preparing for tests. It was with this expe…KemelbekIllinois Institute of Technology
When it comes to tests, preparation is key. Different people prepare in many differe…MariahIrmo High School
Really, the subject has to do with tests, count me out. That’s the attitude of most …NicholasCapital High School
Good morning/ afternoon from MO Metrix Test Preparation. My name is Richard Kokoroko…Richard Alief Hasting High School
From my experiences studying for tests and exams, whether AP or normal, I have learn…AliyahSt. Andrew's Episcopal School
Attending has put a lot of stress on my study skills and there are many ways I'v…VictoriaLoveless Academic Magnet Program

My best test preparation starts with making flash cards to study that way I…
DreaPrince George High School
The first thing I think of when taking a test especially one that I know I really st…LefstebanyMonacan High School
My best test preparation practices are the following: associate with a song or lyric…BryceMallard Creek High School
The reason that some people struggle learning material taught in high school and col…ChynaUniversity of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Every college student has a particular way in which they study, whether it be for an…De'AndraUniversity of Louisiana at Monroe
Recurrently students sweat over the thought of having an exam. Not only do tests req…KelseyUniversity of Wisconsin- La Crosse
My college allows us to have Supplemental Instructions (SI) sessions, this is very h…Moe'NiaCentral Michigan University
There are many different ways to study for tests which can result in higher grad…JacobBlinn Community College
While all my preparation measures are gonna sound cliche, they are what work for me …TashaWhite County Central
Practice makes perfect, especially in STEM education. Growing up in sports, this phr…KaraTexas A&M University
Comprehensive understanding of the material is invaluable and the path to obtain…JazzieUniversity of Arizona
When preparing for a big test I always remember the three R's of studying: repet…CorianneUniversity of Arizona
My favorite way to prepare for a test is to do three things while I study: make tea,…JaydeCalifornia Institute of the Arts
Practice for a test is never easy, but still, you have to do it. For test preparatio…AlejandraUniversity of Arizona

Being in four AP classes requires myself to study continuously, non-stop, so I c…
CrystalYoung Women's Leadership Academy
Some of my best test-taking techniques include studying beforehand. I find it more s…MariahInstitute of Business and Medical Careers
Testing has become a great part of the education system and I would imagine that it …JaylinWalnut Hills High School
The best way to prepare for a test depends on various factors such as: the class, ho…Matheo Centennial
i thought exams were hard in high school, however, college is a whole different stor…Kevin University of Arizona
One of the single best forms of test preparation that is free and easily accessible …NoeMickey Leland College Preparatory Academy for Young Men
My best test preparation practices is making a quizlet and making flashcards. I will…MackenzieBonita High School
The very first time I took the SAT, I was exceedingly nervous. When I woke up that …JarodVirginia Tech
The best way I prepare for a test is that when I'm learning what is going to be …JakobChickasha High School
In order to successfully prepare for a test, there are three factors that are key. W…StevenSeneca High
As a junior in college counting down the days, I have kept the same studying habits …NatnaelUniversity of Virginia
My test preparation begins in class. I try to never waste class time playing on my p…MorganElgin Academy
The way I study for tests varies based on the subject and what is involved with …TroyCholla High Magnet School
There are three main preparation practices I utilize the most when studying for an e…AngelicaCleveland State University
To prepare for a test, first I make sure that I honestly and truly understand the ma…ashleyPort Barre High
Test-taking is about more than a test. That may sound counterintuitive, however, thi…RachelHouston Baptist University
When I first arrived to UIC as a first-generation Chicago south side college student…Cristian University of Ilinois at Chicago
Everyone hates studying. Reviewing class notes and reading full length chapters in a…JakeThe University of Arizona
Tests are challenging in itself. Preparing for them poses an even larger predicament…JadeUniversity of South Dakota
In a booming technological era, my school system provided iPads and now provides Ch…KhloeFlorence High School
Early and often is my test preparation mantra. I find cramming in the last few days …WhitmaurIllinois Institute of Technology
You've got a huge test coming up and you don't know where to begin. Like any…AyleahCumberland International Early College High School
Imagine: it’s final exam season. You’re in the library, cramming like everyone else.…SamiUniversity of New Mexico
Test preparation is extremely important. I have a set method of test preparation tha…GabrielleLittle Rock Central High
I've found that the best way to prepare for tests for me personally, as simple a…MakaylaMurray State University
My best test preparation practices are to set aside a specific time and place each d…LoriECPI
Flashcards are the best way to study for the test because its allows me to know if I…JenniferWayne Early Middle High School College
My favorite way of studying is to quiz my friends. I use the study guide provided, o…SkylarRichmond Early College High School
Finding an efficient way to prepare for tests is one of the most valuable skills a s…LuisUniversity of New Mexico
The best test preparation technique I have discovered is completing (or creating the…HannahAustin High School
When it’s time to prepare for a test I get very nervous. I had to learn how to dest…CorionMaine West
"Infinite patience produces immediate results'. My track and field coach of …KierraBuena High School
Studying is a complex practice. Traditional studying consists of reading, writing, a…SabrinaHillsborough Community College
As a student who strives to do my absolute best in school and have as many opportuni…AnnabellaAndrada Polytechnic High School
Taking tests is stressful, but it is imperative that we students learn how to a…TrinitySchool for Creative and Performing Arts
Throughout my past four years of high school, I have focused on the best ways to pre…KaylaAmelia County High School
Studying can be extremely stressful, especially without any type of system to help r…En'Diva Delaware County Community College
My study habits have evolved so much in the past year as I entered my first year of …RekhiaHoward University
Best test prep is to study and make story out of what u r studying and relate the an…Dylan Indian lake schools
My name is Malik Pugh and I will be attending Ranken Technical College in St. Louis,…MalikBelleville East High School
Tests are an essential part of learning; they test the knowledge and comprehension o…JuleeneCalifornia Baptist University
The best way that I have found to prepare for tests is to read the test material out…AlexysUniversity of Wyoming
When it comes to preparing for a test, lets face it, it can be hectic and frustratin…jazzmynuniversity of arizona

