Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I have worked as a clinical dietitian for the past five years. I have learned that my career is essential in today's society because of the overwhelming need for nutritional education and assistance in health care due to the lack of knowledge individuals have towards nutritional science. Nutritional science is involved in identifying how certain diseases, conditions, or problems are caused by dietary factors, such as malnutrition, metabolic disorders, obesity, diabetes, etc. It emphasizes the role of nutrition in the health and wellbeing of our society. The ideas for a healthy lifestyle are that it is vital to maintain a healthy balanced diet as well as exercise regularly. Today, if people do not follow this idea, they will produce complications that could significantly affect their health and life span.
As a dietitian, our patients are derived from all age groups as young as infants to as old as the elderly. They come to us with different types of health problems that tend to be diet and nutrition-related. Every disease state can be prevented or stopped with the right guidance, which comes from research. Like all medical professionals, our interventions are backed by research. Therefore, my patients are the single most significant motivating factor that drives me to obtain a doctorate. I plan to use the education and skills gained at this program while capitalizing on research-related opportunities and apply them to my patients. I learned through my mentors how utilizing your patient population for interventional research could open opportunities in making a difference for the future of dietitians. I will continue to apply sound evidence-based research and practices collaboratively with other medical professionals, striving to create a positive impact and profound effect on a patient’s health. Finally, I intend to contribute to current and future research in both advancing the dietitian profession, while gaining greater credibility amongst peers and society.

Emily from Texas
Texas Tech University