Write an essay where you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to become a teacher.

The moment I knew I wanted to become a teacher was indescribable and honestly made up by many moments. Although many moments create this desire to be an educator, there are a few specifically that will always remain close to my heart. It was in these moments I felt such fulfillment and a love for this profession.

The first time I knew I wanted to be a teacher was at a very young age. My girl friends and I would always make up imaginary games and assign jobs to each other, and without fail, I was always the teacher. At this time, I just thought I liked to be in charge. Truth be told, I did like to be in charge, but I also enjoyed guiding and leading the group. I wanted my friends to look at me for answers and compassion and I wanted them to know I would always be there for them. I was taught that these were all strong characteristics of a school teacher.

The moment I knew following the imaginary games was when I became a big sister. I have two younger siblings that I was constantly teaching things to. I would help them with their homework, I would provide different methods of learning specific to their learning styles, and really felt like I was making a difference in their education. At the end of every school year, their successes grew and I felt as though I had an impact and knew that same impact could be brought to a classroom.

Lastly, I knew when I took on my first nannying job. I knew that my support, devotion to children, and drive to learn as much as possible could be transported to shape the lives of these children. I also recognized my patience and how imperative it is while working in such a diverse community. The sense of gratitude I felt when I taught something new and watched the face of this child glow whenever she grasped meaning of something she never thought she would was overwhelming. Each and every day I helped her see things in a whole new light and to me, that was everything and somehow so much more.

Dallas from Florida
College Junior
Indian River State College