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People prepare for tests in a lot of different ways. I always aim to prepare in adva…CharlesSUNY at Albany
Learning which test preparation works best for me allows me to be more efficient whe…EmilyParamus High School
This might make me seem like the product of a by-gone era, but I've found that t…AudreyLos Alamos High School
Studying for tests hasn't always come easy to me. The main reason for that being…KidusThomas A. Edison High School
The first thing I do is to prepare a study environment that is quiet, calm, soothing…ValentinaMountain Lakes High School
I set time aside to study. I use my notes and go back through every bit. I make flas…MaddalenaRockledge
I have developed so many different test preparation practices over the years dependi…AlexandriaZionsville Community High School
First, you can’t cram for test day, spread out studying and set times for each class…StaceyRappahannock Community
what I do to prepare for a test is I create a practice sheet for myself with problem…MacKenzieBoyertown Area Senior High
I am a visual learner and study best when I have a large chunk of non interrupted ti…AubreyHomeschool
I have never liked studying. In high school, I was one of those lucky students who n…GraceMarian University Indianapolis
My test prep practices are to simply breathe and visualize what I am going to do. If…KennethHemingford High School
I can get very stressed because of tests and I have found that if I start studying f…ParkerHarrison High School
My favorite test preparation practices are being able to use quizlets that is like a…Chloe Sun Prairie High School
My study habits are successful when I find out what area is my weakest link- so that…AngelaRasmussen College
The best test preparation methods for someone depending on their learning styles and…KarenBrooklyn Technical High School
If you are getting ready to take a test do not make you too nervous. Always look for…TyeJearNova High School
I don’t think that my test prep stuff are good since it’s just all about giving a qu…milesDickinson high school
I have always struggled with test anxiety. I felt like no matter how much I would st…Gabrielle Festus Senior High School
As a student in many high level Advanced Placement, Honors, and College courses, I m…ColinOlentangy High School
My test preparation practices include always using notecards or having everything wr…CheyanneUpper Sandusky High School
Over the years, I've utilized a number of test prep practices. Everything from s…BaileyColorado Mountain College
Throughout the entirety of High school I had a great deal of tests to study for. Whe…JocelinHector J. Garcia Early College High School
One way I prepare for tests is using online flashcards on a website called quizlet. …CaitlinYork Suburban High School
I’ve prepared for a lot of tests in my lifetime and have noticed some trends in what…EmmaNorth Shore High School
Testing has been embedded into students at a very young age. As long as I could reme…KaraClear Falls High School
Throughout my school career, from the fifth grade all the way through to where I am …AbriannaSavannah College of Art and Design
To prepare for tests, I start by taking and scoring practice tests. I generally try …MichaelaHomeschool
To prepare for a test in a class, I like to go over each topic that will be covered …MasonLittle Elm High School
First and foremost, in a college of engineering and STEM, studying is vital to succe…SilasTexas Tech University
Organic Chemistry 2 was probably one of the most difficult courses I have ever taken…ConnerUniversity of Central Florida
Opening my Google Sheets app on my computer, I start typing in all the possible ques…Jenny Warren Township High School
I have never been the person with the best memory in the room. When schoolwork becam…JonathanUniversity of California Santa Barbara
I know I am prepared for a test when someone asks me questions and I get them correc…RachelByron Nelson High School
I ensure that I get enough sleep in-between my studies, while bathing with cold wate…OluwasegunMercer University
I ensure that I get enough sleep in-between my studies, while bathing with cold wate…OluwasegunMercer University
Taking tests have always been a challenge for me. In order to get over my anxieties …RachelRiverbend Highschool
During the summer of quarantine, I had an upcoming ACT in the fall of the upcoming s…TrevorGeorge Washington High School
My great test preparation practice is I re-write my notes from class when I get home…CaytlynWillowbrook High School
The variety of using colorful flashcards and pens, writing my schedule for the day, …JenniferNorth Haven High School
