Best Way To Take Cornell Notes

How to take Cornell Notes (Report)

Taking notes in class is essential to being successful in your class. Not only do you need to make sure that you are paying attention in all of your classes, but there is a lot of information that you need to retain and you may not be able to remember all of it.

That’s where taking notes comes in.

Taking notes allows you to remember what was said in class as well as helping you to remember what you need to study. Taking notes also helps you to remember anything that the teacher emphasizes that will be on the exam and reduces test anxiety.

There are plenty of ways to take notes for your class, but one of the most effective ways is with the Cornell method.

The Cornell method of note taking is a format that allows you to condense and organize your notes. This system allows you to “record” your notes during your lecture or class. As soon as possible after your class, preferably within 24 hours, revise your notes and create questions based off of your notes. You should also write a brief summary of your notes. This will help you to understand the subject material and will be useful later on when you are studying for an exam.

How To Take Cornell Notes Properly

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