Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test Prep for the Faint of Heart
1. Realize that your test is coming whether or not you study for it. Also realize that you will be better off if you do study it, regardless of how much you don’t want to. Turn off the videos on your computer that you were watching, shelf the books you want to read, and tell your annoying little brother/sister to find something else to do for a few hours. I like to study for a test wearing headphones (with no music) or earmuffs; it’s like being in your own little “study world.”
2. Do a quick read-through of the material. Pay special attention to the parts that you don’t remember (if this is all of it, you are in trouble).
3. Get comfortable with the concepts. Create flash cards for formulas or facts. Do not panic when you cannot remember any while going through them. Go through them several times. Or a hundred. However long it takes to memorize all of them.
4. Get comfortable with the problems and their formats. Do some questions from each lesson’s homework. Try to focus on questions you had problems with when doing the homework earlier. If you don’t understand why you got one wrong, read the lesson again. Also go over previous quizzes (or tests if it’s a final).
5. Do another quick read-through of the material. If there is anything you still don’t recognize, repeat steps 3 and 4. Otherwise, you are ready to go!
6. Turn on a fight song. Sometimes they will be playing in your head anyway as you power through the questions, but if you are not powering through the questions, this might put you in the right mood. (If you are taking a standardized test, just hum under your breath).
7. Take the test!

Katie from Tennessee
High School Senior