Dear potential sponsor,

My name is Yesenia Soto, I am currently attendin…
Yesenia University of Houston
My best test preparation practices include:
Studying by twice completing all home…
AngelUniversity of Arizona
Tests are always a big deal to high school students - they give us a ton of stress, …CaitlinChamblee Charter High School
My best test preparation practices begin around a week before the test. At this poin…MatthewUniversity of Arizona
My Test Preparation Techniques
I believe that the first step in a successful coll…
Za'NijaIndiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis
The final exam for your course is tomorrow, and you couldn’t be less prepared. You p…ElvisUniversity of Arizona
The very first thing I try to do when preparing for a test, whether it’s a quiz in …AndrewMountain View High School
Before college, I was never much of a study girl. If i did it was "cram cram cra…TyraLincoln University of Missouri
I have taken many tests over the years ever since I was in middle school. I have tak…CourtneyStilwell High School
Hello my name is Terrell Mcgowan and i am currently enrolled at lane college going i…TerrellLane college
The greatest feeling is walking in on test day with no hesitation of making an A on …AbrianaCypress Ranch High School
I personally learn by doing, which can be classified as kinesthetic learning. A…MaxUniversity of Arizona
“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” Robert Collier. …DestaniBurke County High School
Test preparation, and studying in general, gets a bad wrap for being boring and…JasonStetson University
The best test preparation practices I like to use is start reviewing at least a whol…Daniela Wayne school of engineering
My test preparation practices typically involve memorization and repetition. Dependi…AnayaHigh School for Community Leadership
As a senior in high school and also a competitive dancer , i have many ways and styl…KennedySouthfield High School

My best method to prepare for tests is the most obvious one, reviewing. If I am …
GabrielleBloomfield Hills High School
During my years in school test was, and still is my biggest nightmare. When I was yo…BriannaUniversity of Akron
My best test preparation practices come from my experience in dealing with anxiety.W…ArielJones College Prep High School
Learning How I Learn

