Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to preparing for a test, I never have the slightest bit of clue in what I am doing. I don't face it with a positive attitude at first. My hands start shaking, my nerves are wracking, but I know I am prepared. The night before I didn't study. Why? I honestly feel that whenever I study the night before a test it becomes easier for the stress and anxiety to play dirty tricks on me. I prefer to meditate while listening to Bryan Ferry. The day of the test, depending on how important it is, I grab my pocket bible from when I was baptized and say a little prayer. I give myself a pep talk and then I'm on to testing. Nine times out of ten, I pass with flying colors. I overthink, a lot. But I always try my absolute best. Now my method of preparation may not be the best but it sure has been working for me. I'm trying to change it a bit. I've recently picked up reviewing my test material an hour before the test while chewing a certain flavored gum and then when taking the test I chew a new gum of that same flavor. I don't think there is scientific proof that says that chewing a certain flavored gum helps you come test time, but it has been showing me wonderful results. I'm not the ordinary kid, God knows I'm not, but that distinctiveness helps me when taking a test. Sometimes I try remembering things by connecting them to any bit of lyrics from a song I like. That helps me get my thoughts together and stay focused. During the test, I start feeling more positive about it. I'm usually one of the firsts to finish but I never like going back through my answers. Why? I honestly feel that with spare time to double-check my mind can make me do mistakes and change the right answer to wrong. So what does this all mean? One, it means that I'm weird and there's no way I should be passing my tests without the proper preparation. And two, it means that sometimes we as humans let fear take the best of us. Very cliche, I know, but it's true. I promise I'll get better though!

Maybelline from Florida
High School Senior
Gadsden County High School