Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

What does it mean to be a nurse? A nurse symbolizes compassion in the face of frustration, caring when someone cannot even care for themselves, and acceptance in a world that can, at times, be divided. To be a nurse is to commit to the wellness and betterment of others, and remembering to make that same commitment to own selves.
My name is Taylor Jackson, and I am a student nurse at the University of Houston College of Nursing. Within the field, I seek to work in the operating room where I can contribute to successful outcomes for patients in need of surgery – whether it is scheduled or emergent. I believe that my attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile, especially in a collaborative setting, will make me a valuable member of a perioperative team. After graduating and obtaining my license, I am planning to spend time in the clinical field to gain experience and knowledge that will enhance my skills as a nurse and prepare me to return to school to become a nurse practitioner.
I believe that I am a qualified candidate for your scholarship because of my commitment to nursing and to my education. As a student that has historically excelled in school, I take the challenges and difficulties of a nursing program with stride, and work tirelessly to ensure my success. If given the opportunity and support, I work hard in school and in my career to exemplify what a caring, competent, and reliable nurse should be.

Taylor from Texas
College Freshman
University of Houston