Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Working at Texas Children’s Hospital in the pediatric intensive care unit has solidified my decision to pursue nursing. I have witnessed the best and worst part of the nursing setting and it did not make me apprehensive about this profession. It simply attracted me to it. The first time I experienced a patient code situation was when I was assisting a nurse in transporting a patient. As we got into the elevator, the patient coded and was in need of immediate CPR. As the nurse began chest compressions, I was asked to hold the ambu bag to administer rescue breaths. When we arrived there was a team ready to provide care to the patient. At that point my part in assisting was fulfilled and I was struck with a feeling of gratification and purpose.

Many people use the trials and tribulations they face in life as barriers preventing them from achieving their full potential, whereas I use these as reason to be spirited. My mothers story as a single immigrant mother has taught me not to find comfort in the disadvantages in my life but rather to challenge them. My first year as a student I found myself on academic probation due being unable to balance work and school. I was unsure about if I would be able to make it as a nurse. I then retook all the required nursing courses and ended up on the deans list. I have had many inflictions in my journey to become a nurse. Would I want to change my journey? No, because throughout my journey I’ve learned the importance of hard work, resilience, and patience. My passion and desire for this profession has only grown.

Within healthcare, nurses are at the front line. Its often nurses that enlighten patients and families about medical procedures, assist in managing and relieving symptoms, respond to emergencies, and find ways to make difficult situations bearable. Attaining my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree will allow me to better serve and to be prepared for the expanding professional role as a nurse.

Taylor D. from Texas
College Junior
Texas Tech University Health Science Center