Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Being a teacher can be a rewarding career for many reasons. I decided to become a teacher for many reasons. My own teachers in my life made me want to take up teaching as a career. I had numerous teachers that went beyond teaching the material to connect how important learning is. Many of my teachers encouraged me to look at learning as something to enjoy, and to make the effort to try to understand something that may have perplexed me along the way. I made the decision to pursue teaching as a profession because I wanted to help others learn and show them that they are important. Originally, I wanted to be an environmental scientist that helped out in environmental management; however, I found out that this may not be the job for me and I wanted to do something that could help out others in another way that involved biological sciences. This is when I realized I wanted to be a biology teacher. Being a teacher that cares about their students and shows them the passion to learn will not be easy. Everyday will be a challenge for me; however, I love a good challenge.
Some of the influences that lead me to think about teaching as a career were the experiences I had with past teachers that changed my life. Some of the teachers that I had that influenced me were my American history teachers. The class was taught by two teachers, because it was large in size. My teachers made history enjoyable by talking about how people lived in the past, and by showing the different perspectives of each person that was involved in events that were important in American history. Other teachers that I remember that lead me to a career in teaching were my science teachers. The best parts of all of my science classes that made me pick a career as a science teacher was doing experiments. I loved doing experiments in school, especially dissections of animal parts. For example, in my high school biology class, we had to dissect a pig’s heart. One thing that I will like about teaching is making

Abigail from South Dakota
University of Nebraska at Kearney