Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for a test, I use a few different methods for memorization and for recognizing patterns in analysis. For memorization, I will use the technique I learned from theatre and apply it to study time. When I need to remember something specific, like a monologue, I will use the first letter method. In this method, I will physically write down the first letter of every word with the correct capitalization and punctuation and use that as my cheat sheet until I have the entire monologue memorized. I adapted that method for basic studying with one very simple step: writing. I write out every single fact that I know I will need to have memorized for a test and read my own handwriting. Then I do it again. Sometimes I will still do the first letters of my facts or formulas so that I can remember them in a very specific order. For recognizing patterns, I will read mystery novels in my spare time. It may seem like this would not prepare me for a meth test, but I assure you, when in between math study sessions, reading a mystery novel can help to be skilled at recognizing patterns. The better I get at guessing the murder mystery's next step, the better I get at noticing the best way to go about a complex equation. Reading mystery novels helped me immensely in calculus and in writing proofs in geometry! I will also practice with mind sharpening games to help my brain recognize patterns even faster. I may have odd test prep strategies, but they help me by focusing on something a bit more fun than re-reading the same material for the hundredth time and give my brain a break! I have found that taking a break is one of the most important aspects of study! Many small study sessions over time tend to produce significantly better results in all of my test taking, so have fun with test preparation and get creative!

Nikki from Washington
College Sophomore
university of arizona