Iowa Assessments Success Strategies

Iowa Assessments

The Iowa Assessments are administered annually to every student in the state. They cover all of the core academic subjects, and are directly tied to the state curriculum. These tests measure student performance and progress, and identify strengths and weaknesses for each student. One of the purposes of the Iowa Assessments is to generate useful information for teachers, so that instruction can be tailored to the specific needs of the student. The Iowa Assessments also help administrators and teachers compare their school’s performance with the rest of the state.

Students will not take every part of the Iowa Assessments each year. The following tests are administered at Level 5/6: reading, language, vocabulary, word analysis, listening, and mathematics. In Level 7/8, the reading, language, vocabulary, word analysis, listening, mathematics, computation, science, and social studies tests are administered. Students at Levels 9 through 14 may take the reading, written expression, vocabulary, word analysis, listening, mathematics, computation, science, and social studies. At Levels 15 through 17/18, the reading, written expression, vocabulary, mathematics, computation, science, and social studies exams are administered.

Scoring for the Iowa Assessments depends upon the battery of tests taken by each student. The test administrator uses a series of formulas to generate a composite score, as well as individual scores for each of the tests. Each student will receive three basic reports: an individual profile narrative, an individual performance profile, and an individual reading performance summary. The individual profile narrative identifies the student’s strengths and weaknesses, assesses his or her level of proficiency, and, for administrators and teachers, informs placement decisions. The individual performance profile breaks the score down into subject areas. The individual reading performance summary isolates the student’s reading score, and provides granular detail on strengths and weaknesses in this area. In addition, beginning in sixth grade (Level 12), students may request a special breakdown of their Iowa Assessment scores, indicating their readiness for college and their projected scores on the ACT and SAT. This information can be very useful for students as they begin to contemplate education after high school.

Iowa Test Prep

The Iowa Assessments can be difficult, but with the right preparation any student can improve his or her score. Mometrix Media has developed a set of Iowa test prep materials specifically for the Iowa Assessments. Mometrix offers a set of flashcards, which cover all of the topics that will appear on the Iowa Assessments, as well as a study guide, which addresses all of the exam topics and includes some general tips and tricks for the big day. For any student looking to boost his or her performance on the Iowa Assessments, the Mometrix flashcards and study guide are a must! These resources can be purchased at for the Iowa Assessments Study Guide or at for the Iowa Assessments Flashcards.

Resource Book:
Iowa Assessments Success Strategies Level 9 Grade 3 Study Guide: IA Test Review for the Iowa Assessments (link)

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