Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

It was the start of my first semester in college and I was taking psychology and I had to memorize a bunch of vocabulary words for the test. Every day, I would go back to my dorm and just write every single word down to study later on that night. We also had this program that would run through the words with options to pick from and it would keep going until you were satisfied with your score and because I wasn't settling for less, than an A. I would keep going until I knew every word and its meanings backward. Later on that night I would pull out those words I wrote and memorize them while listening to classical music. Yep, I said it classical music. I remember during my years in high school I heard it somewhere and I kid you not I've been doing it ever since. So I'll get my headphones and blast the Titanic soundtrack and just repeat all the words a few times to myself and test myself by covering up parts of the paper and repeating without seeing it. Then I'll go to sleep and test myself in the morning and I would know every single thing I studied the night before and I do that a few more times before the test for like an hour each night and I do great on my test. This technique doesn't work with all music ONLY classical. I think this method works for me because classical music helps with focus and remaining focus because when I followed this method I rarely get distracted.

A technique that works for me with math is doing a problem repeatedly. I've tried studying for math with just looking at it and I failed horribly. Coming into college just made me realized that I needed to practice problems repeatedly. Which made me realize that teachers assign practice problems and homework for a reason. I also do feel asking for help or watching videos to help with math problems help, some people are better at explaining than others. I really believe practice makes perfect with math. I also believe that practice quizzes and practice tests are great practice for exams also.

Shenya from Florida
College Sophomore
Florida International University