With Mometrix eLibrary your patrons can:

  • Access study materials and practice tests for over 1800 different standardized exams.
  • Prepare for aptitude tests, licensing, and professional certification in a variety of fields such as military, healthcare, insurance, and more.
  • Improve workplace skills such as business, finance, and computer skills.
  • Prepare for college and graduate school admission tests including the GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, MAT, CLEP, and SAT, as well as Advanced Placement testing.
  • Improve or refresh basic skills in English, Language Arts, and Math.

Is Mometrix eLibrary right for you?

If you're a professional educator who's looking for resources that can help you provide your students the very best education they can get, Mometrix eLibrary is just what you need. Here at Mometrix Media, we've been developing and publishing test preparation materials since 2002, and our printed books and e-books have helped thousands of students reach their academic goals and achieve success. Now we're introducing our newest platform, Mometrix eLibrary, created specifically to meet the large scale needs of educational institutions like yours.

The Mometrix eLibrary is the ideal solution for universities and libraries looking for a way to make quality career and academic resources available to students and local communities at a reasonable price. Now you can provide your students access to over 1800 comprehensive e-book study guides. Our study guides cover a vast range of subjects and courses at high school and college levels, as well as many of the important standardized tests students take. In addition, we also offer study guides for many elementary and middle school level courses and exams, along with guides for many professional and career certification exams.

Our study guides are written and edited by experts, and we are continually revising and updating them. In addition, as part of our commitment to help students achieve their very best, we include at least one practice test in nearly all of our study guides. These practice exams will allow your students to measure their progress and identify areas where they need improvement before taking the actual test. Many of our readers tell us that taking the practice exam in their study guide was a critical factor in their academic success. Each practice test has a minimum of 50 questions, and many of them have quite a few more. All told, our catalog currently includes over 1200 practice tests featuring over 60,000 questions and answers.

When you choose Mometrix eLibrary, you'll have lots of flexibility to tailor the library to meet your exact needs. You'll decide which students have access to the eLibrary, and you'll decide which study guides your students have access to. Purchase access to a limited number of our study guides, or for an additional investment, provide your students with access to our entire catalog. The choice is yours. Plus, our user-friendly interface makes navigating in Mometrix eLibrary fast and easy for your students.

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