Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Financial Independence as a woman inspired me to pursue my graduate degree. My mother barely graduated from high school and never furthered her education. Growing up her father would beat her mother, her mother (my grandmother) had no escape because she was financially dependent on her husband. My mother met my father at age fifteen and they have been together ever since. My father went to college and then started his own construction excavating business. My mother works for his business and like her mother, depends on him for financial support. I asked my mother one night, what would she do if she caught my father cheating? She replied saying he never would. I then asked what would she do if he unexpectantly died? She replied saying hopefully he does not. I then asked what would she do if my father left her? She replied I do not know. I then asked if she had her own savings account or her own assets, she said no.

I randomly asked these questions after hearing from my friends about their mothers being left in a financial nightmare after their husbands cheated and or left them for someone else. Broken marriages and domestic violence are constantly played out in movies, books, and television shows. It is naive to think as a woman, "I am immune to those experiences." Reality is fifty percent of marriages end in divorce today. One in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime.

It scares me to know my mother is completely dependent on my father. Her situation is rare. Being happily in love with my father for over forty years is not common. If he were to ever leave her, die expectantly, or abuse her; she would be in a financial nightmare.

I never want to be financially dependent on a man. Not only am I going to graduate school to become financially secure for myself, but also for my mother. Times are changing and it is time for more women to become more financially dependent through becoming more educated to break the cycle of depending on men.

Leah from Pennsylvania
New England Law | Boston