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Professional Practice and Ethics

Intake, Assessment, and Diagnosis

Areas of Clinical Focus

Treatment Planning

Counseling Skills and Interventions

Core Counseling Attributes

Count The Reasons
Get access to content from the best-reviewed study guide available.
Our course includes a flashcard mode with 521 content cards to help you study.
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With 1650+ practice questions and lesson reviews, you can test yourself again and again, to build confidence.
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Course Outline
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NCE Pretest

NCE Pretest

NCE Course

Welcome to the Mometrix NCE Course!
NCE Video Directory
Study Tips and Test-Taking Strategies
5 Secret Keys to NCE Success5 Topics
Lesson Content
Secret Key #1: Plan Big, Study Small
Secret Key #2: Make Your Studying Count
Secret Key #3: Practice the Right Way
Secret Key #4: Pace Yourself
Secret Key #5: Have a Plan for Guessing
Test-Taking Strategies3 Topics
Lesson Content
Question Strategies
Answer Choice Strategies
General Strategies
Subject Material
Professional Practice and Ethics13 Topics |1 Quiz
Lesson Content
History of Ethical Standards and Ethical Dilemmas
Confidentiality and Virtue Ethics
Regulatory Standards
Legal and Political Issues
Research: Process, Data, and Sampling
Research: Measurements and Analysis
Research in Counseling
Careers in Counseling
Counseling Settings
Private Practitioner
Private Practices
Managed Care
Technology in Counseling
Intake, Assessment, and Diagnosis11 Topics |1 Quiz
Lesson Content
Human Growth and Development Part 1
Human Growth and Development Part 2
Human Behavior in the Social Environment
Assessment Process
Client Interviews
Assessment Tests and Tools
Intelligence Tests
Personality Tests and Tests for Dementia, Attention, and Delirium
Tests for Anxiety and Depression and Other Assesssments
Diagnostic Tests
Indicators for Risk to Self or Others
Areas of Clinical Focus28 Topics |1 Quiz
Lesson Content
Intellectual Disabilities, Communication Disorders, ASD, & ADHD
Specific Learning Disorder, Motor Disorders, & the Schizophrenia Spectrum
Schizophrenia, Catatonia, & Bipolar and Related Disorders
Depressive Disorders, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, & Anxiety Disorders
OCD and Related Disorders & Trauma and Stressor-Related Disorders
Dissociative Disorders, Somatic Symptom, Feeding and Eating Disorders, & Sleep-Wake Disorders
Sexual Dysfunctions, Disruptive and Impulse Control Disorders, & Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders
Neurocognitive Disorders
Personality Disorders & Paraphilic Disorders
Alcoholism and History of Substance Abuse
Substance Abuse: Screening, Assessment, and Treatment
Indicators of Substance Abuse Part 1
Indicators of Substance Abuse Part 2
Globalization and Institutionalism
Social and Economic Justice
Out-of-Home Placement and Displacement
Sexual Orientation
Domestic Violence
Stress, Crisis, and Trauma
Terrorism and Crisis Intervention
Grief, Trauma, and Natural Disasters
Career Counseling Part 1
Career Counseling Part 2
Career Counseling Part 3
Treatment Planning3 Topics |1 Quiz
Lesson Content
Theoretical Frameworks Part 1
Theoretical Frameworks Part 2
Theory Development
Counseling Skills and Interventions10 Topics |1 Quiz
Lesson Content
CBT, ACT, and Behaviorism
Recovery Model, Trauma-Informed Care, and PSST and PMT
Condition-Specific Therapeutic Approaches
Counseling Techniques
Family Therapy Part 1
Family Therapy Part 2
Group Work and Small Group Therapy
Group Formation, Group Process, and Models of Group Practice
Group Therapy Methods and Group Practice with Special Populations
Using Humor in the Counseling Process
Core Counseling Attributes4 Topics |1 Quiz
Lesson Content
Therapeutic Environment Part 1
Therapeutic Environment Part 2
Therapeutic Relationships and Communication
Multicultural Counseling
Tell Us What You Think
NCE Course Feedback
NCE Video Feedback
Bonus Content
Guide to Effective Studying6 Topics
Lesson Content
Where and How to Study
Scheduling Study Time
Reading Methods
Taking Notes
Exam Day
How to Overcome Test Anxiety
NCE Flashcards

NCE Practice Tests

Practice Test 1
NCE Practice Test 1
Practice Test 2
NCE Practice Test 2
Practice Test 3
NCE Practice Test 3
Practice Test 4
NCE Practice Test 4
Practice Test 5
NCE Practice Test 5
Practice Test 6
NCE Practice Test 6
Practice Test 7
NCE Practice Test 7
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Professional Practice and Ethics

  • Regulatory Standards
  • Legal and Political Issues

Intake, Assessment, and Diagnosis

  • Biological Theories
  • Assessment Process

Areas of Clinical Focus

  • Neurocognitive Disorders
  • Personality Disorders & Paraphilic Disorders

Treatment Planning

  • Theoretical Frameworks
  • Theory Development

Counseling Skills and Interventions

  • Counseling Techniques
  • Family Therapy

Core Counseling Attributes

  • Therapeutic Environment
  • Multicultural Counseling


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7 Full-Length Practice Tests

With 1650+ practice questions and lesson reviews, you can test yourself again and again to build confidence.


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