Many students in today’s school systems have lea…
BenjaminIndian Trails Academy (Homeschool)
From color coding to flash cards, it seems we have tried everything to memorize fact…EllieUniversity of Arizona
It may sound silly, but my essential study tool is a white board. I do my best to su…Katelyn Mansfield University of Pennsylvania
Preparing for an exam takes a lot of focus and endurance and stamina. I look at the…CodyBel Air High School
My test preparation practices are using learning tools like "Kahoot" and …DerianBryant High School
I always felt frustrated when I was younger seeing my friends ace tests with minimal…BiancaJames B Conant High School
As an honor roll students I believe that my test preparation skills are fairly a…ZyonWake Early College of Health and Sciences
As a junior in high school, my biggest anxiety was standardized tests. It wasn’t tha…RacquelBloomfield Hills High School
There are few people that I have met in this world that genuinely enjoy taking notes…CourtneyRound Rock High School
My best test preparation practices vary between classes, if i’m being honest. Differ…HaileeWyoming High School
Hello, my name is Dedreck Carr. I am a senior at The High School for the Performing …DedreckHigh School for the Performing and Visual Arts
When it comes to test taking I start studying as soon as the test review is handed o…AlexandriaTyler Junior College
Test days are always the most stressful, even if you are fully prepared for the mate…Iliana Texas Southern University
The best test preparation practices for me are flashcards, diagrams and mock quizzes…AdrianaBuena High School
Say it with me "procrastination is not my friend". I had an active memb…OisakhoseUniversity of Georgia
I learn what the exam will cover. Then it's time to gather study materials…MekaylaUniversity of Arizona
A big sliding glass door, along with a few dry erase markers, is my best test prep p…ChristianUniversity of Arizona
Before I discuss some of the ways I like to prepare for tests, I would like for all …KatinaDover High School
As a musically oriented person, I find it easiest to put information I need to remem…ShaniaEleanor Roosevelt High School
How do I prepare best for a TEST? There are number of ways including rereading, rewr…Zara Homeschool
My very best test preparation practice is simply re reading over the material I will…EricPerspectives Charter School Joslin
Good test preparation practices allow me to better myself as a disciplined individua…ErnestJones High School
Testing can be difficult, but it does not have to be. When learning new material, I …EboniaGeorgia Southern University
I look up at the whiteboard, which reads “Test on Friday!” I breathe a slight sigh a…AubreePlano East Senior High School
When I am preparing for a test, I first assess the type of test I will be taking and…Mishauri Westside High School
In the past three years, I have taken nine AP exams and countless other tests within…JaneKeller Central High School
I Am an Senior in high school trying to get some money for college the best i can. i…TiaraO.D wyatt High School
I have learned many useful test preparation practices throughout my schooling.
ElizabethMount Si High School
My best test preparation practices are the use of flash cards as well as example que…QuinticeUniversity of Arizona
In my particular situation, I have struggled with test taking. I need to start study…star St. Joseph High School
Transitioning from high school to college has changed how I study for exams. Every e…CarrieHarding University
Test preparation works differently for everybody because everyone learns and retains…Abigail Mater Dei High School
First, I shall compliment myself. I have a remarkable memory. So there are some thin…JosieChattanooga High School Center for Creative Arts
I have always been a really good test taker. So, unlike the rest of my friends, I do…IsabelleCosby High School
Some students have great study habits which help them excel in the classroom, while …JacksonSchuylkill Valley High school
There are hundreds of ways to prepare for a test, but not knowing what study strateg…ShiannaArizona Agribusiness and Equine Center (AAEC) Prescott Valley
In the life of a student athlete you are paid to perform. No questions and no except…ElvisTexas A&M University College Station
Who doesn’t love a good study guide? I know I do. That is why I make my own using th…JoyelShiloh High School
When preparing for tests there are certain procedures that I follow to ens…Malik New York University
My test preparation has changed so much over the past two years. In the past I would…Jennifer University of Arizona
Test, test, test, hmmm so my test preparation is not the ordinary orthodox approach …MylesVirginia Union University
In the life of a college student, nothing rivals the stress induced by an upcomi…Chelsea Longwood University
As someone who never really studied throughout my previous years of high school, I t…Ivan A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School
I believe that with regular class attendance, participation and the completion of re…HannahPelion High School
Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and imagine this.
You’re in your dorm ro…
MarisaVirginia Commonwealth University
“If you want to make something for yourself, work harder than everybody els…Madelynn Little Flower Catholic High School
Personally, I believe the two best test preparation practices are re-writing your no…Courtland University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Time management is the key to test preparation for me. Managing my time wisely affor…HaniyaTuskegee University
The test prepartation pratice that I utilize is a process that starts before I atten…NoahWashington and Jefferson College
Taking a test can be stressful, nerve wracking and just straight up difficult. S…ClaireUniversity of Wisconsin- La Crosse
Test preparation is essentially one of the most important aspects of a successful hi…ColbyNew Hope Christian Academy
How you prepare for a test might be different depending on what sex you are.
Tiffany City College San Francisco
My test preparation techniques differ by subject and instructor. I approach my study…MyasiaLewis Cass Technical High School
The way that I prepare best for an upcoming test is very procedural. The first thing…TannerUniversity of Arizona
In order to prepare for a test, I start preparing for the test as soon as I learn th…MaryUniversity of Arizona
Since beginning college two years ago, my test preparation practices have changed qu…RebeccaGrand Valley State University
When preparing for tests, I tend to look over what will be tested two weeks in advan…MeganCarrington College
When I am studying for a test, there is a very specific way I like to do things. Fir…GabrielleUniversity of Arizona
Preparing for a high school test and a college exam are two completely different bal…LanitraClemson University
When I am preparing for a test or quiz I begin by reviewing the material for the tes…NoahAshley Ridge High School
Let’s be honest, naturally I am a terrible test taker. Always have been and always w…VictoriaUniversity of Arizona
I have multiple different test preparation practices for different kinds of tests. W…JadenBroken Arrow High School
There is not a single approach that every student follows to perform well on exams. …KeimaiahGeorgia State University
The best test preparations start from the very beginning of class. After I receive t…SadieIllinois Institute of Technology
Every school year, I have to find a balance between academics, athletics, and a wor…NiceNorthwest Nazarene University
My best test practices are to read my notes daily and to study with groups of studen…KendallBlythewood High School
I have been in school for a pretty long time, and I believe that I have finally foun…TammyUniversity of Arizona
My best test preparation usually depend on what subject it is. Most of my studying p…CelineBetty H. Fairfax
May 17, 2018

