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Course Outline
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SHRM Audio Mode
Leadership and Navigation5 Topics
Lesson Content
Leadership Theories
People Management Techniques
Motivation Theories
Influence and Persuasion Techniques
Trust and Relationship-Building Techniques
Ethical Practice2 Topics
Lesson Content
Ethical Business Principles and Practices
Code of Conduct
Relationship Management6 Topics
Lesson Content
Types of Conflict
Conflict Management Methods
Conflict Resolution Styles
Conflict Resolution Techniques
Relationship Building, Networking, & Teamwork
Communication4 Topics
Lesson Content
Elements of Communication
General Communication Techniques
Communication Techniques for Specialized Situations
Communications Media
Global and Cultural Effectiveness5 Topics
Lesson Content
Cultural Intelligence
Cultural Norms, Values, and Dimensions
Techniques for Bridging Individual Differences and Perceptions
Best Practices for Managing Globally Diverse Workforces
Interactions and Conflicts of Professional and Cultural Values
Business Acumen6 Topics
Lesson Content
Business Terms and Concepts
Analyzing and Interpreting Business Documents
Elements of a Business Case
Business Intelligence Tools and Techniques
Financial Analysis Methods to Assess Business Health
Business and Competitive Awareness, Business Analysis, & Strategic Alignment
Consultation6 Topics
Lesson Content
Organizational Change Management Theories and Models
Organizational Change Processes
Consulting Processes and Models
Effective Consulting Techniques
Key Components of Successful Client Interactions
Methods for Design and Delivery of Human Resource Functions and Processes
Critical Evaluation4 Topics
Lesson Content
Survey and Assessment Tools
Sources of Data
Basic Concepts in Statistics and Measurement
Data Interpretation
Human Resources Strategic Planning8 Topics
Lesson Content
Approaches to Project management
Project Management Processes
Systems Thinking
Project planning, monitoring, and reporting methods and tools
Organizational Mission and Vision Statements, Values and Impact on Strategic Management, and Planning
Role of Strategic Planning and Management in Creating and Sustaining a Competitive Advantage
Strategic Planning Analysis Frameworks
Strategic Planning Process
Talent Acquisition9 Topics
Lesson Content
Approaches to Employee Onboarding
Approaches to Sourcing
Employment Categories
Job Analysis and Identification of Job Requirements
Job Offer Contingencies
Job Offer Negotiations
Methods for Creating and Maintaining a Positive Employer Value Proposition and Employment Branding
Methods for Selection Assessment
Talent Acquisition Metrics
Employee Engagement and Retention11 Topics
Lesson Content
Types of Organizational Culture
Approaches to Developing and Maintaining a Positive Organizational Culture
Approaches to Recognition
Employee Lifecycle Phases
Employee Retention Concepts and Best Practices
Job Attitude Theories and Basic Principles
Methods of Assessing Employee Attitudes
Interventions for Improving Job Attitudes
Job Enrichment, Enlargement Principles, and Techniques
Key Components and Best Practices of Performance Management Systems
Principles of Effective Performance Appraisal & Flexibility Programs
Learning and Development8 Topics
Lesson Content
Learning Organizations
Approaches to Coaching and Mentoring
Career Development
Developmental Assessments & Knowledge-Sharing Techniques
Learning and Development Approaches and Techniques
Needs Analyses
Learning Evaluation
Learning Theories
Total Rewards11 Topics
Lesson Content
Types of Rewards, Philosophy, and Strategy
Pay Structures
Job Evaluation or Analysis
Pay Practices and Issues
Compensation Plans for Common and Special Workforce Groups
Other Compensation
Leave Plans and Approaches
Health-Care Insurance Plans
Other Benefits
Pensions or Retirement Plans
Total Compensation Statements
Structure of the Human Resources Function4 Topics
Lesson Content
Operational Integration and Alignment of Human Resources Management
Human Resource Models
Human Resource Function Metrics
Human Resource Staff Roles & Outsourcing
Organizational Effectiveness and Development5 Topics
Lesson Content
Application of Behavioral Assessments
Intragroup dynamics
Intergroup Dynamics
Organizational Design Structures
Contribution of Efficiency and Effectiveness to Organizational Structure
Workforce Management2 Topics
Lesson Content
Approaches to Restructuring
High-Potential Development Programs, Succession Planning, & Attrition
Employee and Labor Relations15 Topics
Lesson Content
Types and Structures of Organized Labor
National Labor Relations Board
Employment Rights and Standards and Unfair Labor Practices
Unfair Labor Practices
LMRA and the Organization of a Union
Defensive Tools Used by Employers
Bargaining Structures, Processes, and Contract Negotiation
Work Stoppages, Strikes, and Lockouts
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Employee Discipline Procedures and Approaches
Employment-at-Will Doctrine
Employee Misconduct Investigations
Handling International Labor Relations
Technology Management5 Topics
Lesson Content
Data and Information Management
Policies and Procedures for Procurement of Technology
Technology Use Policies
Applicant Tracking Systems
Human Resources in the Global Context3 Topics
Lesson Content
Stages of International Human Resource Management
Best Practices for International Assignments
Requirements for Moving Work


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