One of the most popular proverbs is, "If there's a will, there's a way.&…CaitlinEllis High School
As a current college student, I know better than anyone that test preparation can fe…LoraSaint Louis University
The most important thing I need in order to pass tests is keeping the necessary know…OliverColorado College
Walking into school in February of 2020, I was ready to take the biggest test of my …LeahLeilehua High School
If I've learned anything over the course of 7 years at one of Massachusetts'…LucyAdvanced Math and Science Charter School
In education, providing students with different ways, and ideas to prepare for test …BreshaeMidlothian High School
I haven't always been the hardest studier, but my studying habits have picked up…EthanCinnaminson High School
Studying can be difficult. Whether its the motivation to do it, or simply not knowin…JosephP-tech Norwalk
Test preparation can be a very stressful and difficult time, but after so many years…MalloryMarshall University
In my eyes, test preparation comes down to two things: time and consistency. The key…ThomasSouth Plantation High School
The best test preparation practice for me, was just studying before the exam. By tak…JacobWashington State University, but considering a transfer to the University of Central Florida
For a Senior High School student like me who Is a first-generation college student i…Marisol Uplift Mighty Preparatory
Knowing how to study for tests is one of the most important ways to succeed in any c…AnyaRiver Hill High School
The part that everyone dislikes about school is taking exams. For some people, this …Nia Mount Pleasant High School
I by far have the best preparations when coming to a test or exam, When I have a har…JohannahChurchill High School
Test prep begins long before the test itself. It’s all about developing productive s…JacksonRio Americano High School
My favorite way to prepare test that works for me is to simply look up videos on wha…ClarkPlum Senior High School
My test preparation practices differ for different classes depending on the content …SamanthaSuncoast Community High School
Throughout my years in high school I was forced to come up with a study strategy tha…AntonellaSuncoast Community High School
I always take time the night before the test to go over anything i might not be prof…ZacharyCypress Creek High
I was a horrible test taker when I was younger. I always got so nervous and would co…EmmaSouth Central High School
My test preparation practices are fairly straightforward, but they work really well.…AngelaOhio Virtual Academy
Before high school, tests were easy. I did my homework and then aced the test. Simpl…SennecaHighland High School
The main ingredients, for me, when studying for a test are some colored and lined pa…PaNhiaUniversity of Kansas
The test preparation practices that work the best for me are flashcards and practice…IsabellaStonehill College
As a graduating senior inundated with dozens of tests per month, I have discovered t…JasmineUnion County Vocational Technical School | UCTech
Preparation and helping others is the main way that I study for tests. The first th…EricTowson University
The clock is ticking and time is running out, but your paper and your mind are void …AmandaEssex North shore agricultural and Technical School
My test preparation often starts days in advance to ensure that I can perform my bes…BayleeFrenship High School
I believe that I have some of the greatest test preparation practices. While they mi…KateLowell Catholic High School
Study early, often, and intentionally. That is my secret to test prep. Once I know t…GabriellaGap Year (was Homeschooled)
My favorite study practice is simple: understand what I'm learning. It has unfor…MadisonCrescent Valley High School

Math came right after recess in fourth grade--an unfortunate fact, as it prompte…
LilyShorewood High School
As a student with ADHD, studying is not easy for me, and test preparation can be eve…EthanHomeschooled
I do believe the greatest test preparation a student can have is testing themselves.…ClaudiaLaredo College
In order to have success at higher levels of education, one must have proper prepara…AxelBlue Ridge Community College
When I study for a normal test, I take the notes my teacher has given me, or I write…EmilyPrior Lake High School
Up until last year, I always prepared for my tests and quizzes the same way. Ho…LeahSterling High School
The basis for my test preparation practice is the idea called active recall. Many st…GrantSaint Cloud State University
Can you really use the nursery song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to prepare for a tes…Abigail Highland High School
On being a teacher in elementary education for 38 years.