To Whom It May Concern,

When preparing for a test or …
RaquelUniversity of Arizona
My Best Taking Practices

Let’s face it some of us just don’t take test well. …
DemondHuffman High School
Over my cumulative years in high school, I have taken hundreds of tests. In fact jus…Tyler Southern Regional High School
As someone with Attention Deficit Disorder, studying has always been one of my most …RachelPratt Institute
There are many different tips and techniques I've tried throughout my high schoo…AlyssaChino Hills High School
I believe that education is very important to all of us, and some of us take it very…ChongLincoln High School
The test preparations I use depend on the type of test I'm taking. For english t…KatelynSabino High School

Taking a test is hard for anybody who trouble studying. Sometimes review packets…
JatziriWoodstock High School
Why am I interested into Georgia College you may ask. I want to go to Georgia Colleg…AnodjeMartin Luther King Jr High School
I finished my first year of college, I realized the importance of test preparatio…ChelseaAlma College
Repetition of reviewing the content is my preferred test preparation as it installs …ElijahColquitt County High School
Traditionally, students would prepare for a test by either studying or doing a Crash…MeganLake Minneola High School
Standardized testing in when all students are required to test on the same material …JalyricUniversity of North Alabama
The anxiety, the dread, pondering about the most unimaginable outcomes. Fear and ner…TamimaRutgers University - New Brunswick
The best method for test preparation for practicing for exams or quizzes would be no…PrestonUniversity of North Florida
Over the course of years, I have learned so many preparations practices that have he…JoyShippensburg University
Stress, anxiety, frustration! All of these words describe some students when it is t…CharlesFort Worth Christian School
Every student knows the terror of an upcoming test looming in the back of hi…Kaylee Northshore Highschool
Do you know how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time, right? Absolutely not! If yo…Calia University of Central Arkansas
A period of time before a test day can be mentally strenuous. Without proper prep…CurtisMartin
Throughout my first year of college, I realized that the studying techniques that I …BrynneUniversity of Arizona
There are many factors of failing a test: insufficient sleep, insufficient breakfast…JadaClayton High School
My best test preparation skills are to study a little bit every day and make a flash…AdenikeUniversity of Arizona
To be honest, I have never really had a studying plan until my last two years of hig…JordanDecatur High School
When it comes to learning knowledge, often times it becomes stressful and can cause …LeslieTaylor High School
“I write for those women who do not speak, for those who do not have a voice because…leslieelsik high
The first step for any good test preparation is organization. I would usually have a…BaileyTownsend Harris High School
I believe that the strongest way of studying is with flashcards. Flashcards are like…AmiriManchester High School

