Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Inspiration is the mental stimulation, to do or feel something. This can be positive, or negative. For me, it was a tragic, and sad turn of events that led me to my passion. I have been in love with the medical field since I was a child, although I never thought I was smart enough or had enough grit to last I he world of medicine. It want until the year of 2016 that my purpose in life was nursing. My father suffered a major heart attack on new years eve, while we were attending a church service. I have never felt more terrified. I was confused, and lost and hopeless that I couldn't do anything to help. I am the youngest child of divorced and a remarried parent. Seeing my father in the hospital ,and watching he nurses care for him and nurse him back to health, gave me reassurance that, i was meant for this. The summer of 2017, June 3rd, i watched as my heart broke, of my terminally ill grandmother take her last breathe to cancer. I sat and watched my older sister attempt to give her CPR. I was mad at myself, and still blame myself for not being able to help, and possibly saved her. Two months later, my Junior year of high school I continued my passion, and remained in my high school's medical academy. During my first week of school, i was called to the office where I was picked from school early. I knew something had to be wrong, i thought it was my father again. After being told to wake my older brother up, i was delivered the heart shattering news of my mothers passing to a massive heart attack. In my life, i have seen many deaths, but the deaths that struck to my core was my own immediate family of people who raised me. I want nothing more but to help, and heal. I want to give the peace to families who trust us with their loved ones. To give our last drop of will to save, to cure, to reassure, and pour out love and empathy during the process. This scholarship will help me in knowing that this is what i was put on this earth to do. To heal others, and myself

Angel from Florida
College Freshman
Florida Memorial University