Write an essay where you tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to become a teacher.

I was born and raised in a low-income city. My single mother had to raise my sister and me without any form of income other than her disability. My mother has a schizoaffective disorder with schizophrenic tendencies. Other health issues include diabetes, high blood pressure, sciatica, and breast cancer. I currently live alone with my mother and I am her caretaker throughout the day. She needs assistance with almost everything that she does all day. Taking care of my mother and going to college has been difficult but if my mother taught anything is that she does not want her condition to affect my education. I am able to be strong because she is strong and has taught me to do the best I can do regardless of my situation. My need for financial assistance is because between taking care of my mother and going to college full-time I am no able to find an occupation that can work around that. I want to graduate from college to fulfill my dream of becoming an educator and be able to support my mother with professional full-time care. I chose the field of special education because my life has given me the situation to learn to be patient and understand that everyone develops at different paces so that patience is a necessity. I want to be able to continue working towards my degree with the freedom to also make sure that my mother is taken care of as well. I would not be where I am without my mother and she will forever be the priority but I must also make my education a priority as well. The cost of living is already difficult for us but adding in my education it has been difficult to make the payments or take out loans. This financial assistance would help immensely.

My degree is going to allow me to become the type of teacher that I want to become. I am going to apply every aspect of teaching I learn at my college into everything that I do in my classroom. I have the passion and patience to work in the teaching field because it is an absolute honor. I am going to apply m

Andrea from New Jersey
High School Senior
William Paterson University of New Jersey