Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a full-time college student, I've taken a lot of tests in my life and the way I prepare for those tests consist of keeping up with all of the work whether it be homework, readings, or projects as well as studying for at least 1 hour every day mainly by using flashcards. This is so I'm not pressured to cram all of my studying last minute and flashcards have been a fruitful way of studying for me since I was in grade school. Making a study schedule that fits the way that I study is arguably the most essential thing for me. Taking regular breaks is also needed because it helps me regain my focus and composure, I've noticed that if I study for long hours then I don't retain as much knowledge. When studying I also make sure to study everything even the easy stuff or things I don't think will be on the test. This is to prevent errors I may make on a test that I will regret. I limit distractions by turning notifications off on my phone, turning the television off, and only listening to instrumental music that can soothe me and calms me down. A convenient way for me to limit distractions is to go to a library where it is quiet. I make sure I attend office hours and interact with both my Professor and Teacher Assistant to make sure I know everything I need to know. I want to make sure I know what's going to be on the test and if it will be multiple choice questions or short answers. One thing I don't want to be is not informed. I take mock tests about 3 days before the real test. A mock test will help me get familiar with the format of the questions and is a good way for me to know what to expect on the real test. The day before the test I make sure I study one last time and get great sleep. On the day of the test, I don't go over or study anything because it makes me feel very anxious. Instead, I separate myself from all of my studying and try to maintain a clear head. I eat a good meal, shower, and right before I take my test I make sure I say a quick prayer to my Lord.

Devin from California
College Junior
University of Arizona