Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

My inspiration to pursue a graduate degree comes from the career choice I made. As a firefighter, we face many different tasks that we need to be trained for. For example, we are all certified emergency medical technicians, firefighters, hazardous materials operators, and technical rescuers. This means we can provide patient care, fight fire, respond to hazmat incidents, cut people out of cars, and many other types of calls. There are a lot of obstacles we have to face on such a wide variety of calls. The degree I am pursuing is an emergency management degree from Arizona State University. I chose this degree to gain knowledge on how to help people at their worst times. Not only will this degree help me understand managing an emergency scene in my career, but it will allow me to help during natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or any other catastrophic event. I intend to use this degree to help at the state and even national level in any way FEMA or another agency sees fit. My passion for helping people drives me to better myself. One way I thought I could better myself to help my community is to pursue this degree. There is a saying in the fire service that says if someone thinks they know everything, they need to retire. What this means is there is always something to learn and something to get better at to keep us safe and the community we serve safe. Receiving this scholarship would mean a great deal to me because the less financial burden I have is less stress in my life. In all, I am pursuing this degree due to my passion for my career and helping people.

Scott from North Carolina
Arizona State University