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2,650+ TEAS Practice Questions

Know exactly how to tackle every question

  • Practice with 13 full-length TEAS 7 practice tests that mimic the actual questions you’ll find on the exam
  • Master the new TEAS test question types so that nothing will surprise you on test day
  • Use in-depth answer explanations to learn from your mistakes

Includes 63 Post-Lesson Quizzes!

Quiz yourself after each lesson to reinforce what you learned and identify what you missed

Prepared me for the types of questions I’d see and helped guide my studying in the right direction. Plenty of great review. Enjoyed the work at your own pace, plenty of practice tests, and thorough study guides.”


TEAS Score: 92

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“The information was very thorough but also to the point, which I appreciate. The practice test questions were very similar to the actual test. I hadn’t been in school in 20 years, so if it helped me it’ll help anyone!”


TEAS Score: 81

200+ TEAS Videos

Difficult Topics Simplified

  • Clarify concepts you don’t fully understand
  • Watch ideas explained visually through animations, diagrams, and illustrations
  • Listen to instructors teach difficult subjects in an understandable way

Over 8 Hours of TEAS Video Reviews

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“The course prepares you for the test in more ways than one. The practice test mock the real exam perfectly which trains the mind to the format. Did not run out of time on any section and actually had spare time to review flagged questions.”


TEAS Score: 87

100+ TEAS 7 Study Lessons

A step-by-step plan for studying

  • Focus only on the essential topics you need to review, without the fluff included in other courses
  • Track your progress by marking lessons complete and reviewing your practice question statistics
  • Highlight areas you need to brush up on with lessons adapted from our highly reviewed study guide

More Than A Textbook!

If you get tired of reading, there are several other ways to learn the material on your test. Reinforce your learning by watching videos and reviewing detailed images of the most important topics.

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We’ve been down this road with millions of students before. With over 20 years of experience, you’re in the right hands.

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Conquer the TEAS Science Section

The science section accounts for 29% of your TEAS score, yet many students say it’s the subject they struggle with most.

We’ve completely redesigned our science review to include colorful graphics, comprehensive review videos, and in-depth explanations for the TEAS science section.

You’ll walk into your test fully prepared for every science question thrown at you!

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Use Bonus Tools and Tips

Getting a high score on the TEAS test requires more than just learning the material. You need to learn the test. This distinction is the biggest difference between students who get a decent score and students who get a great score.

Our course includes the secret keys to the TEAS 7 test that we’ve learned through years of research. We’ll tell you how to get questions right when you have no idea what the answer is, the clues hidden in questions to help you guess correctly, and the best way to maximize your studying while minimizing your effort.

  • The 5 Secret Keys to TEAS 7 Success

  • Top Test-Taking Strategies

  • Best Study Skills

  • Detailed Study Plans

  • How to Overcome Test Anxiety

Prep For Every TEAS 7 Subject


7 Lessons | 7 Quizzes


12 Lessons | 12 Quizzes


34 Lessons | 33 Quizzes


11 Lessons | 11 Quizzes

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy your course over others?
We've helped millions of people like you prepare for the biggest tests of their lives. People trust us because we go the extra mile to ensure you're prepared. This means we offer more practice questions than other courses, provide secret tips and tricks used by top scorers that you won't find anywhere else, and take you deeper into every aspect of science tested on the TEAS.
Are your practice questions like the TEAS?
Yes! We've put a lot of work into ensuring that our practice questions mimic the actual TEAS test. We continually monitor student feedback to certify that our questions follow the format of the TEAS.
Is your course overwhelming?
The TEAS 7 exam is a difficult test with a vast amount of information. Mometrix’s study guide delves deep into topics so that you can absorb every crucial detail. As a result, our guide can seem harder than the actual test.

We want you to be ready to answer any curveballs the test creators decide to throw you, even if it takes a long time.

We think this approach is better than giving you a smaller amount of information that leaves gaps in your knowledge and negatively affects your test score.
Is your course good for cramming?
Yes! We've found that most of our students study for less than a month and get great results. So if that's you, don't worry! You can still use this course to improve your score.

After taking this course, you'll:

  • Be familiar with the types of questions on the exam
  • Fly through the science section with ease
  • Use secret tips and tricks to boost your TEAS 7 score
  • Get into the nursing school of your dreams

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  • 2,650+ Practice Questions
  • 200+ Videos
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  • 310+ Flashcards


  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English


  • Post-Lesson Quizzes
  • Progress Tracking
  • Study Plans
  • Bonus Tools and Tips
  • And More!
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