Free ATI TEAS Test Prep Course

Free ATI TEAS Test Prep Course

The ATI Teas® 6 Test is a standard pre-admission exam for those who are wishing to attend nursing school and is used in many nursing programs around the country. The ATI Teas® 6 Test is an aptitude test that is designed to identify students who would be successful in nursing school and who have the ability to think like a nurse. Individuals who take the ATI Teas® 6 Test will be tested based on their reading, math, science, and English skills. While there is no passing score for the ATI Teas® 6 Test, test-takers should aim to achieve a high score. To do this, we have compiled this free TEAS® test prep course to help you maximize your score!

ATI TEAS® 6 Reading Course

The Reading section of the ATI TEAS® 6 exam contains a total of 53 questions within three sub-content areas which include Key Ideas and Details, Craft and Structure, and Integration of Knowledge. For the reading section, you’ll be given 64 minutes to complete the questions.

Online TEAS Course

If you need to review or need help on any part of the reading section of the TEAS® test, check out the TEAS® Reading Practice Test.

ATI TEAS® 6 Math Course

The ATI TEAS® 6 Math section contains a total of 36 questions with two sub-content areas that include Numbers and Algebra and Measurement and Data. You’ll have 54 minutes to complete these questions.

If you need help learning or just reviewing for the math section, Mometrix offers a freeTEAS® Math Practice Test.

ATI TEAS® 6 Science Course

The ATI TEAS® 6 Science section has a total of 53 questions and within three sub-content areas; Human Anatomy and Physiology, Life and Physical Science, and Scientific Reasoning. You’ll have 63 minutes to complete the questions for this portion of the test.

If you need to review or need help on any part of the science section of the TEAS® test, check out the TEAS® Science Practice Test.

ATI TEAS® 6 English and Language Usage Course

The English and Language Usage contains 28 questions and three sub-content areas that includes Conventions of Standard English, Knowledge of Language, and Vocabulary Acquisition.  You’ll have 28 minutes to answer the questions for this section.

If you need to review or need help on any part of the English section of the TEAS® test, check out the TEAS® English Practice Test.

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  1. Hi I have been out of school for 4 years and now I need to take the ATI TEAS 6 exam so that I can apply for RN program this September 22, 2017. What should I focus on studying in terms on which subject? I have been studying your TEAS V and I also bought your TEAS 6 study guide. Im juat nervous that I might fail it again since I failed my last teas V four years ago. Im hoping to atleast Pass and do better so I can finally be in the Program. Please help. Thanks!

    1. how did your test went i need to take the teas test by june to start RN program in sept did those books work for you……….igarcia

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