5 Things High School Counselors Wish That Students Would Understand

5 Things High School Counselors Wish Students Would Understand [Infographic]

#1. Kelly Johnson – HS Guidance Counselor, Boone Grove High School

I wish more of our students understood that we deeply desire to help them, and that they should feel comfortable coming to us for questions and support. We may not be able to see them that day, but we will follow up with them because they are important!

#2. Lisa Boge – School Counselor, Johnston High School

-By the end of their 10th grade year, they have over 50% of their credits towards graduation. Some students wish they had done better their freshman year especially.

-Coasting their senior year does not set them up for college success. Might affect college entrance.

-Some students think loading up on all core classes is the way to go, however, they don’t take classes to explore different areas in which they might be interested.

-Learning time management is HUGE!

-Have them inquire about college/career things. Many parents contact us about sending transcripts, etc when in reality the student should be taking that initiative instead of having parents do it.

#3. Paul Huettner – Guidance Counselor, Clintonville High School

I think it is vitally important that students understand that things don’t happen just because you want them to. You have to be willing to work hard to achieve your goals. Chances are you will have to pay your dues so to speak before your become the CEO. It is important for students to have realistic life and career goals.

#4. Mr.Hale – Guidance Counselor, Mattoon High School

Attendance is the biggest issue I see. Students become chronically truant and then try to make up the work right before each quarter ends to improve their grade.

#5. Ms. Michelle Ryan – High School Psychologist, Duxbury High School

1. Life doesn’t end at the end of high school or college i.e. students should not be only preparing for what college they want to attend, and how to get in.

2. Problem solving. Kids need to learn how to problem solve effectively. And this means that sometimes they don’t always make the decisions that we, as adults, feel is in their best interest. It is only through this process of trial and error that we can learn from our mistakes. Of course parents don’t want to see their child unhappy however, if they fix all of their problems, they are teaching their child that he is incapable of making decisions.

3. Educate themselves on mental health issues such as anxiety and depression and where to get support. The majority of students I see suffer from one or both of these issues….and there are many more out there that I don’t see. Understanding these issues and how they can manage stress and depression is a vital part of positive mental health.

5 Things High School Counselors Wish Students Would Understand

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