Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

My grandfather was paralyzed when my father was just sixteen. At a young age, the role of caregiver were forced upon my father, who had to become the nurse without any experience whatsoever. I never had the chance to meet my grandfather; all I ever knew of him were his sufferings; however, those sufferings have made me realize my calling in the medical field, specifically nursing.

Some people, like my father, are forced to fit a role unprepared, but for me, the situation was completely different. From a very young age, I knew nursing was my calling. I can distinctly remember the red seeping through my little brother’s jeans when he fell of his bike. Immediately, I searched for the first aid kit, cleaned and dressed his wound, and comfort him through his cries. I was too young to interpret the role I was portraying, but I loved what I was doing. Nursing was never forced upon me like it was for my father; I deeply yearned to become one.

Becoming a nurse will not only fulfill a dream of mine, but it gives me the chance to positively impact the lives of others. After a trauma, surgery, or any undesirable medical circumstance, I have the ability to be their caregiver, to nurse them back to health, and to be the hand they can hold. Knowing the thousand of lives I will touch makes nursing much more gratifying, worthwhile, and rewarding. It is not everyday where people can say that it is their job to save lives.

Understanding the sufferings of my grandfather, I call it upon myself to never let any family experience what mine been through. Hopelessness became a feeling of normalcy. Unable to help, my father and his siblings watched their father slowly drift away to a person they no longer recognize. But unlike my father, as a nurse, I will have the tools to help, I will be educated to help, and I will not stand in idle helpless.

An from Texas
College Freshman
The University of Texas at Austin