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How to Write a Cover Letter Course by Mometrix


Cover Letter Content

  • Different Types of Cover Letters
  • How to Format a Heading
  • How to Write a Greeting
  • How to Write the First, Second and Third Paragraph of a Cover Letter
  • How to Express Enthusiasm for the Job You’re Applying For
  • How to Explain Why Your Experience and Skills Make You The Perfect Fit
  • How to Write a Closing Statement
  • How to Write a Formal Closing
  • How to Write a Postscript

Cover Letter Format

  • How to Format a Cover Letter to Send in an Email
  • How to Format a Cover Letter for Snail Mail
  • How to Format a Cover Letter to be Submitted on a Recruitment Site
  • How to Choose the Right Fonts and Colors for a Cover Letter

Polishing the Cover Letter

  • Best Edits to Make
  • Review and Recap Video


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