Formal K-8th grade, …
LedaUnversity of Central Florida, University of Florida
When it comes to test preparation, I have an arsenal of tips and tricks to help me g…CaidanWolcott High School
The way that I prep for a test is I start prepping about a week or two in advance. I…AlexisBluefield State College
Studying for tests is something that many students dread for two main points; when t…Peyton Apex Friendship High School
My name is Dylan Lopez, and I am a senior at Ontario Christian High School in Ontari…DylanOntario Christian High School
My best test preparation practices involve reversing the order in which I study lear…EmilyJohn Hersey High School
One of my favorite sources to use when studying for a test is Socratic. I dislike th…JovanyPlano Senior High School
The most important test-preparation goal is not just cramming last-minute to memoriz…KaylaUniversity of Mary Washington
When my tenth grade class was first told we had to memorize an entire speech for a t…LaurenAthens Bible School
My test preparation practices include going through my chapter or unit notes and rew…CarleyMogadore Senior High School
Did you know that test anxiety affects an estimated 10 million children in North Ame…LisaAUM
Ever since I was little, getting good grades in school has been a priority. My paren…AbrahamJames Bowie High School
As a senior in high school, I am constantly taking tests. I take three dual credit c…BrooklynNew Deal High School
Preparation for a test comes long before the week or day of. It all starts the first…JillianUtah Valley University
Before taking a test, I have a few study habits that help me prepare. The first stud…IsabelleBroadneck High School
Throughout high school, I tried several different methods of studying for the variou…LucienHome Schooled
When it comes down to preparing for an important test, there are many different tech…MylaLee College
I always find working with others to be highly motivating and actually encourages me…JulietteAmerican River College
I believe test prep is incredibly important and can make all the difference in grade…Lola Westhampton Beach Senior High School
It is of the utmost importance to worried students that they do well on exams, sched…KieranRiverview High School
In preparing for a test, I read all of the material in the required chapters and mak…MatthewWarren High School
My test preparation practices for college are relatively but have been incredible ef…JamesUniversity of Nevada, Reno
I think I have great test preparation practices because I have performed well on all…NataliaDel Norte High School
For me I have found that working smarter and not harder is the way to go when it com…JordynDurant High School
I am someone who takes my studies very seriously. If I find myself in a posi…CecilyUpper Dublin High School
One thing I never do before a test is study the day before it. If I cram everything …TiffanyStaten Island Technical High School
During my study process and evaluation time I drafted a scheme or plan which contain…Paidamoyomilwaukee
I have dyslexia, an auditory processing disorder, and ADHD, making studying and lear…Mary ClaireSouth Walton High School
I love using flashcards to study important terms and information to know for my test…CatherineUpper Saint Clair High School
I learned this method of studying from one of my AVID mentors. I have been using th…TanaNorth High School
Notecards are a very simple but effective study technique that I love to use. Until …MariaWest Virginia University
During the school year of 2019, I had the opportunity to take PSAT preparation class…PaulVeritas Classical Academy
Back in high school, I did not have great test preparation practices. Sure, I got go…MalkaRockland Community College
My favorite test preparation practices include a planned week of studying where I qu…JeffSanta Barbara City College
I've always been able to grasp topics relatively easily in school, but when it c…Yenelia middlesex county college
I think there are very few cases where someone truly deserves
something. I could …
JuliusLos Gatos High School
Test preparation is one of the hardest skills to master. With many things to remembe…ZachariahCookeville High School
I love using study groups as a way to prep for tests. It's my belief that educat…AlyssaUW Madison
The worst part of taking tests frequently is that you frequently have to take tests.…DrewXavier University
At the tender age of 12 I was scared and alarmed that I could no longer rely on the …ZoeNorth Attleboro High School
I find the best way to study for a test is to read practice questions over the mater…Nicholas Lorenzo
While technically test preparation begins the moment you start learning the classroo…MarisolDenver South High School
Students have heard this time and time again, but they must apply it. Being organize…KATELYNNDesoto County High School
Exams will delve deep into the content knowledge, so if you do not maintain pace wit…MariahDesoto County High School
Exams will delve deep into the content knowledge, so if you do not maintain pace wit…MariahDesoto County High School
Most classes that I've taken, the teacher has informed us that the questions com…SaraDelgado Community College
Being a full-time nursing student, it's a very frequent occurrence to have at le…GraceHusson University
Since freshman year, I've been taking AP classes. Unlike honors classes, AP …RachelAmerican Heritage School Boca/Delray
To many, test preparation is one of the most worrying and time consuming aspects…RobertBrien McMahon High School
My great test preparation practice is a very unusual one. I have sever test anxiety …CrystalRose State College
Studying isn’t a one size fits all activity. Even when said activities are for t…MaxineUniversity of Texas - Austin
The overwhelming feeling of a major test creeping up can often increase stress le…Caitlynn Sul Ross State University
What I have found to get more prepared for tests is that when the teacher would tell…VanessaUniversity Of Advancing Technology
My great test preparation practice would be reviewing and learning beyond the materi…JasneetCalifornia Baptist University
To prepare for a test, I consider the first step to be engaged in class. Understandi…MiaExeter High School
Getting help.
