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Cardiovascular Emergencies

Respiratory Emergencies

Neurological Emergencies

GI, GU, and OB/GYN Emergencies

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Course Outline
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CEN Pretest


Welcome to the Mometrix CEN Course!
CEN Video Directory
Study Tips and Test-Taking Strategies
5 Secret Keys to CEN Exam Success5 Topics
Lesson Content
Secret Key #1: Plan Big, Study Small
Secret Key #2: Make Your Studying Count
Secret Key #3: Practice the Right Way
Secret Key #4: Pace Yourself
Secret Key #5: Have a Plan for Guessing
Test-Taking Strategies3 Topics
Lesson Content
Question Strategies
Answer Choice Strategies
General Strategies
Subject Material
Cardiovascular Emergencies15 Topics
Lesson Content
Assessment of the Cardiovascular System & Electrocardiograms
Cardiac Output, Hemodynamic Monitoring, & Assessment of Lower Extremities
Cardiovascular Diagnostics
Acute Coronary Syndromes, Myocardial Infarctions, & Aortic Aneurysms
Aortic Rupture, Cardiogenic Shock, Obstructive Shock, & Cardiomyopathy
Dysrhythmias Part 1
Dysrhythmias Part 2
AV Blocks, Bundle Branch Blocks, & Heart Failure
Myocardial Conduction System Abnormalities, Endocarditis, Myocarditis, & Acute Pericarditis
Mitral, Aortic, & Pulmonic Stenosis and Carotid Artery Stenosis
Hypertensive Crises, Venous/Vascular Insufficiencies, & VTE
Cardioversion, Pericardiocentesis, & Pacemakers
Automatic ICD, PCI, CABG, & Repair of Cardiac Valves
Postoperative Care for Cardiac Surgery, Arterial/Central Line Insertion, & Vascular Interventions
Cardiovascular Pharmacology
Respiratory Emergencies9 Topics
Lesson Content
Respiratory Assessment
Acute Pulmonary Embolism, Asphyxia, ALI, & Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Acute Respiratory Failure & Pneumonia
Chronic Bronchitis, COPD, Asthma, & Air Leak Syndromes
Pulmonary Fibrosis & Management of Pulmonary and Thoracic Trauma
Non-Invasive Ventilation & Airway Devices
Mechanical Ventilation
Sedation/Analgesia with Mechanical Ventilation, Thoracentesis, Chest Tubes, & Thoracic Surgery
Respiratory Pharmacology
Neurological Emergencies8 Topics
Lesson Content
Neurological Assessment
Neurological Diagnostics
Encephalopathies, Intracranial/Intraventricular Hemorrhage, & Hydrocephalus
Neurologic Infectious Diseases & Neuromuscular Disorders
Seizure Disorders, Brain Tumors, & Strokes
Acute Spinal Cord Injury & Head Trauma
Neurological Procedures and Interventions
Neurological Pharmacology
Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary, Gynecology, and Obstetrical Emergencies12 Topics
Lesson Content
Gastrointestinal Assessment
Abdominal Trauma, Gastrointestinal Inflammation, Gastroenteritis, & Constipation and Impaction
Intestinal Perforation, PUD, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, & Diverticular Disease
Hepatic Cirrhosis, Portal Hypertension, Hepatic Coma, & Hernias
Gastrointestinal Tubes, Drains, & Trouble-Shooting Problems Related to Enteral Feedings
Gastrointestinal Surgery & Pharmacology
Genitourinary Assessment
Urinary Incontinence, ATN, AKI, CKD, & Uremic Syndrome
Phelonephritis, Cystitis, Nephrotoxic Agents, & Prostatitis
Urinary Catheters & Renal Dialysis
Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies Part 1
Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies Part 2
Mental Health Emergencies6 Topics
Lesson Content
Psychosocial Assessment
Personality Disorder, OCD, & Depression
Anxiety Disorders, Panic Attacks, PTSD, & Stress
Violent Behavior, Harmful Ideations, Substance Abuse, & Eating Disorders
Psychosocial Interventions
Psychosocial Pharmacology
Medical Emergencies13 Topics
Lesson Content
Hematologic Assessment and Tests
Hematologic Disorders Part 1
Hematologic Disorders Part 2
Electrolyte and Fluid Imbalance
Acid Base Imbalances
Endocrine Assessment and Tests
Endocrine Disorders Part 1
Endocrine Disorders Part 2
Immunodeficiencies, Autoimmune System Disorders, Leukopenia, & HIV/AIDS
Different Types of Cancer
Cancer-Specific Treatment, Chemotherapy, and Palliative Sedation
Sepsis and Shock
Multisystem Procedures and Interventions
Musculoskeletal and Wound Emergencies7 Topics
Lesson Content
Musculoskeletal Assessment
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Joint Pain, Lumbosacral Pain, & Strains and Sprains
Fractures and Dislocations, Compartment Syndrome, & Rhabdomyolysis
Musculoskeletal Procedures and Interventions
Wound Assessment
Wound Pathophysiology
Wound Procedures and Interventions
Maxillofacial and Ocular Emergencies4 Topics
Lesson Content
Maxillofacial Emergencies Part 1
Maxillofacial Emergencies Part 2
Ocular Emergencies Part 1
Ocular Emergencies Part 2
Environment and Toxicology Emergencies, and Communicable Diseases8 Topics
Lesson Content
Burn & Radiation Injuries
Temperature-Related Illness and Injuries
Animal Bites and Stings & Human Bites
Toxic Exposures
Hazardous Materials and Waste & Internal Radiation Therapy
Viral Infections
Bacterial & Fungal Infections
Vector-Borne and Parasitic Infections, Nosocomial Infections, & Infection Control Plans
Professional Issues: Nurse4 Topics
Lesson Content
Evidence Based Practice
Nursing Research
Compassion Fatigue
Professional Issues: Patient12 Topics
Lesson Content
Patient Rights
End-of-Life Issues
Forensic Evidence Collection
Pain Assessment Part 1
Pain Assessment Part 2
Pharmacologic Pain Management
Complications with Pain Management
Patient Safety & Injury Prevention
Therapeutic Communication
Cultural Competence & Characteristics
Abuse & Domestic Violence
Elder Abuse & Other Types of Abuse
Professional Issues: System7 Topics
Lesson Content
Collaboration and Communication
Healthcare Team Members & Patient Referrals
Disaster Management Part 1
Disaster Management Part 2
Federal Regulations
Risk Management
Professional Issues: Triage1 Topics
Lesson Content
Emergency Intake Assessment
Tell Us What You Think
CEN Course Feedback
Bonus Content
Guide to Effective Studying6 Topics
Lesson Content
Where and How to Study
Scheduling Study Time
Reading Methods
Taking Notes
Exam Day
How to Overcome Test Anxiety

Practice Tests

Practice Test 1
CEN Practice Test 1
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CEN Practice Test 2
Practice Test 3
CEN Practice Test 3
Practice Test 4
CEN Practice Test 4
Practice Test 5
CEN Practice Test 5
Practice Test 6
CEN Practice Test 6
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All Emergency Domains

  • Cardiovascular Emergencies
  • Respiratory Emergencies
  • Neurological Emergencies
  • GI, GU, and OB/GYN Emergencies
  • Mental Health Emergencies
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Musculoskeletal and Wound Emergencies
  • Maxillofacial and Ocular Emergencies
  • Environment and Toxicology Emergencies, and Communicable Diseases
  • Professional Issues


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