Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Everybody has their own unique way and for some a more common way than others for preparing tests ahead of time. My test preparation practices may or may not be a common way but I’m pretty sure everybody goes through the initial stage of reading the textbook of whichever subject they are preparing a test for. If there is something that I do differently or that I find works for me is that I plan ahead at least 2-3 weeks before the test and spread out the volume of my studies so that I have enough time to assimilate the required study portion. That way, I don’t have to cram my studies one day before and end up regretting for not planning ahead. Even if I happen to do well in the test after cramming for it, I would not feel satisfied with the test result knowing that I could have done better had I planned and prepared for it. I normally take at least 2 weeks out because I spend a lot of time reading the textbook at least 3 times. As I read from the beginning till the end the first time, I make notes of any questions that I may have and highlight any important phenomena or terms while making sure that I understand it clearly so I can explain it in my own words. After I’ve finished on the first read, I try to find answers to the questions I took notes of either by googling or asking my teacher. By the time of my second read, I would have already gained a good perspective of the overall outline and now would be able to shorten my reading time by summarizing the content as I go along. On my third read, I would already have the basic structures in my mind and from then on, start to memorize some of the content by forming imaginary connections so as to make memorizing easy. When I’m confident enough with the textbook, I move on to solving practice questions. I then review the answers to find out if my answers need corrections or improvements and go back to the textbook for clarifications. I go back to all the questions again to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes.

Saeun from New Jersey
High School Senior
Leonia High School