Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

When I entered my freshman year in college I started to go thru the motions of working toward a degree but still questioning my passion. As a biology major it seemed as if my future had not yet had a defined direction. As my classes progressed I developed a strong passion for learning the interstice way the body works and my personality that gravitates toward the desire to want goodwill for all that I meet. I believe my love for science and people are what inspired me to study to be become a nurse.

Being a collegiate distant runner I believe it’s fair to say I’m more in tuned with my body from the inside out than most people. My training and knowledge will help me as I advance in my career as a nurse. The passion I have for running has equipped me with the ability to persevere through agony and tough times, which will be valuable skills for my nursing career. I am inspired with the nursing field because it offers an ever changing and growing environment that I would find welcoming to face on a daily basis.

Through my volunteer services with the homeless I have the innate skill set to listen sympathetically while being able to quickly evaluate my surroundings as is needed when working with people with mental illnesses. Although their struggles may be different than mine I am inspired by our ability to create a level of relatability with each other through our emotions rather than just our experiences. My volunteer work continues to inspire me to create a positive impact on others lives and I am confident with the knowledge of my education I will continue to grow.

My ability to identify what I excel in confirms that I have chosen the right career path of being a nurse. This coupled with my education and my comfort level I have acquired with those with physical and mental disability has directed me to a career path that I am sure to find fulfilling and rewarding. It is rare that you will ever see me just sitting as my entire life has been filled with activity and that is how I prefer to live each day. Becoming a nurse will allow me to keep learning and a pursuing new information throughout my career

Jacob from South Carolina
College Junior
University of South Carolina - Upstate