Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

I have been working as a Nurse Assistant for seven years. At first, I went into the workforce as a nurse assistant because that would help me earn a living to support myself and my family. In the process, I have learned a lot about nursing and patients. It has also helped me to learn more about myself. Nursing is a challenging field that requires a lot of patience, tact, and compassion. I believe I have developed and fine-tuned these characters over the years. At this time, I have decided to pursue a nursing degree because I derive fulfilment helping people in need, I will earn more to improve my family’s financial status, and I will acquire skills that will enable me contribute to my community and nation.
First of all, becoming a nurse will put me in a position to work with people that need medical care. Nursing, however, is not just about giving medical care. The approach and disposition of the nurse toward the patient makes a lot of difference in the patient’s recovery. The nurse interacts with the patient more than any other member of the healthcare team. I believe with the experience I have gained working as a nurse assistant, I am in a better position to render compassionate care that will improve the outcome of treatment for the patients I will care for.
Furthermore, I am a mother of four children. As the years are rolling by, the needs of my family are growing. Getting a nursing degree will help me to support my family, especially my children as they advance towards higher education.
Finally, nursing is a profession that will enable me contribute to the needs of my community in terms of volunteer work. Many times, disaster strikes in the community. For example, in times of fire outbreaks, hurricanes, disease outbreaks, and even bioterrorism, nursing skills can save a lot of lives. It will give me a lot of fulfilment to be able to help victims of such disasters with my nursing skills. A Mometrix Nursing Scholarship will help me advance toward this goal.

Glad from Texas
College Freshman
Houston Community College