Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

My primary interest is in rural healthcare. Last year I volunteered at several free clinics in southwest Virginia; at a typical clinic, we cared for nearly 1000 patients over three days, and the dental, medical, nursing, and vision providers donated a half-million dollars of services. This year I have volunteered at several more clinics, and I plan to keep doing so after I have my nursing license. The patients who go to these clinics tend to have complex needs and have often not seen a healthcare professional for years or decades. From volunteering at these clinics I learned just how deep the healthcare issues in this country run. We see patients with no health insurance, patients with insurance who can't afford their deductibles, and patients with insurance but with no hospitals, doctors, or nurses in their county. I started volunteering to see if rural healthcare was really something I was interested in, and I found the career that I want to pursue. I also have made a number of new friends and professional colleagues in just my year or so of volunteering. I'm looking forward to the coming years and continuing to serve these high-need communities.

Noah from Maryland
College Junior
University of Maryland