Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Quick background: my father almost died in a car accident when I was four. This may sound like the beginning of a sob story, but stay with me, because it’s quite far from it. On the other side of that event, my family has never passed up a reason to celebrate, and my love for celebrating is a core part of who I am today.
I have carried this love with me to college, and into a career producing large-scale fundraisers for nonprofits in major cities across the country, since graduating.
I am proud that I have always hit my fundraising goals, but I live for the moments where I have been able to deeply connect with a donor through a personalized thank you gift for their contribution (i.e. giving a coffee lover a special mug, or a bookworm a novel they mentioned wanting to read). With this approach, I am able to celebrate my relationship with donors, and not just their checkbooks - and I believe this resonates with them as much as it does for me.
In recent years, I have combined my love of celebrating and thoughtful gifting, into my small business: giftfairyhq.com. I aim to make gifting magically streamlined with pre-curated gift bundles, where all orders are always gift-wrapped and paired with a handwritten note. Though the business has grown, I realize my clients might be able to benefit greatly if I had a more formal business education, to offer more services. This hope to be more for my clients, inspired my pursuit of an MBA.
I hope to be able to learn how to reduce shipping costs, grow a team, and manage multiple locations. I would also love to ultimately offer same day gifting services or maybe even create an AI-powered gifting concierge that always finds the perfect gift, for any recipient, on any budget.
My love of celebrating has inspired my business, and my clients have inspired my pursuit for a graduate education. I hope I am able to support this community of gifters in their efforts to celebrate one another, and I hope to do so with an MBA in my arsenal.

Dhara from New Jersey
University of California - Los Angeles