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If you’re looking for a guide for the GED exam, then you’ve found it. This is filled with great test taking tips that tell you what you need on the actual exam day and even tells you the best ways and times to study to better improve your retention level. It has an in-depth overview of the necessary material for the test. You’re sure to find it beneficial to your test prep and to actually taking the test.
I was having difficulties with the extended response for the RLA portion. I read 2 different GED books, searched online & still didn't understand. I looked at this and they explained it wonderfully! Without this I would have never figured it out. It also provides review video’s, which is an awesome added bonus! From start to finish this book is an A+.
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Get access to content from the best reviewed study guide available.
Our course includes a flashcard mode with 430 content cards to help you study.
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With 700+ practice questions and lesson reviews, you can test yourself again and again, to build confidence.
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This is your GED prep course.  Here, you’ll find the GED study guide broken into individual topics and lessons, so you can either go through the whole course, or just study what you need. As you finish lessons, you’ll be quizzed on what you just learned, so you know if it is sticking with you.  After you finish studying, take a practice test to see if you’re ready, or if you need to spend more time reviewing.


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Reasoning Through Language Arts:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Informational Sources
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Writing
  • Language and Usage

Mathematical Reasoning

  • Number Operations/Number Sense
  • Algebra, Functions, and Patterns
  • Data Analysis, Probability, and Statistics
  • Measurement and Geometry


  • Physical Science
  • Life Science
  • Earth and Space Science

Social Studies

  • Civics and Government
  • United States History
  • Economics
  • Geography and the World

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Get access to content from the best reviewed study guide available.

3 Full-Length Practice Tests

With over 700+ practice questions and lesson reviews, you can test yourself again and again to build confidence.


Our course includes a flashcard mode consisting of over 430 content cards
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