Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

Being the eldest of four children in my family, I have always had an instinctual protectiveness about me. Whenever my siblings get hurt or fight with one another, I am always the first one to get involved and assist them. I knew from a young age that I wanted to help others. And although it sounds very cookie- cutter, my motivation to pursue a career in the medical field was vastly culminated by my childhood experiences as well as the experiences I have had as a young adult. Being a nurse is my ultimate goal because I have personally seen the awe- inspiring care and effort these extraordinary individuals put into their job. Growing up, I have been extremely blessed to have such an amazing and supportive family. My family is my backbone, and when things get tough, it takes a toll on every single person. The past couple months have tested my strength and resilience. My mother’s congenital heart disease had caused many fractures in our family dynamic. With her heart issues, she was unable to carry out all the tasks she usually performed, and those responsibilities fell on my shoulders. had to become more of a role model to my siblings, and show them that we had to work together now more than ever. I was able to experience the benefits of being a provider of help to others and a pillar of responsibility. When we visited my mother in the hospital after her countless procedures in the hospital, I was able to witness the caring and compassionate nature of the nurses that cared for her. The nurses were so helpful in decoding perplexing medical terms and updates on the state of my mother’s condition. They were patient and kind, and opened my eyes to a profession I had been blind to pursuing. We were puzzled and confused, pondering what the future would have in store for my mother. My mother’s nurses were very personal, and eased our nerves with their own stories of facing the unknown. They had a profound effect on me because I was able to visualize my own future.

Priya from Texas
College Freshman
University of Texas at Austin