Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My preparation practices consist of 10-5-3 process. First find a study space that you feel comfortable and focused in.Phone down and away!Next write the words,phrases,jingles,your entirety of summarized notes,etc, 10 times using your notes in a separate notebook from your class one. Give yourself about an hour break to let it process, this could mean doing laundry,drawing something, other homework assignments you need to do. Then come back to your study space and say it five times. Give yourself 30 minutes to do something else. Come back and write it from memory 3 times. And repeat every day until the test! Works pretty well for me and I also noticed with this method that If I skip a day it forces me to work harder to remember it, thus making me remember it better in the long run.

Jenil from Georgia
High School Senior
Evans High School