Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practices work the best for me because I choose to break down the study material into multiple sessions. For example, if the test covers 9 chapters I will begin to study for the test 9-10 days before. Each day I study one specific chapter until I have gone through it from beginning to end. By breaking the studying down into separate sessions based on the amount of material on the test it helps me to not procrastinate and cram at the end. I have learned through this method that it also gives me time to ask the professor any additional questions about content that I do not understand. By studying many days ahead, I can figure out what part of the material that I need help with and to receive that assistance so I am better prepared for the test.
This test preparation strategy works the best for me because it allows me to not become overwhelmed, and to focus on time management in order to cover a lot of material overtime as opposed to trying to retain the information for many chapters in one night. I have found success in this because I have maintained a 3.7GPA or higher throughout my first three semesters in college.

Sonoma from Colorado
College Sophomore
Vanguard University of Southern California