Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Since high school I've tried to find the perfect way of studying that was tailored to my specific needs--especially when it came to sciences like chemistry. I tried everything from flashcards to group study sessions, but no method of studying truly stuck. It was only when I started to ponder over my certain talents that I discovered my best test preparation practice. I thought, "Why is it that I can memorize many songs for choir and the piano in no time, but it takes me too long to retain information for my science classes?". One day, while I was a junior in high school, I was super nervous about a history test I had coming up where I had to list every single president of the United States in order. Despite the anxiety it was giving me, I knew I had to do it nonetheless. Simply listing the presidents on flashcards wasn't helping me, so I decided to go on youtube where I found a song that helped others memorize the presidents. Because the tune was so catchy and it rhymed, not to mention it had fun illustrations too, I memorized the presidents before I knew it with such ease. From then on, every time I've come across any class material that gave me trouble, I've either condensed the information into a song with a catchy tune or I've made the information rhyme in order to make it easier to memorize. I even got my friends and family to memorize the information I was learning due to the fact I would constantly sing the songs around them. Of course, I don't just rely on fun songs and rhymes to learn material because, unfortunately, some information doesn't fit nicely into a rhyming song. Whenever this incident occurs I make it a point to include random trivia whenever I spend time with my friends and family. For example, I spent a day sightseeing with my parents, but I gave them a set of lists to ask me randomly throughout the day. With this, I associated certain pieces of information with a nice memory! These seem like unconventional methods but they've saved me!

Esmeralda from California
College Sophomore
Moreno Valley College