Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Tests have always been a source of major anxiety for me. I would be stressed out to the point where I would just accept whatever grade was given to me just so I won't have to deal with that stress anymore. This technique obviously didn't work for me, however. With my grades statrting to slip, I was forced to figure out a better way to deal with the anxieties that I had when it came to test-taking. I tried to speak with my counselors just to be given a bunch of generic advice about taking tests, such as getting a god night's rest the night before the test is administered, eat a good breakfast, use my free time to study, etc., all of which is good advice but I struggled with applying these tips to my daily life. As a senior in high school taking multiple Advanced Placement course, tests were not uncommon; and most times they would come at random. How do you prepare for an exam that wasn't announced? The tools that were given to me to prepare for tests from my counselors was mainly for major exams such as the SATs. So in order to succeed in these courses I had to figure something out for myself. What ended up working for me, and what continues to work for me as a rising sophomore in college, was just taking the time to truly understand the material given to me during lecture. What I found was that when the material is truly understood, the tests are so much easier to understand. This may seem like the obvious answer but it's harder than it may look. The best way to prepare for a test is to take the time out to truly understand the material that is being presented to you. This connection was made when I started to see the different grades that I would receive in classes where I couldn't really understand the material and from when I could not. My test anxiety would be pratically nonexistent in the classes where the material came easy to me. When I was able to make this connection, I began to put more effort into the classes I was struggling in and my grades improved.

Jamia from Maryland
College Sophomore
Virginia State University