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PELLET B Prep Course

Ace the POST Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLETB) exam by the state of California

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Course Outline
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PELLETB Clarity Pretest
PELLETB Spelling Pretest
PELLETB Vocabulary Pretest
PELLETB Reading Comprehension Pretest
PELLETB Cloze Pretest
PELLETB Reasoning Pretest


Welcome to the Mometrix PELLETB Course!
PELLETB Video Directory
Study Tips and Test-Taking Strategies
5 Secret Keys to Police Test Success5 Topics
Lesson Content
Secret Key #1: Plan Big, Study Small
Secret Key #2: Make Your Studying Count
Secret Key #3: Practice the Right Way
Secret Key #4: Pace Yourself
Secret Key #5: Have a Plan for Guessing
Test-Taking Strategies3 Topics
Lesson Content
Question Strategies
Answer Choice Strategies
General Strategies
Subject Material
Writing Ability9 Topics
Lesson Content
Clarity: Subjects, Predicates, & Subject-Verb Agreement
Clarity: Complements & Pronoun Usage
Clarity: Clauses & Phrases
Clarity: Parallelism, Sentence Purpose, & Sentence Structure
Clarity: Sentence Fragments, Run-on Sentences, & Dangling and Misplaced Modifiers
Clarity: Word Confusion & Commonly Misused Words and Phrases
Vocabulary: Word Roots, Prefixes, & Suffixes
Vocabulary: Determining Word Meanings
Reading Ability4 Topics
Lesson Content
Reading Comprehension: Topics, Main Ideas, Predictions, & Inferences
Reading Comprehension: Organization of the Text & Transitions
Cloze Test: Parts of Speech Part 1
Cloze Test: Parts of Speech Part 2
Reasoning Ability1 Topics
Lesson Content
Tell Us What You Think
PELLETB Feedback Form
Bonus Content
Guide to Effective Studying6 Topics
Lesson Content
Where and How to Study
Scheduling Study Time
Reading Methods
Taking Notes
Exam Day
How to Overcome Test Anxiety

Practice Tests

Practice Test 1
PELLETB Practice Test 1 Clarity
PELLETB Practice Test 1 Spelling
PELLETB Practice Test 1 Vocabulary
PELLETB Practice Test 1 Reading Comprehension
PELLETB Practice Test 1 Cloze
PELLETB Practice Test 1 Reasoning
Practice Test 2
PELLETB Practice Test 2 Clarity
PELLETB Practice Test 2 Spelling
PELLETB Practice Test 2 Vocabulary
PELLETB Practice Test 2 Reading Comprehension
PELLETB Practice Test 2 Cloze
PELLETB Practice Test 2 Reasoning
Practice Test 3
Pellet B Practice Test 3 Clarity
PELLETB Practice Test 3 Spelling
PELLETB Practice Test 3 Vocabulary
PELLETB Practice Test 3 Reading Comprehension
PELLETB Practice Test 3 Cloze
PELLETB Practice Test 3 Reasoning
Practice Test 4
PELLETB Practice Test 4 Clarity
PELLETB Practice Test 4 Spelling
PELLETB Practice Test 4 Vocabulary
PELLETB Practice Test 4 Reading Comprehension
PELLETB Practice Test 4 Cloze
PELLETB Practice Test 4 Reasoning
Practice Test 5
PELLETB Practice Test 5 Clarity
PELLETB Practice Test 5 Spelling
PELLETB Practice Test 5 Vocabulary
PELLETB Practice Test 5 Reading Comprehension
PELLETB Practice Test 5 Cloze
PELLETB Practice Test 5 Reasoning
Practice Test 6
PELLETB Practice Test 6 Clarity
PELLETB Practice Test 6 Spelling
PELLETB Practice Test 6 Vocabulary
PELLETB Practice Test 6 Reading Comprehension
PELLETB Practice Test 6 Cloze
PELLETB Practice Test 6 Reasoning
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PELLET B Prep Course by Mometrix


Writing Ability

  • Clarity
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary

Reading Ability

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Cloze Test

Reasoning Ability

  • Comparative Values
  • Numerical Series
  • Similar Words


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Get access to content from the best-reviewed study guide available.

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6 Full-Length Practice Tests

With 900+ practice questions and lesson reviews, you can test yourself again and again to build confidence.
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