Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have about three favorite test preparation practices, and they have been working so well for me. The first one is organizing my study space. I have realized that my mind is relaxed when my study space is organized with everything that I need to study for any test or exam. When I am preparing for a test, I always ensure that I have adequate space to spread my notes, textbooks, and writing materials. I ensure that my chair is comfortable, there is adequate lighting in the room, and all distractions are out of sight. This practice has been working so well for me because it creates an environment for concentration. It also ensures that I have everything that is needed without necessarily requiring to stand and walk out of the room to get them.
The second practice is practicing old exams, either topic by topic or as a general test. By taking past versions of test, it enables me to understand the format of the questions, the key areas of examination, and in the case of time or proctored exams I am able to time myself and know the speed that I need to complete a given test. This practice helps me to set the right amount of time for each section of the test so that I will not run out of time during the actual test.
Lastly, organizing study groups with friends has been an effective test preparation practice for me for a long time. I get two or three friends and organize for study sessions where we focus on specific topics or past versions of the test for a given amount of time on a daily or weekly basis. This way, we do not only get ourselves familiarized with test formats, questions, and topics but also present and critique our understanding of the concepts tested in the exam. This test preparation practice works well for me because I expose myself to different versions of understanding of given topics or questions that could be tested in the exam. Different people understand concepts differently, and when we come together in a study group we help each other a lot.

AREVIK from California
College Freshman
West Coast University