Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

If you have never heard of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential you are not alone. My mom went to one of their week-long courses called "How To Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence" when I was 18-months-old because she wanted to be intentional when teaching me. It was 2004 when she wanted to take the course and my dad made her justify why she needed to spend $1500 on a class and another $1000 for out-of-town accommodations. At The Institutes she learned their concept for teaching - even babies - is to use giant flash cards that they call Bit Cards. It is interesting that they name them Bit Cards because the size is 24" x 36" in full color. As a child I thought they were huge! Through these "Bits" I learned about Inventors, Amphibians, Numbers, and Organs of The Body. On the back of each card are 10 Encyclopedic knowledge points about the picture that were read aloud to me. This has established a pattern of using homemade flash cards when I study. It has been determined that I am both a visual and an auditory learner so not only do I look at the flash cards, I read them aloud. In class, I am an intense note-taker. During my study hours before a test, I transport my notes onto large index cards. I study those cards over-and-over until I am comfortable with the material for the test. It has served me well through my educational career. It is a study-habit I have formed that I will carry with me through graduate school. Although my friends think I'm crazy for carrying stacks of flash cards, I am comfortable with my test preparation practices. As a Student Ambassador on the Student Council, I always recommend to freshmen that they organize themselves and study with flash cards. Finally, using flash cards reminds me of the times when I was home with my mom going through the "Bits" several times a day. The Encyclopedic knowledge I learned pre-school has helped me with answering questions aloud when watching Jeopardy, and I owe it all to a set of flash cards!

Brooke from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Lehigh Valley Charter School for The Arts