As a Highschool student, test preparation has played a big role in my acedemic c…
ConnieBaruch College Campus High School
Throughout my college years, I've had a variety of exams, quizzes and assignment…MarlenUniversity of Idaho
Test preparation is a tricky skill to acquire due to its versatility in combinations…JustinThe University of Arizona
I think the most important part of doing anything is to start. Can you get away with…RachelUniversity of California, Berkeley
A college career, is a great experience. There is a variety of courses and discoveri…JadaCalifornia State University, East Bay
Preparing for exams in high school was really easy for me. All I had to do was a st…Alexis University of Arizona
I am currently a rising sophomore at South Carolina State University and my major i…KianaSouth Carolina State University
My best test preparations are when I use notes to study. When I am preparing myself …BadriaEast English Village Preparatory
Throughout my school years, teachers have used a great number of different a…MaxwellOlentangy Liberty High School
At the beginning of my high school career, I found that sitting down to study became…MackenzieBerkeley County Middle College High School
When it comes to final exams, I could describe my test preparation methods as a sold…OliviaWoodlands Senior High School
Preparing for tests at any level of schooling is a strategy that students must maste…GraceUniversity of Arizona
My best test preparation practices are finding a quiet place, listening to the exact…HalleSentinel
I’ve learned that I’m not the best when it comes to long term studying. After the fi…AmaEl Cerrito High School
Skimming through textbook after textbook, I opened my eyes, ornamented with dark cir…MiyuAbraham Lincoln High School
Typically, in order to study for a test I find I need to write things down so I can …IsabelBethlehem Central High School
I am more of a visual learner. In order to prepare for a test, I typically study the…KrisCynthia University of Phoenix
Preparing for a major test can be daunting. Where do you start? How should you study…JordanMIT Sloan School of Management
Throughout the years as a student, my studying skills have changed. From the dif…SanaDenver South High School
Taking tests can be very stressful for many people, I am one of those people. When I…ccelsieGermanna Community College
The best test preparation practices for me are the following:
I start by asking …
Alicia Oakland HIgh School

To whom much is given, much is required serves as a powerful motivation…
MalachiJohnson C. Smith University
My name is Julia McElwee and this fall I will be attending school at the University …JuliaBishop Manogue Catholic High School
When being a freshman in high school, you are barely aware of anything that …LilianaNorth-Grand High School
In my opinion the best way to prepare yourself for a test is to study and understand…JenniferNorth-Grand High School
Test preparation is a time of stress for me, and especially during finals because I …ThongMadison High School
Entering college I felt as if I did not know how to study "correctly". I nev…BrookeUniversity of Arizona
To be honest, studying wasn’t really my cup of tea until recently. I never needed to…PeytonHeritage High School
What test preparation practices work best for you and why?
The answer to the ques…
KarenUniversity of Phoenix
The Hebbian Learning Model states that neurons that fire together, wire together. T…JenniferArts Institute of Dallas
My best test preparation and practices are simple and fun. I tend to make flashcards…SerenityVCU