Alot of people love to study by themselves, but when they get stuck…
EmmanuelUniversity of Buffalo
How To Perfect Your Studying Methods and (Hopefully) Get an "A"
(as prese…
EmmalineFreedom Christian Academy
Test preparation practices that work for me really center on repetition. One method …PeterNorth Rockland High School
I have a huge test tomorrow and I have been stressed about it all day. Tonight, I am…AbreannaPerry High School
I do not have a working test preparation practice.…IeshaNotus Jr. Sr. High School
Honestly I feel that test preparation starts when you first start learning. Using s…BrockMontour High School
Test taking has been turned on its head this past year. All of us have had to cope …KerriannRocky Point High School
When preparing for tests, I find that the most effective method of doing my best beg…brooklynvilla rica high school
I am a great test taker naturally, which means test preparation might not be somethi…SkylarBartram Trail High School
Test preparation can be very stressful, especially when you have testing anxiety. Ho…LaciDawson Community College
My favorite test preparation practice is teaching the material to one of my family m…KelseyVictor Senior High School
The best test preparation that has worked for me was to study a little each day so i…KatieSouth Shore Christian Academy
Up until my junior year of high school I never studied because all the information I…AustinRocky Mountain High School
The best test preparation method I have found is a multi-level approach. Rather than…JustinEmbry Riddle Aeronautical University
For test preparation, I use Quizlet. Quizlet is the perfect study site for me person…AlizeeUH Manoa
Testing can be incredibly difficult for any student. Sometimes students are unprepar…LeahTonopah Valley High School
When considering your grades, tests are often one of the most important indicati…QuinnMesa Verde High School
To prepare for a test I can do many different things to study. If the test has a lot…SarahFort Dorchester High School
Use the KIS (Keep it Simple) method.First read the assignment. Second, make flash ca…KennyWestern Illinois University
Everyone has different ways they prepare for a test. I have tutored and found that t…JaclynMontgomery college
Whenever I have an important upcoming test. I make it a top priority; to practice an…KendallHomeschool
For most students, finding the right studying methods is just a matter of determinin…AndrewTexas Tech University
Whenever I have a test for any course, I like to study at least three days before. I…LuciaValley View High School
Hi my name is Sidney Whetstone I’m 17 years old and I am attending Montclair State U…Sidney Lenape High School
I always prepare for my tests the night before by taking a shower or bath right befo…HannahJackson high school (Massillon)
Studying for tests is hard. Especially when it's something like the SAT. But it&…EmilyWinter Park High School
Depth, quality, consistency—this was my motto while prepping for the ACT. My routine…JackMother of Divine Grace School
I would have to say my best test preparation is meticulous review and breathing exer…CalebWaverly Shell-Rock High School
Preparing for a test can be very stressful which is why I made it my goal to determi…MadisonMascoma Valley Regional High School
Flashcards! Flashcards! Flashards! When I entered high school, one of my major weakn…GraceBishop Montgomery High School
My greatest talent, as bad as it sounds, is my ability to work on assignments the ni…MichelleSt. Andrew's Priory
Test preparation has not only helped me to succeed in school but also in extracurric…Mary-ElizabethBroadway High School
Before every test I take I ensure myself to spend a little extra time and energy to …SusanaManheim Township Highschool
The most effective test preparation strategy for me may take time and effort but I h…FinneaDowners Grove North
Initially, the hands-on approach is the most effective technique for myself as I bel…AdrianaGodinez Fundamental High School
Test prep by subject from a 35 ACT/1570 SAT student:

Math: I know they have a…
RanaJackson High School
I could come on here and say that I use the typical studying practices. Such as flas…MadisonCoffee County Central High
The famous ancient Roman general ‎Gaius Marcius Coriolanus used to share the followi…IsabellaIowa State University
I growing up was not the best at studying for tests, because I didn't have to. S…GabrielleEmmaus High School
I can admit that I am not the greatest test taking person, however, I do have ways o…AbigailPrattville High School
Test. Why do we have them? What are they for? A test or assessment is an instructive…Charles Olympic High School
My test preparation practices are pretty unorthodox. They tend to work very well for…JalenAnne Arundel Community College
The best way I test prep is to create my own practice tests. I make sure that I have…AalaysiaHazelwood Central High
There are a lot of ways you can prepare for a test, we've got the really simple …JohnAutism Academy for Education & Development
I begin my test strategy early gathering any information possible on the test layout…HamptonNewtown High School