Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Over this past year, I have witnessed incredible amounts of knowledge and empathy from the Physical Therapists I have shadowed and worked with. As a result, my primary goal for returning to school is to learn how to alter the recovery process for my future patients. This Fall, I will begin the Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program at my dream school, Samuel Merritt University. As a Physical Therapist, I will strive to tackle the healing process with the understanding that my patients are dealing with both the physical repercussions and mental toll of their injuries. As an individual who trained as a Ballerina for most of my life, I have an innate appreciation of the human body's movements and abilities. I have always been fascinated with what the body can do and I truly appreciate it's incredible ability to heal. In essence, the incredible nature of the human body inspires me to return to school in order to learn how to help it heal. I also have experienced the devastation of being injured and the toll it takes on one's life. This allows me to have an understanding of the frustrations that my patients will have. Ironically, I was not prescribed Physical Therapy for my most severe injury of a fractured metatarsal in my foot many years ago. Instead, I was told to either "wait it out" or get surgery. This is unfortunately all too common in our Health care system, where Physical Therapy is very undervalued. This further inspires me to pursue my Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy so I can advocate for this incredible profession. Physical Therapy can be a wonderful tool to avoid or recover from surgery and even avoid pain medication with negative side effects and addictive qualities. I have seen, firsthand, how valuable Physical Therapy is for the recovery of patients at the clinic I currently work at. The human body and those who help heal it are the inspiration for me to return to school so that I may learn more to aid my future patients in their recovery.

Kristina from California
Samuel Merritt University (Starting Fall 2019)