Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I decided to pursue a graduate degree because I want to make the greatest, well-informed impact on my community that I possibly can. While I am educated and doing good work in my community, the knowledge and experience that comes from a graduate degree will provide me with the confidence to do good without wavering in my expertise.

I currently work as a Case Manager with homeless women and men in my small community. As homelessness is on the rise nationwide, small communities are struggling to solve the issue. With a Master of Public Health degree, I will be able to better understand the underlying issues when it comes to public health crises, and how to most effectively help my community move forward. Pursuing a graduate degree will give me the opportunity to learn how to develop appropriate programs, and how to work effectively within a community to reach tangible goals as opposed to brain storming ideas and coming to a halt.

I believe pursuing a graduate degree in public health will provide my with the tools to become an important asset and advocate for the unhoused in my community.

Ailiah from Oregon
Oregon State University