Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I have known since I was young that my calling was to care for people; it is the very nature of my being. I have been in the medical field in various positions for about 15 years now and I have seen people suffer everyday. I currently work in the Trauma ICU of a hospital and I know that the care I provide to the sickest of the sick means more to those patients and their families than anyone could ever imagine. I am already a valuable person in their care, but being their nurse would make my career aspirations/dreams come true. I am already in nursing school and am on track to graduate by the end of 2020. Everyday that I go to work and we get a severely injured trauma patient, I feel like I am given another chance at making a difference in this world. Being a nurse furthers my abilities to continue making a difference. I do not have plans at stopping at my ADN either. I would love to obtain my MSN and then hopefully one day become a Nurse Practitioner in the Trauma setting. This would my ultimate dream where I will be able to make the most difference in other's lives. This Covid-19 pandemic has really shown me what our patients need, and that is not only the knowledge to care for and help them get better, but the compassion, caring nature and empathy they need to be able to get them home better than before they arrived to me. Right now, my patients cannot have their loved ones with them in the hospital, holding their hand and telling them things will get better. So I become their family and tell them every day that they are in good hands and we are going to do everything in our power to get them home to their loved ones and I root for them and praise them with every little accomplishment they make with their health. It's a bond that so many healthcare professionals are more than happy to create with their patients because we know they need to feel loved and supported during their darkest hours. The bond is why I am driven to purse my nursing career.

Vannessa from Florida
College Junior
Polk State College