What is a Ray in Math?

What is a Ray in Math?

When you’re studying math, you’ll notice that there are a lot of different terms and formulas that you’ll need to learn.

When you get to geometry, you’ll start to learn about lines, segments, and rays.

When you hear the word “ray” you probably think about a sunray, which is kind of the concept.

What is a Ray in Math?

Like a sunray, a ray is part of a line that has a fixed starting point but does not have an endpoint. A ray can extend infinitely in one direction, meaning that a ray can go on forever in one direction.

What is a Ray in Math_

Things to Remember About Rays

  • A ray has a starting point and continues indefinitely in one direction.
  • The starting point of a ray is called the endpoint.
  • A ray does not have a height or width, but it has length. However, the length is not measurable because it goes on forever in one direction.



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