Throughout my whole life I’ve never had to study for anything. Information a…
KelsieXavier University of Louisiana
Preparing for tests can be overwhelming at times, especially if you have a ton of in…KaylaTowson University
School brings testing and homework that make it possible to learn material that lets…EliseGeorge Jenkins High School
When preparing for a test, I start off by creating notecards about a week in advance…AlexandraThe University of Arizona
Studying is defined as the devotion of time and attention to acquiring knowledge on …Rho'SadeFAU High School
Throughout high school, I was able to skate by with minor preparation, loosely held …Gregory Grand Valley State University
Souaibou Camara
Address: 41 S Shannon road, Apt 5013 Tucson Arizona, 85745
SOUAIBOU University of Arizona
My best test preparation practice is to use "The Spacing Effect". This is a …JanaeMaple Mountain High School
For tests, I prefer to keep it simple. There is no reason to study the night before …Emmanuel Shadow Mountain High School
I have always struggled with test in school; mainly because of lack of preparation. …ZasherBaker University
Throughout years of going to school, you go through many types of tiers when it come…JaylonUniversity of South Florida
There is no feeling more satisfying than the one you get from gazing down at a test …KendallUniversity of Florida
Few days remain before the final chemistry exam; students scattered throughout the d…JasonThe University of Arizona
When people ask me about school it is a hard thing for me to discuss. I feel like s…KlarisaMountain Pointe High School
In regards to how I prepare myself for an exam it honestly varies on the subject its…SamanthaNorthern Virginia Community College
As a 4.0 student, I believe I produced a perfect system, through many years of …JohnnyUniversity of Arizona
In terms of tests and preparing for them, I never had a system I would follow in hig…PaigeUniversity of Arizona
Eleanor Roosevelt stated it well,“The future belongs to those who believe in the bea…Zsuzsanna MiraCosta College
Test taking has always been hard for me. Leading up to any test, I always feel mysel…Aqua University of Southern California
Hi my name is Tania Phillips and I'm about to be a college freshman. I learned a…TaniaAurora University
I find that the best test practices are always tailored to the subject matter. I'…NicolePalmetto Scholars Academy
Some test are easy some test are hard, but the best way to prepare for a test is …Caitlin Royse City High School
When preparing for a test, the first thing that I do is to make sure that my study a…DerikCICS ChicagoQuest
I believe that it is a common misconception that simply rereading your notes will he…MitchellUniversity of Arizona
JasmynAtlantic Coast High School
My first goal, whenever I am studying, is to make sure I know the date of the test a…oreoluwaLoyola University of chicago
During high school I have learned a number of things that have helped me survive. Th…AmuniqueJohn B. Connally High School
It took me a really long time to finally figure out how to study for and prepare for…Amarachi ObiUniversity of Arizona
Tests don’t always prove your intelligence but yet everything revolves around them. …PeterSamueli Academy
There is no correct way to prepare for standardized tests. It is a matter of what he…CiarraL.a Tech University
During my academic career, I have developed many techniques to aid me in preparing f…LaurenGeorgia Southern University
I approach tests for different classes using different preparation practices because…OliviaUniversity of Arizona
The studying strategy that work best for me are working with a small group and bounc…JonathanUniversity of Arizona
The best thing that I can do in order to prepare for a test, is starting to study ea…yanikrancho buena vista high school
The best way to prepare for a test is with practice and repetition depending on the …SamanthaParadise Honors High School
The test preparation practice I find the most helpful is reviewing the material I le…Elia Western Illinois University
To be honest who likes to study? If you ask anyone in the month of May, which is fin…AnaUniversity of La Verne
When a test is coming up, I panic! Then after a few deep breaths I come to my senses…CourtneyUNC Charlotte
Whenever I need to study for an upcoming exam, I look back on my notes one week prio…AlexandraA. Maceo Smith New Tech
When I first received a book full of course options from my college counselor, I fli…DelaneyMount Pleasant High School
The best test preperation is completing the homework leading up to the test. It is t…GregoryJoliet Central
Throughout my high school education, I have been fortunate enough to have access to …SholaNeuqua Valley High School
My test taking strategies are to know when you are going to take a test and prepare …KevinUniversity of Arizona
When I study for an exam, I always tend to listen to the radio, however it is not in…RicardoMarana High School
There are many things that I do to prepare for a test, but the number one thing is t…AliseaCass Technical High School
With transitioning from high school to college one thing that I have learned is that…MeliaUniversity of Arizona
“Brain-Relief Testing Prep”
By Ruth Culbertson

