Write an essay where you tell us about what inspired you to pursue a nursing degree.

The one event that encouraged me the most was my sister being in ICU for a week close to her first birthday. She had been having respiratory issues and was becoming extremely irritated and wouldn't eat. All of her test were coming back negative until my parents ended up taking her to the hospital one night while at my grandparents house. For the longest, they couldn't figure out what was wrong. Once they did, it showed that the six different infections she had were canceling each other out in the test. Seeing how compassionate the nurses and doctors were striked something within me. I started doing research on the different medical fields and how patients loved were changed by amazing healthcare workers. Around sophomore year of high school I had decided on possibly being a pediatric oncology nurse. I found that it seemed the best way to make the biggest impact that I could in my lifetime. Participating in the Baptist Explore Program at the prattville hospital opened up my mind to even more fields of medicine. I applied for the health science internship my senior year and was accepted!! I learned so much and got to learn under the numerous doctors and nurses in our town from, radiology, optometry, a family physician, and lastly at the assisted living center near my home. I am beyond grateful that I had that opportunity and I'm excited to further my education to hopefully help people as much as the doctors and nurses that I've witnessed.

Deszranae from Alabama
High School Senior
Prattville High School