Testing can be stressfu…
RuthNorthwest Christian High School
Throughout my high school years, which have included multiple college courses as…CiaraBuckeye Online School for Success
Planning to study for a test can be a daunting task. Lack of motivation, time, and …StephenOtterbein University
In my school I decided to be a candidate in the International Baccalaureate program …KeshawniaBaltimore City College High School
Tests are often cause for great stress and anxiety among students. However, with the…Abigail The College of New Jersey
Studying in a science field can be difficult. I know that for many of my classes we …JordanUniversity of Arizona
May 5th, 2017, the morning of my AP US History Exam. I was in the corner of the liba…Andrea George Bush High School
Procrastination is my best friend; it has been a struggle to stay motivated. I try t…MyaMarquette High School
Throughout high school, I never really studied for tests. I felt that if I knew how …Kymora North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
My best test Preparation practices are homemade flash cards. I find if I personalize…JusticeEl Dorado High School
Critical test preparation and skills take an incredible time to acquire, mainly for …ViridianaMetro Tech High School
Zig Ziglar once stated, “Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of act…Hong-AnUniversity of California, Davis
Test preparation plays a huge role in my test-taking success.

For all subjec…
KirkWakefield Highschool
When preparing for a test, studying is always my go to because it always leaves me w…SareneCass Technical High School
It is difficult for me to learn any lessons in school just from seeing it, or readin…MirandaEast Stroudsburg High School North
My first test preparation practices are developing myself a study guide based on the…JerryWest Florence High School
When I am studying for a test, I find that I best learn my material through using a …EthanSanta Margarita Catholic High School
Lots of people believe that cramming the night before an exam is ineffective. As a p…NyáCharleston Charter School for Math and Science
Preparing for a test is a lot like finding an antidote for poison. You succeed and …RachelCedarville University
When preparing for a test, I find it very useful to, before I do anything test-rela…BraxtonUniversity of Tennessee
The best test preparation begins with knowing the end result: what knowledge will I …MaryWestwood High School, Palestine, TX
How you prepare for a test can sometimes be more important than months of learning. …MarissaUniversity of Arizona
My best test preparation is using apps that are repetitive like Quizlet. I use Quizl…JalissaWestlake High School
First off, I always make sure that I put myself in a good learning environment. It i…BradleyHenry J. Kaiser High School
"This exam is worth 20% of your grade, so I hope you prepared" the teacher s…Brianna Perry High School
Test preparation is essential when it comes to aiming for suitable grades. We all ma…MaddisonNorth Carolina A&T State University
Test preparation is a vital step to ensure the absolute best when taking a test. It …LondonSuitland High School
Before I took all of the major nationwide tests in my last year of high school (ACT,…KerenUniversity of Florida
I have never really been someone to study for tests weeks before. Honestly I would u…OliviaKennesaw State University
Studying is hard and preparing for tests is even harder. The amount of informat…Maria de LourdesUniversity of Arizona
As I continue on my academic journey, I constantly consider ways to improve my study…QuincyBaruch College Campus High School
Procrastination is very evident amongst high schoolers around the country. Some …EshaMansfield Frontier High School
Throughout my high school career I have experimented with a lot of study methods to …KaylaWestlake High School
Studying is underrated tool that even the best students take for granted. It is a ha…SandraGeorge Washington Carver Center
A test is like a performance, it is completely unpredictable and daunting at times, …MadisonEmerson College
Everyone has their own way of learning and studying, whether it be from visually or …ValerieWest Ottawa High School
Many students around the world have problems preparing for a test. Different te…SarahUNM Taos
During the week of midterms life becomes a little uneasy most people find it hard to…Dante Arizona
A test that I remember I was very prepared for was a dance and anatomy test I took e…JohnisaOrange County School of the Arts
My absolute favorite way to study for an exam is when I'm using flashcards. When…Nicoleuniversity of phoenix
My best test preparation, especially when studying for cumulative exams such as the …AquielleCentral High School
Throughout high school I have found three very effective study techniques, includin…HalleCypress Christian School
The temperature rises in the room every second I glance at the clock. My brain is …TaylorBolton High School
I always have been an introverted person. Growing up I was to the point where I woul…ThomasUniversity of Arizona
I grew up not knowing how to study for tests, so I found myself not studying for man…Nida CUNY Brooklyn College
Many of my friends don’t know how I pass tests without seeming to study, before this…AbigailGila Ridge High School